juan gonzalez has earned KudoZ points by translating tough terms for fellow translators. Click a point total to see term translations provided.

KudoZ points
By language pair

Working languages highlighted.
Non-PRO pts in parentheses.
Pair Points
German to Spanish (4) 54
Spanish to German (12) 19

KudoZ points
By field (general)

Working fields highlighted.
Non-PRO pts in parentheses.
General Field Points
Tech/Engineering (8) 23
Law/Patents 20
Other (4) 11
Art/Literary 8
Marketing 4
Bus/Financial (4) 4
Science 3

KudoZ points
By field (detailed)

Personal specialities highlighted (if reported).
Non-PRO pts in parentheses.
Detailed Field Points
Philosophy 4
Religion 4
Slang 4