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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 6 eng>chi Call 须要 / 已定于 pro closed no
- Jun 7 vie>eng đổ thêm dầu vào lửa pour fuel on the fire / pour more fuel on the fire pro closed ok
- Jun 5 eng>eng holding the end holding the end of the band/tubing with your hand on the floor pro just_closed no
- May 15 chi>eng 原切经典牛排 classic original cut steaks / original cut classic steaks pro open no
- Apr 29 chi>eng 肝胆每相照,冰壶映寒月 We treat each other with all sincerity, and share weal and woe. pro just_closed no
- Apr 24 vie>eng kiến thức cơ sở ngành industry fundamental knowledge / fundamental knowledge of an industry pro open no
- Apr 14 chi>eng 过账日期 Fund Transfer Date / Value Date / Posting Date pro closed ok
- Mar 29 vie>eng Thâm như tàu as insidious as the (invading) Chinese pro just_closed no
- Mar 25 eng>ara On the stump in a place or an occasion for political or campaign oratory pro closed ok
- Mar 21 eng>eng wash through gradually fade away pro closed ok
- Mar 19 eng>chi Staking Rewards 参与奖励 pro closed ok
- Mar 13 eng>chi Proceeds (犯罪得到的)收益 pro closed no
4 Mar 10 chi>eng 结欠 (Negative) Balance(s), “结余与结欠” 翻译成 Balance(s) 就可以了。 pro closed no
- Mar 10 chi>eng 起息日/到期日 Dated Date / Maturity Date pro closed no
- Mar 10 chi>eng 交换票存入 exchange certificates deposit / exchange certificates deposited pro closed ok
- Mar 10 chi>eng 交易票存入 securities deposit / exchange certificates deposit pro closed no
- Mar 4 eng>chi religious powerhouse panel 一个有强大势力的宗教 小组/团体 pro closed no
4 Mar 1 eng>eng cross-application Per confinement deductible cannot be applied to calendar year deductible, and vice versa. pro closed no
- Feb 29 eng>eng binding verification and declaration valid verification and declaration as if it were on paper pro closed no
- Feb 29 chi>eng 賭底面 table bottom betting pro closed ok
- Feb 28 eng>eng preferred benefits benefits when you choose an in-network provider pro closed no
4 Feb 26 eng>chi deck 机 / 座 pro closed ok
- Feb 21 eng>chi 1 Stat. 68-69 1 美国整体法规 68-69 pro just_closed no
- Feb 21 eng>eng its distinction (paraphrase) its quality of being different; its dissimilarity pro closed ok
- Feb 20 eng>chi Warrant invitation 法庭传票 pro closed no
- Feb 19 eng>chi Section 76 Hearing 按照第 76 节进行的聆讯 pro closed no
- Feb 19 eng>eng back-lock cannot turn backward pro closed ok
- Feb 19 eng>eng clipped made shorter by cutting pro closed ok
- Feb 19 eng>chi Plea 答辩 pro closed no
- Feb 18 eng>eng material changes changes of great importance or consequence pro closed no
4 Feb 18 eng>eng Initial treatment at the point of use Do the followings right after using the medical devices on patients pro closed no
- Feb 17 eng>eng loading putting into (the sterilization package) pro just_closed no
4 Feb 16 eng>eng Processing cleaning and sanitization after each use pro closed no
- Feb 14 eng>chi admonish 告诫 pro closed no
- Feb 14 vie>eng hội đoàn giáo xứ parish organizations pro closed no
- Feb 13 eng>chi The calling of your case 在您的案件宣判之后 pro closed no
- Feb 13 eng>chi Justice of the Peace court 市政法庭 pro closed no
- Feb 7 eng>eng pt patient pro closed ok
- Feb 3 vie>eng Dịch vụ vận chuyển liên vận quốc tế international intermodal transportation services pro closed ok
- Feb 2 eng>chi Although 但,但 pro closed no
- Jan 28 chi>eng D立体网状纸膜设计 3D paper netting film design pro closed ok
- Jan 28 chi>eng 还建小区 compensated housing communities pro open no
- Jan 26 eng>chi representation 代表人选 pro open no
- Jan 23 chi>eng 肌底 basal layer of the skin / basal cells pro closed ok
- Jan 17 eng>eng Dream Vacation sweepstakes a lottery, the prize of which is a dream vacation. pro closed no
- Jan 17 eng>chi lined up 赢得 / 争取到 pro just_closed no
4 Jan 14 eng>chi property title number 不动产业权书编号 / 不动产主权书编号 pro closed no
4 Jan 14 eng>chi property title number 不动产业权书编号 / 不动产主权书编号 pro closed no
- Jan 11 eng>chi wish success in business 祝您事业蒸蒸日上 pro open no
- Jan 12 eng>eng brand response conversion Customers switched from other brands to Reebok after seeing the promotion. pro closed no
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