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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 18 ita>eng Registro somme e valori escrow (UK: stakeholder money & securities) account record pro open no
- Nov 12 eng>esl failing to give a notice of... al dejar de denunciar.... pro closed no
4 Nov 11 esl>eng sustanciará (the appeal is to) be conducted, heard or disposed of pro closed ok
- Nov 11 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 esl>eng no ha lugar realizar pronunciamiento alguno en materia de There is no case for making any ruling as to ... ('no order for costs is made') pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 esl>eng para la formación de los autos for assembly /and entry/ of the (US) court record pro closed ok
- Nov 9 esl>eng para que se decrete judicialmente el divorcio for the divorce decree to be court-ordered pro closed no
- Nov 9 esl>eng ha sido parte el ministerio fiscal (US) The State Counsel's Office (UK: Queen's Proctor) Treasury Solicitor Off. joined in as a party pro open no
- Nov 9 esl>eng intervención (voluntary vs. forcible) joinder as a party pro closed no
- Nov 8 deu>eng Nachgangserklärung (banking) subordination agreement; (land reg.) notice postponing priority pro open no
- Nov 8 deu>eng kuenden give notice cancelling all manner of credit balances pro open no
- Nov 7 esl>eng Modelo de contrato specimen contract (precedent) pro closed no
- Nov 7 deu>eng Schriftformheilungsverpflichtung obligation (covenant) to cure (remedy) the lack of writing pro closed ok
- Nov 5 eng>esl with or without counterpart to any la matriz con o sin ejemplar (literal) a cualquier(a) pro just_closed no
- Nov 5 por>eng acréscimos involuntários de participação acionária automatic (BrE) shareholding (AmE) stockholding accretions pro closed no
- Nov 4 esl>eng obligaciones eventuales prospective covenants pro closed ok
- Nov 4 deu>eng besteht umfassend is all-embracing (as-is) pro closed no
- Nov 2 esl>eng reforma demolitoria iconoclastic reform pro closed ok
4 Oct 29 esl>eng autonomía dominical (gen. and here) proprietary freedom; (land) independent tenure pro closed no
4 Oct 29 eng>deu a renunciation to another beneficial owner eine Verzichtserklärung zugunsten einer bzw. eines anderen wirtschaftlich Berechtigten pro closed ok
- Oct 29 eng>deu Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Oct 27 eng>deu for cause default kündigungsbegründendes Verfehlen bzw. Fehlverhalten pro closed ok
- Oct 27 eng>deu subscription agreement (KG) Hafteinlage-Zeichnungserklärung pro closed no
- Oct 27 eng>deu Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Oct 22 eng>deu attorneys right (DE) das Recht zur Berufung aufs Anwaltsgeheimnis (ES) el secreto profesional de abogado/a pro open no
- Oct 22 eng>esl hold on trust for any person mantener el fideicomiso (usfructo) por cuenta ajena pro open no
4 Oct 11 esl>eng prestación accionaria equity contribution pro closed ok
- Oct 10 esl>eng ESCRITURA DE OPCIÓN DE COMPRA (Land) Purchase Option Deed; (Oz) Call Option Deed pro closed ok
- Oct 9 fra>eng par seule issue de ses obligations merely as a result of its (the contractor's) obligations ending pro open no
- Oct 8 deu>eng in die Vorhand gingen 1. get one up or 'over' on.... 2. engineer a first refusal with pro closed ok
4 Oct 7 ita>eng al rialzo award to the best-value bid (package) pro closed ok
- Oct 5 esl>eng en forma alícuota (en lo relativo a este contrato) on a fractionally apportioned basis (insofar as relates hereto) pro closed no
- Oct 5 nor>eng innleieforhold an inward secondment; an insourcing situation pro open no
- Sep 30 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
- Sep 30 por>eng poderá colocar-se a hipótese the scenario may be fitting (as an option) pro closed ok
- Sep 30 por>eng suscita-se a hipótese da the scenario in ... will be triggered pro just_closed no
- Oct 1 por>eng resgate da concessão buy-back (or -out) of the concession pro just_closed no
- Sep 30 esl>eng Plena Conformidad as from the time Fully Compliant Delivery is taken pro closed no
- Sep 29 ita>eng pendente la società whilst the company (partnership) is suspended > 'in a state of suspended animation' pro open no
- Sep 27 ita>eng nomina e costituisce does hereby appoint (make) and constitute pro closed no
4 Sep 25 esl>eng de la Propiedad Inmueble y Mercantil (Public) Land and Trade (Registry) pro closed ok
- Sep 23 esl>eng aquí suscrita hereby entered into (signed up to) pro closed no
- Sep 23 esl>eng Enunciativos Given as an example pro closed no
- Sep 23 esl>eng Fiscalía única One-and-only district-numbered Prosecution Service of the Office of Prosecutor General of .... ABC pro closed no
- Sep 23 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
- Sep 23 por>eng outorgantes e reciprocamente outorgados deponents and mutual (AmE) deponees pro closed ok
- Sep 23 esl>eng Asimismo acuerdan a todos los efectos legales emergentes de este contrato Furthermore, they (do) agree for all legal purposes arising herefrom pro closed no
- Sep 19 esl>eng extendiendo sus alcances a toda vinculación habida entre las partes its limits extending to all and any past association between the parties pro open no
4 Sep 18 deu>eng Titel des Irrtums (gen) on the ground (pleading stage) under the head > of mistake pro closed ok
- Sep 14 deu>eng Maklervollmacht Power of attorney for a (SPA) gestor/ Administrative or Estate Agent pro closed no
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