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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 25 fra>eng Contrat de Montage et d’Apport Investment vs. Development Scheme and Pooling Agreement pro open no
- Jan 24 ita>eng Presidente del Tribunale di Milano + Foro di Milano The Courts of Milan as venue chosen shall have jurisdiction AmE: legal venue shall be laid at Milan easy open no
- Jan 21 fra>eng comparution party-related recital/s pro open no
- Jan 22 ron>eng regim juridic, tehnic si de fapt Legal, physical (technically mapped) and de facto tenure pro open no
- Jan 22 por>eng Alvará de Execução As-Built (Oz) Development Approval (AmE) Building Permit (BrE) Planning Permission pro open no
- Jan 22 por>eng inalienável unassignable pro open no
- Jan 21 esl>eng Fiduciario sustituto E+W: alternate trustee pro just_closed no
- Jan 19 eng>deu out of the name einen auf den Namen von ... lautenden Anteil auf .... umschreiben pro open no
- Jan 15 eng>deu bound by the signature of any one Manager Prokura mit rechtsverbindlicher Unterzeichnung wird einem/r jedem/n Geschäftsführer/in erteilt pro open no
- Jan 15 ita>eng "ultronei" automatically incorporated pro open no
4 Jan 12 sve>eng avräkning på skadeståndet on account of damages pro closed ok
- Jan 5 eng>ita tax allocation agreement US Am: contratto di consolidato fiscale pro closed ok
- Jan 2 eng>ita mortgage by deposit of title deeds garanzia ipotecaria voluntaria per deposito informale di titoli di proprietà immobiliare pro closed no
4 Dec 28 '20 sve>eng säga upp vs. häva BrE tenant or landlord: give notice to quit or 'determine' a tenancy vs. 'cancel' an agreement pro closed ok
4 Dec 23 '20 esl>eng CONTRATO INDEFINIDO ORDINARIO CON O SIN REDUCCIÓN DE CUOTAS BrE: Routine contract for a term uncertain, incl. or excl. reduced Employer's Soc. Sec. Contribs. pro closed no
- Dec 22 '20 por>eng exploração, operação working / harnessing / vs. operation of a Concession pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '20 eng>esl That shall now or hereafter be held los bienes ... que de aquí en adelante se detuvieren pro open no
- Dec 16 '20 eng>esl Equitable Distribution Law normas relativas al reparto equitativo /del patrimonio/ pro closed no
- Dec 18 '20 eng>esl Testamentary Substitutes herederos testamentarios por sustitución vulgar pro open no
- Dec 17 '20 eng>por rights and claims direitos e ações pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '20 eng>por in trust for other pel usufruto por otro pro closed ok
4 Dec 14 '20 fra>eng réserve la question juridique defer /'leave to one side' / the general legal point pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '20 esl>eng contrato se vea incrementado the contract happens to be widened out pro closed ok
4 Dec 1 '20 ita>eng contratto a formazione progressiva preliminary, negotiable agreement (an executory contract) pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '20 deu>esl Anrechnungsvorbehalt reserva de imputación de gratificaciones y bonos a los aumentos tarifarios salariales pro closed no
- Nov 23 '20 esl>deu almacén de recuperación DE: Umschlag- bzw. Zwischenlager EN: fast-rotation warehouse pro closed ok
2 Nov 19 '20 eng>deu compensatory shares US: Ausgleichsaktien UK & Can: Kompensationsaktien pro closed no
3 Nov 19 '20 eng>deu business guarantor USA: Garantiegeberin /als jur. P. / in Unternehmensform UK: Sicherungsgeber für ein Handelsgewerbe pro closed ok
- Nov 17 '20 fra>eng reçus à valoir receipts issued for payments on account / of real vs. spurious rent / pro closed ok
4 Nov 17 '20 fra>eng reçu à titre d'indemnité d'occupation received as mesne profits > unofficial payment for 'squatter's' etc. occupation pro closed ok
4 Nov 14 '20 por>eng Débitos Relativos a Créditos Tributários Corp. Cert. > accounting debits made relating to Taxes Payable & Cleared pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '20 deu>eng Erbvermächtnisvertrag Will made in contemplation of marriage; land-only > strict settlement pro closed ok
- Nov 3 '20 eng>esl Owner Trustee May Rely el fiduciario titular; trust corp. la entitid > fiduciaria titular proprietaria puede valerse de.... pro open no
- Nov 4 '20 eng>esl equitable servitude servidumbre voluntaria negativa / pasiva entre arrendadores de propiedad pro closed no
- Nov 5 '20 deu>esl zu seiner Entlastung en y para su descargo pro closed no
- Oct 30 '20 eng>deu advance Kreditinanspruchnahme pro closed ok
- Oct 30 '20 eng>deu Prepayment Notice Vorfälligkeitserklärung pro closed ok
3 Oct 29 '20 eng>deu indemnifies the husband of any claims hiermit von jedwedem Unterhaltsrechtsanspruch entbinden bzw. entlasten pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '20 esl>eng Cesión de solvencia Extension of 'good standing' status pro closed no
- Oct 22 '20 por>eng Fundo Endowment pro closed ok
- Oct 21 '20 por>eng Divida líquida e certa Liquidated, fixed-sum debt pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '20 fra>eng e-acte d’avocat lawyer's /court e-filing/ archives > e-record pro closed ok
- Oct 18 '20 fra>eng prestation d'obligation contract compliance vs. duty to perform pro closed no
4 Oct 8 '20 eng>ron conditional or absolute subscription Subscriptie conditionat sau neconditionat de actiuni pro closed ok
4 Oct 3 '20 esl>eng carácter patrimonial a capital asset in nature pro closed ok
- Oct 3 '20 sve>eng återförvisning BrE / IrE the case remand application pro closed no
- Sep 28 '20 eng>fra output contract contrat de fabrication globale pro closed no
- Sep 21 '20 eng>nor Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent En /hensigts/erklæring ovefor oppdragstagere er erklæring overfor opdragsgivere, tvertom er... pro open no
- Sep 23 '20 fra>eng charge solidaire et indivisible a joint and and non-severable (mutually enforceable) covenant pro closed no
3 Sep 22 '20 fra>eng se manifester give / any / notice (of its desire) pro closed ok
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