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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 7 eng>deu move the risk resilience ball forward mit dem Konzept der Risikobeständigkeit ballsicher weiter vorzurücken pro open no
- Nov 7 eng>deu customized resilience solutions risikobeständige (zukunftssichere) maßgeschneiderte Lösungsansätze pro open no
- Nov 7 eng>deu Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
4 Oct 25 eng>esl constitutional lien prenda voluntaria por acuerdo contractual pro closed ok
4 Oct 25 eng>esl Common law lien derecho prendario de derecho común anglosajón pro closed ok
2 Oct 23 eng>deu damages to personal and real estate goods Immobiliar- und Mobiliarvermögensschäden pro closed ok
- Oct 18 deu>eng Versicherungsfamilie class of insurance pro closed no
- Oct 11 fra>eng mélange cross-contamination pro just_closed no
- Oct 8 fra>eng prestations de garantie warranty services rendered; (ins. cover) insured benefits paid pro just_closed no
- Sep 13 deu>eng Schadenfallkündigungen post-claim notice(s) to cancel the insurance pro closed no
- Aug 29 esl>eng citarse relied upon (directly claimed against by a victim) pro closed no
- Aug 28 esl>eng Extensión por Procedimientos Disciplinarios (US) Disciplinary Coverage Endorsement pro closed no
- Aug 28 esl>eng Ingresos Brutos (AmE) Sales Volume before tax pro closed ok
- Aug 28 esl>eng excedan el marco de la profesión señalada such .... as go beyond the scope of the occupation stated pro open no
- Aug 25 por>eng Seguro em regime de prémio variável por sinistro Pool car (vehicle fleet) floating insurance pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 sve>eng inträder intill is subrogated - up to the amt. paid out - *in* the claimant's entitlement (*to* the claimant *in*) pro closed ok
- Jul 29 esl>eng garantías contratadas insurance covers > classes of insurance coverage > taken out pro closed ok
- Jul 29 sve>eng kommande våld any extraneous violence (an extraneous violent act or event) pro closed ok
- Jul 28 por>eng seguros garantia ou fianças bancárias insurance cover or bank surety bonds (guarantees) pro closed no
- Jul 28 por>eng cauções pecuniárias the (US) posting of (civil) cost bonds in cash > (UK) furnishing of cash security for costs pro closed no
- Jul 24 esl>eng objeto del seguro Art. 2 (header) Subject(-)Matter of the Insurance pro closed ok
4 Jul 18 esl>eng hecho valorativo evaluative or (PI losses) evaluation factor pro closed ok
- Jul 15 eng>deu occurrence-based general liablity insurance auf eingetretenen Schaden(s)ereignissen (Versicherungsfällen) basierender allgem. Haftpflichtschutz pro closed no
4 Jul 13 sve>eng familjelivränta family life annuity (for next-of-kin and/or dependants) pro closed ok
- Jun 26 eng>deu regulatory navigation eine Auseinandersetzung mit (schwer zu durchschauenden) Regelungswerken pro closed ok
- Jun 26 eng>deu new lines written Neuübernahme von Risikobeteiligungsquoten (im (Rück/versicherungsgeschäft) pro closed no
- Jun 20 esl>eng cúmulo (ins.) aggregate limit (for separate or consolidated credit facilities) pro open no
- Jun 17 esl>eng desamparo subito familiar joint life endowment for unexpected family hardship (relief insurance endorsement) pro open no
- Jun 17 esl>eng riesgo de impago del crédito que nacería frente risk of default on such claim as would arise against.... pro open no
- Jun 7 ita>eng viene estinta came to expire (to be discharged); (life policy) reached term pro open no
- May 20 fra>eng délégation d’assurance delinking (captive mortage) insurance; (otherwise) policy assignment pro closed no
4 May 15 fra>eng quotité (ins./re-ins-) quota-share rate; (mortgage/ residents' assoc.) percentage share pro closed ok
4 May 14 fra>eng en précompte (FR) front-end loaded; 'into front-end loading' pro closed ok
- May 14 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- May 14 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Apr 16 esl>eng a la parte destinada a la cancelación (no - CT - withholding) applies to the part intended to pay off pro closed no
4 Apr 12 deu>eng belastende Schäden (Am/Can Eng) chargeable claims (triggering loss of the no-claim bonus or premium increase) pro closed no
- Apr 7 dan>eng Ind- og udstationerede medarbejdere In- and outsourced workers; (US/City of London) employees seconded inwards and outwards pro open no
4 Mar 23 ron>eng Opțiunea de preluare a plății primelor în cazul invalidității Disability waiver of premium option; waiver of premium option for disability pro closed ok
- Mar 12 sve>eng tjänstemän vs anställda tjänstemän white-collar workers vs. (collectively) employed white-collar staff pro just_closed no
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