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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 25 esl>deu Servidumbre de entrada y carrera AUT: Zugangs- und Durchtriebsrecht pro open no
- Jan 25 por>eng parecer da procuradoria gen.: Counsel's Opinion; Counsel Legal Team's Opinion pro open no
- Jan 24 por>eng Aguarda-se a réplica. Entered pending submission of a reply -> from the Plaintiff/Claimant -> to the Defendant's Defence pro open no
- Jan 25 ron>eng cerere de aderare la apel AmE: motion BrE / Oz: application to join / in /an appeal pro open no
- Jan 24 ita>eng giuste registrazioni pursant to the BrE / IrE registered AmE recorded entries made pro open no
- Jan 22 nor>eng omsetningslivet in the course of business life > and day-to-day dealings pro open no
4 Jan 21 ita>eng Responsabile della tutela del consumatore e della fede pubblica Consumer Protection and > BrE Trading > Standards Commissioner pro closed ok
- Jan 20 fra>eng tuteur gardien légal CanE / AmE: court-appointed supervisor vs. legal guardian pro open no
4 Jan 20 deu>eng eine Vollstreckung der Beklagten durch Sicherheitsleistung oder Hinterlegung a levy of execution of the Defendant/s/ by furnishing security or payment into court pro closed ok
- Jan 17 esl>eng La Reparación Just Deserts pro open no
- Jan 16 fra>eng contradictoire à son égard post-adversarial /US: as a matter of due process / as far as he or she is concerned pro open no
- Jan 15 fra>eng extraction judiciaire supervised custodial transfer of defendants pro open no
- Jan 14 por>eng Revista Síntese de Direito Civil e Processual Civil Brazilian Civil Law Reports and Civil Procedural Law Digest pro open no
- Jan 14 por>eng desconstituição deconstruction; of approval > disavowal pro open no
- Jan 13 por>eng com personalidade jurídica de direito público interno with legal status as a public corporation under domestic law pro closed ok
4 Jan 12 esl>eng Patrimonios autónomos de remanentes Stand-Alone Residual /Pool/ Funds pro closed ok
- Jan 12 por>eng Recurso tutelar UK: Application for Judicial Review /of Administrative Action / pro open no
- Jan 11 fra>eng La révolution du liquidateur There shall be no rotation of the liquidator's appointment or office .... to his or her.... pro closed ok
- Jan 10 por>eng resultado útil do processo practical outcome of the trial pro open no
- Jan 9 ron>eng cerere de revendicare a bunului in materialitatea lui insolvency: substantial-asset tracing application pro open no
- Jan 8 por>eng Procuradoria de Justiça Cível Office of the Attorney-General for Civil Justice ; E+W > Proctor-General for Civil Cases pro open no
- Jan 7 esl>eng puras condiciones u onerosas whether the gifts -.... are outright, conditional or onerous/ to the donee / pro closed ok
- Jan 4 ita>eng eccezione di costituzionalità constitutional BrE: plea AmE: defense pro open no
- Dec 20 '20 eng>esl for the record - Companies House para diligencia/miento/- el Registro Mercantil ingl. y gales pro open no
- Dec 20 '20 dut>eng verlengde invoer extended-authoris/zation import /or export/ of narcotics pro open no
- Dec 19 '20 deu>esl Persönlich haftende geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin socia comanditada con resp. ilimitada en calidad de administradora gen. solidaria/persona jurídica/ pro closed no
- Dec 19 '20 eng>fra or is reckless in not knowing ou qu'il ou elle / ignore par insouciance téméraire / passe outre par dol éventuel / pro closed no
- Dec 17 '20 por>eng Tanatologia Forense Forensic Mortuary Practice pro closed no
- Dec 16 '20 por>eng Prisões Cautelares Remand/s in Custody pro closed no
4 Dec 16 '20 esl>eng incidencias procesales ancillary trial issues /on interlocutory motion / pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '20 fra>eng les scellés seront apposés /'hands-off' sticker- / seals are to be affixed /on the doors at/ pro closed ok
- Dec 14 '20 esl>eng actuación publica maintain a public profile pro closed no
- Dec 10 '20 por>eng recursos de confisco AmE: motion/s E+W: application/s for confiscation pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '20 fra>eng vocation universelle ou à titre universel entitlement to the whole or in a capacity as a /notarial: residuary/ beneficiary of the whole pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '20 esl>eng derecho resarcitorio copyright / defamation > right to /obtain/ amends pro closed no
- Dec 11 '20 esl>eng censura judicial 'judicial censorship' pro closed no
- Dec 10 '20 esl>eng actos de gobierno Executive Action; UK > Acts of State easy closed ok
- Dec 8 '20 fra>eng légalité externe extrinsic legalilty pro closed no
- Dec 7 '20 deu>eng Grenzübertrittsbescheinigung frontier-crossing attestation form pro closed no
- Dec 7 '20 fra>eng Acte de Concession Deed of Grant; UK parking spaces: Licence Agreement pro closed no
- Dec 7 '20 esl>eng excusó notificación personal avoid/ed personal service pro closed ok
- Dec 4 '20 por>eng pretensão subjetiva subjective entitlement /head of claim / pro closed no
3 Dec 4 '20 eng>fra application of this grant demande de cette émission-ci des lettres successorales / de ce pouvoir-ci de rep. succ. pro closed ok
- Dec 2 '20 eng>fra renounces probate renonce/r à la représentation successorale pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '20 eng>ita register of court in sede giudiziale pro open no
- Nov 30 '20 eng>esl pre-collection letter Arg. > carta documento de intimación de pago pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '20 deu>esl Adhäsionsbeklagter civ. demandado/a adhesivo/a litisconsorcial pro just_closed no
- Nov 30 '20 deu>eng Vergleichsmehrwert AmE: markup for settlement out-of-court pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '20 por>eng Minuta de ato Record of / procurement / action taken - PUBLIC INVITATION TO TENDER pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '20 eng>fra cross-lease copropriété en droit de superficie (pleine propriété) (droit > de bail > emphytéotique) pro closed no
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