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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 21 eng>por after the event insurance seguro de proteção jurídica pro open no
- Jan 20 eng>fra underwriting referral prise en charge pro open no
- Jan 17 deu>eng offenes Deckungsplanverfahren Bav. method of an open capitalis/zation scheme pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 eng>deu through the intermediary of duly authorized individuals durch Bevollmächtigte pro open no
- Dec 26 '20 esl>eng responsabilidad, solidaria, mancomunada e indivisible AmE: liability by the entireties, jointly and non-severably pro closed no
- Nov 21 '20 dut>eng voorschotvergoeding ins. > pre-settlement funding payment pro closed no
4 Nov 20 '20 dut>eng merkelijke schuld serious fault pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '20 sve>eng reservationsanslutning auto-enrol/l/ment pro closed no
- Oct 26 '20 eng>esl indemnity trigger hecho generador del derecho a indemnización pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '20 deu>eng Pensionsablöse pension or annuity capital redemption figure pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '20 fra>eng conduite élargie advanced driving, expanded-coverage endorsement / for an un-named motorist / pro just_closed no
- Oct 14 '20 por>eng Contestação Type of Voidable-Period Insurance Policy pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '20 dut>eng binnen het kader van de Wet en het Besluit What is insured, pursuant to Statute and the Decree in point, is the ... pro closed ok
4 Oct 12 '20 fra>eng régularisation de carrière BrE: update of employment record AmE: fill-out of work record pro closed ok
- Sep 24 '20 esl>eng no se ha cumplido con la garantía there has been no compliance with the warranty pro closed ok
4 Sep 21 '20 fra>eng objet immatériel an intangible / e.g. copyright or a co. share pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '20 esl>eng auxilio de rodamiento company-car fringe-benefit pro closed no
- Aug 4 '20 hun>eng káresemény major casualty pro open no
- Aug 21 '20 por>eng constrangimento judicial court-ordered freezing of assets pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '20 por>eng EXECUTANTE CONCESSIONÁRIO successful-operator pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '20 por>eng Caução processual idônea Suitable (US) civ. cost bond vs. crim. bail bond (UK) civ. security for costs vs. crim. bail pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '20 esl>eng efect prést. commencement > effective date of loan; inception of insurance pro just_closed no
- Aug 16 '20 esl>eng factor de no caducidad non-lapse factor; lapse rate pro just_closed no
- Jul 28 '20 por>eng Pacto de Preenchimento de Letra Blank (AmE) Endorsement (BrE) Bill Agreement pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 '20 eng>ita occurrence-based per e sulla base di sinistri intervenuti pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '20 esl>eng capital patrimonial (ins.) proprietary fund pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '20 fra>eng mobiliser la garantie trigger/ing the cover/age pro closed no
- Jun 20 '20 esl>eng Constancia de Transferencia de Vista A Plazo Record of Transfer from Current to Deposit Account pro closed ok
4 Jun 12 '20 eng>ita subrogation recovery diritto di risarcimento danni verso i terzi responsabili a titolo di surrogazione pro closed ok
- Jun 12 '20 fra>eng avant ou après l'adhésion pour sa part pre- or post-consent (assent) in respect of his or her share pro closed no
- May 26 '20 eng>deu Chancel repair liability versteckte Grundschuld zur Gemeindekirchenreparatur pro open no
- May 14 '20 fra>eng DOUBLE EFFET FAMILIAL {commorientes} dual-life payout pro closed no
- Mar 4 '20 eng>esl third-party claimants (Arg. ins.) citantes en garantia; llamantes en garantia pro closed no
- Mar 4 '20 fra>eng niveau de délégation level of opting-out of captive insurance pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '20 nor>eng i erverv in the course of trade (or business) pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '20 nor>eng forsikringer er tegnet/tegnes insurances have been/ are effected easy closed ok
4 Feb 1 '20 eng>sve Coverholder Appointment Agreement anställningsavtal för tackningshavare (försäkringsförmedlare) pro closed ok
- Jan 31 '20 eng>fra replenish the letter of credit réintégrer l'accréditif pro closed no
4 Jan 7 '20 eng>esl collateral clauses pacto/s (cláusula/s) adicional/es pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '19 dan>eng partielle partikulære skader (marine cargo: partial ) particular average losses pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '19 ita>eng polizza convenzione master (collective group) policy pro closed no
- Dec 3 '19 por>eng bens não ativados non-capital (US - real estate) goods pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '19 eng>esl beneficiary will default to your estate en su defecto, el beneficio tácitamente revertirá a su sucesión pro closed no
- Nov 7 '19 eng>deu move the risk resilience ball forward mit dem Konzept der Risikobeständigkeit ballsicher weiter vorzurücken pro closed no
- Nov 7 '19 eng>deu customized resilience solutions risikobeständige (zukunftssichere) maßgeschneiderte Lösungsansätze pro just_closed no
4 Oct 25 '19 eng>esl constitutional lien prenda voluntaria por acuerdo contractual pro closed ok
4 Oct 25 '19 eng>esl Common law lien derecho prendario de derecho común anglosajón pro closed ok
2 Oct 23 '19 eng>deu damages to personal and real estate goods Immobiliar- und Mobiliarvermögensschäden pro closed ok
- Oct 18 '19 deu>eng Versicherungsfamilie class of insurance pro closed no
- Oct 11 '19 fra>eng mélange cross-contamination pro just_closed no
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