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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 May 29 '10 eng>esl organic sucrose crystal cristales de sacarosa orgánicos pro closed no
4 May 29 '10 eng>eng Nola New Orleans, Louisiana pro closed no
4 May 29 '10 eng>esl along the bottom of the fjord a lo largo del fondo del fiordo pro closed no
3 Oct 15 '08 eng>esl taken together with rational inferences from those facts junto con las inferencias lógicas de los hechos pro closed no
4 Oct 15 '08 eng>esl To examine individual facts in an "orderly fashion" Examinar los hechos individuales de manera ordenada pro closed no
- Jul 15 '07 esl>eng injurada court hearing pro closed no
4 Jun 19 '07 eng>esl Company XXX XXXXX, party of the first part, hereinafter referred to as "Company" por una parte, y por otra parte pro closed ok
4 May 10 '07 eng>esl spoiled rotten engreidas; malcriadas pro closed no
- May 10 '07 esl>eng ARTES DE PESCA Fishing skills pro closed no
4 May 10 '07 eng>esl divided separado pro closed no
- May 10 '07 eng>esl Licensed mental health professionals.... and parenting groups profesionales de la salud autorizados /grupos para padres pro closed no
- May 9 '07 esl>eng productos de la huerta products from the vegetable patch pro closed ok
4 May 9 '07 eng>esl wiped out agotado pro closed no
- May 9 '07 eng>esl age spot manchas de la edad pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '05 eng>esl draft article proyecto, anteproyecto pro closed ok
- May 16 '05 eng>esl look after/take care of the different sectors of the economy ver explicacion pro closed no
4 Mar 15 '05 eng>esl I am thinking of you all the time and i send you all my kisses Pienso en ti a cada momento y te mando muchos besos easy closed no
- Mar 14 '05 eng>esl done much heavy lifting hemos terminado con el trabajo pesado easy closed ok
- Jan 25 '05 eng>esl If you are going to organise the transport yourselves you will need to pay the r Si usted va a organizar el transporte personalmente deberá easy closed no
- Sep 13 '04 eng>esl waking hours horas de lucidez easy closed no
- Sep 13 '04 eng>esl dry erease marker marcador de pizarra/ tiza líquida pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '04 eng>esl inflatable rides atracciones/juegos inflables pro closed ok
2 Dec 1 '03 eng>esl Happy Holidays! ¡Felices fiestas! easy closed no
- Nov 26 '03 eng>esl Nearly half of all Neanderthal children died before reaching adolescence. Cerca de la mitad de los niños Neanderthal murieron antes de alcanzar la adolescencia easy closed ok
- Nov 26 '03 eng>esl Release and Settlement of Claim Renuncia y transacción de la demanda pro open no
4 Nov 25 '03 esl>eng Contrato de Promesa de Compraventa sobre inmueble Buy-Sell Agreement pro closed no
4 Nov 25 '03 esl>eng escriturar los derechos de propiedad del inmueble to record as public deed the property rights of... pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '03 esl>eng tipo pucho explicación pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '03 eng>esl across al otro lado / cruzar / atravesar easy closed ok
- Nov 18 '03 eng>esl the highest recognition XX gives to a female employee Colaboradora, a una colega pro closed ok
3 Nov 18 '03 esl>eng relativas regarding / related to pro closed no
- Nov 18 '03 esl>eng Acta de reconocimiento de documento de firma y huella Authentication of signature pro closed no
4 Nov 11 '03 esl>eng Estado de trámite (de una causa) Status of the criminal proceedings..... pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '03 esl>eng acción de... , demanda de... Claim for damages pro closed no
- Nov 11 '03 esl>eng perseguible de oficio o por querella de parte under authority... pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '03 eng>esl give birth back-wards daria a luz al revés / en reversa easy closed no
4 Nov 7 '03 esl>eng especie timbrada fee stamp pro closed ok
- Oct 31 '03 eng>esl It shall not include a state of mind requirement que no implica que el animal se encuentre en un estado mental determinado pro closed ok
- Oct 22 '03 esl>eng so pena de under penalty of easy closed ok
- Oct 13 '03 eng>esl to get caught in atrapados/ enredados easy closed ok
- Oct 9 '03 eng>eng marriage community vs. conjugal community you can use both pro closed no
- Oct 9 '03 esl>eng interponer juicio verbal to file verbal proceedings pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '03 esl>eng (ver frase) The labor doctor/physician certifies... pro open no
- Oct 7 '03 eng>eng play one's hand I think it means: pro closed ok
4 Oct 7 '03 eng>esl 2002 Texas Cardiovascular Health Promotion Awards Premio por la promoción de la salud cardiovascular Texas 2002 pro closed no
- Oct 7 '03 eng>esl paprika paprika pro closed ok
4 Oct 2 '03 eng>esl ad hoc panel Panel ad hoc pro closed no
- Aug 14 '03 esl>eng con presencia en Located, established in...since pro closed ok
4 Aug 14 '03 eng>esl mist would water the ground El rocio regaria el terreno/tierra easy closed ok
4 Aug 14 '03 eng>esl God works in mysterious ways Dios trabaja en extrañas formas easy closed no
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