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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 19 deu>eng privat und vertragsrechtlich handeln acting as a private person and with personal contractual liability pro open no
- Sep 19 fra>eng Prendre connaissance des forces et charges de la succession. En/in/quire into the net assets and posthumous debts of the deceased's estate pro open no
- Sep 19 por>eng vara única Combined Court (Center / Centre) pro open no
- Sep 19 fra>eng s'en rapportent à prudence de justice leave the matter to the discretion of the court pro open no
- Sep 18 esl>eng titular otorgante Licensing (Copyright) Owner pro open no
- Sep 18 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
- Sep 18 fra>eng juridicité Legitimateness pro open no
- Sep 18 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
- Sep 18 fra>eng Blessures involontaires avec incapacité Unintentional, disabling injuries (UK/non-motoring) Wounding without intent to disable pro open no
- Sep 16 por>eng responsável legal Statutory Supervisor for; those liable at law for a specified area.... pro closed ok
- Sep 16 por>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Sep 15 fra>eng président de chambre et président Divisional (Courts) President and Presiding Justice of the hearing pro closed ok
- Sep 15 ita>eng memoria di osservazioni un/sworn statement of observations pro closed ok
- Sep 14 ita>eng il civilmente obbligato per la pena pecuniaria the party liable, in private civil law, for the fine (imposed on an insolvent criminal offender) pro closed no
- Sep 13 fra>eng officier ministériel (AmE) Ministerial Official (BrE/IrE) Public Officer pro just_closed no
- Sep 13 fra>eng lesquels ne doivent pas justifier d'une délibération préalable du Conseil (all of whom) need not show to third parties any proof of a prior resolution of the Board pro closed no
- Sep 12 esl>eng Escritura Pública de Delegación de Cuidado Personal Notaris/zed (AE) Instrument of DOPA > (BE) Deed of Delegation of Personal Care & Control pro open no
- Sep 11 deu>eng Fernhaltemaßnahme measure banning entry 'on foreign nationals' pro closed ok
- Sep 8 fra>eng actualisation de voies de fait (Can. > the turning of assault into) actual acts of battery pro closed ok
4 Sep 6 ita>eng nei confronti della in dealings with; vis-à-vis; in relation to; as regards pro closed ok
- Sep 6 ita>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Sep 7 ita>eng assimilati a ranked or rated equivalent to pro open no
4 Sep 7 eng>deu Special Government Pleader sonderbeauftragter/e Fürsprecher/in der indischen Regierung pro closed ok
- Sep 5 por>eng Diretoria de Cadastro e Distribuição Processual Directorate of Criminal Records and (AE) Docketing (BE) Case-Listing pro closed no
4 Sep 4 ron>eng Existența leziunii Existence of loss caused by unfairness/unjustness (unconscionability by reason of undue influence) pro closed ok
- Sep 4 fra>eng relever de la forclusion (be granted) an extension of time pro closed no
- Sep 3 por>eng Consultor Counsel Instructed pro closed no
4 Sep 3 por>eng Consulente Enquirer; Instructing Department pro closed no
- Aug 30 esl>eng afectante allocator; (Arg.) settlor on a family-asset protection trust pro just_closed ok
- Sep 2 por>eng distribuição para a respectiva baixa circulation for the relevant (BrE) case closure (AmE) close of docket pro closed ok
- Sep 1 deu>eng vollstreckt excution is levied against... pro closed ok
4 Sep 1 esl>eng Que mediante Decreto No. 2150 de 1995, Articulo 11, SUPRESIÓN DE SELLOS. As pursuant to Decree No. .... PHASE-OUT OF STAMPS pro closed no
- Aug 30 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro just_closed ok
- Aug 30 esl>eng Procadurias de Justicia Decentralis/zed, Regional Prosecution Agencies pro closed ok
- Aug 30 por>eng transcrito em breve relatório transcribed in short, abstracted form pro closed no
- Aug 30 fra>eng en coactivité as (BrE: choate) joint principals > (inchoate) co-conspirators > with pro closed no
- Aug 29 esl>eng Juro lo suficiente en derecho I DO MAKE as sufficient (effectual) an oath as is required in law pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 fra>eng assignée received notice (via her estate) pro closed no
- Aug 26 deu>eng Regelungen in keeping with the relevant law (statutory enactments) pro closed no
- Aug 23 esl>eng despido por voluntad del empleado (non-constructive) dismissal by voluntary notice given by the employer pro closed ok
- Aug 23 esl>eng fase de neutralización (protection) shielding phase pro closed no
1 Aug 19 eng>deu that the veracity of this declaration shall in all events be effectual daß diese Erklärung (Aussage) der in jeder Hinsicht rechtswirksamen Wahrheit entspricht pro closed ok
- Aug 17 esl>eng jueza (...) del décimo tercer turno Lady Justice (... ) of the Thirteenth (US) Docket Judge Rotation pro closed no
4 Aug 17 esl>eng Sria. 26 de Asunción Asunción District Registry no. 26; Registry no. 26 of the Greater Asunción Area pro closed ok
4 Aug 17 esl>eng obligación de saneamiento (ver explicación) that ... be assigned the (US) covenant against encumbrances pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 por>eng noticiado Notice-Stage Respondent pro closed no
- Aug 16 por>eng Noticiante Notice-Stage Applicant pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 fra>eng privilège du copartageant joint beneficiary's (coparcener's) registrable estate lien /for a joint share/ pro closed ok
- Aug 16 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Aug 14 esl>eng la firma del servidor es la autorizada The public employee's signature is as authenticated / authorized pro closed no
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