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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 17 fra>eng Les actes accomplis ratify such dealings as have been carried out pro just_closed no
- Dec 29 '20 eng>fra signed to liée contractuellement à la société Interscope pro closed ok
- Dec 31 '20 esl>eng a efectos de otorgamiento de escritura US AmE: for corporate chartering purposes pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '20 sve>eng Tunga fakta som alla stavas... These being key(-)facts that are all synonymous with.... pro closed ok
4 Dec 6 '20 fra>eng pour la fin d’un mois effective at the end of a month; tenancy: notice to quit expiring end of month easy closed ok
4 Nov 22 '20 deu>eng Ber. N DEU: computation of net pension / calculated net pro closed ok
- Nov 12 '20 deu>eng Wohnsitzqualität residential category pro closed no
- Nov 7 '20 sve>eng servicevärdar maintenance staff; maintenance operative/s pro closed no
- Nov 6 '20 sve>eng uppdragsutbildning job-placement / 'on-the-job' / training pro closed no
- Oct 28 '20 esl>eng onerosidades paid favo/u/rs 'with a catch' pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '20 ita>eng unificata e conguaglio fiscale Streamlined Single-Schedular Certification and equalisation of tax /balancing tax payment/ pro just_closed no
- Oct 20 '20 esl>eng pagadera en numerario payable in readily cashable form/ e.g. banker's draft - draught / pro closed no
- Oct 20 '20 esl>eng que se exhiba en dinero efectivo required > to be tendered in cash > 'coin of the realm' pro closed ok
4 Oct 14 '20 dut>eng permanence in de voorraad of consistent flow in the inventories pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '20 esl>eng prestación del contrato servicing of the contract pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '20 esl>eng sociedades bajo matriz undertakings (corporations & partnerships) under the umbrella of the Company XXX pro closed ok
- Sep 14 '20 esl>eng sistema de valorización feedstock cycling system pro closed ok
- Sep 14 '20 esl>eng valorizar nuevas fracciones focus/s/es on cycling new waste fractions pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '20 fra>eng Le président personne morale associé (Arts. of Partnership / SAS) The corporate-member Chair / man (of a partnership) pro closed ok
- Sep 10 '20 por>eng taxa de permanência standing charge pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '20 esl>eng tener dotación de personal have an allocated staffing level pro closed ok
- Aug 31 '20 esl>eng socios proveedores de derechos members offering up their rights pro just_closed no
- Aug 29 '20 esl>eng de legalidad general of laws of general application pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '20 esl>eng estipula como condición inalterable impose the unreviewable requirement ... of pro closed ok
- Aug 13 '20 fra>eng Rejoindre un état d'esprit team up with a mindset pro closed ok
- Aug 5 '20 ita>eng disciplina costituente original Code of Conduct /and governance / pro just_closed no
- Jul 29 '20 eng>esl Designee la parte asignataria (del remanente a titulo universal) pro closed no
- Jul 20 '20 deu>eng Betreuter Umsatz /total appropriated/ client funds handled pro closed no
- Jul 20 '20 ita>eng ricavi sostitutivi deemed equivalent to income pro closed no
- Jul 2 '20 esl>eng operarán de manera reducida will be scaling down operations easy closed ok
4 Jul 2 '20 eng>nor Receivership tas i (konkurs-)bobehandling pro closed ok
- Jun 16 '20 esl>eng por cargo al crédito anual out of the annual / budget / appropriation pro closed no
- Jun 4 '20 esl>eng (inicia operaciones) con capital cien por ciento venezolano (slide intro: started operating / trading) as a wholly Venezuelan-owned venture pro closed ok
- Jun 4 '20 sve>eng effektmål (AmE & BrE) impact-based goal pro closed no
- May 28 '20 dan>eng klinge on or at the global cutting edge pro closed no
- May 28 '20 dan>eng holdningspapirer briefing papers pro closed ok
- May 19 '20 esl>eng en la confianza de que in full faith and confidence that easy closed no
- May 9 '20 esl>eng socio comercial business associate pro closed no
- May 5 '20 por>eng parecer condicionado a qualified rating pro closed no
- Apr 27 '20 deu>eng veredelter Handelsregisterauszug Advanced company search; enhanced search of the Swiss trade registry pro closed ok
- Apr 21 '20 deu>eng Übertragung des Stimmrechts appointment of a voting proxy pro closed ok
4 Apr 19 '20 ita>eng crediti in fase amministrativa claims at the official levy stage pro closed ok
- Apr 16 '20 ita>eng gestione dell’autotutela promossa d’ufficio conducting of (an) automatically triggered internal audit pro closed ok
- Apr 7 '20 esl>eng nos apalancamos con capital de riesgo our leverage is (with) a venture capital fund pro closed ok
- Apr 4 '20 deu>eng Abgabewert disposal value pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '20 eng>esl Statutory profit (AmE/ OzE) utilidades y beneficios del ejercicio de declaración obligatoria tributaria pro open no
- Mar 28 '20 deu>eng mit Zusatz Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main with the same trade name including the extension of FfM branch office pro closed ok
- Mar 24 '20 fra>eng prendre quelques interventions take any contributions from the floor (audience) pro closed ok
- Mar 4 '20 ita>eng vincolo di strumentalità, accessorietà o complementarietà (organisationally) auxiliary, ancillary or complementary link pro closed no
- Feb 21 '20 .fl>eng gecoördineerde statuten fully updated Articles of Association, as altered (UK notarial: amended) pro open no
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