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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 23 '16 eng>eng clouded rendered less transparent/clear pro closed ok
- Jul 17 '16 fra>eng public de la première heure earliest fans pro closed no
4 Jun 14 '16 eng>fra Dude (le) décontracté pro closed no
4 Jun 12 '16 eng>eng service members soldiers pro closed no
- Jun 10 '16 fra>eng M. Fout la merde he's a real fuck-up easy closed ok
4 May 9 '16 deu>eng es bleibt bei current options are limited to pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '16 eng>eng it wasn’t understood he didn't understand what I told him pro closed no
- Apr 24 '16 fra>eng une partition élaborée ... oeuvre/opus pro closed ok
3 Apr 23 '16 fra>eng Je parle sous ton contrôle. correct me if I'm wrong pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '16 fra>eng à indiquer personnellement in your own handwriting pro closed no
- Apr 8 '16 eng>eng Walk with our children through the hard times accompany them get during difficult periods pro closed no
- Mar 10 '16 eng>eng bring along on a notch or two inspired others to improve themselves pro closed no
4 Mar 3 '16 eng>eng relief may lie correct easy closed no
4 Feb 21 '16 fra>eng Accueil et RDV appointments easy closed no
4 Feb 8 '16 fra>eng d'ici local (or provincial) schools easy closed ok
3 Feb 2 '16 eng>eng _________ to the dentist after college so I can't play squash with you. only 'a' easy closed ok
- Jan 29 '16 eng>eng it the Cleo cup pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '16 fra>eng rien n'est jamais gagné à l'avance nothing is ever won in advance pro closed no
- Jan 15 '16 eng>eng two and two comes to five he is bad at everything except football pro closed ok
4 Jan 14 '16 eng>eng did a piece wrote an article pro closed no
- Jan 13 '16 eng>eng worst pass in the world despite a very poor pass pro closed no
- May 7 '15 fra>eng Faut-il pour autant bruler ce que l’on a adoré ... do we really need to burn all our bridges pro closed ok
- May 4 '15 eng>fra it takes a thief to know a thief y a pas d'honneur parmi les voleurs pro closed ok
- Apr 9 '15 eng>eng working for some time after that she wasn't motivated to work again any time soon easy closed no
4 Apr 8 '15 deu>eng Du bist immer die Erste, an die sich zwei Streitende wenden. You're the person people turn to first in case of a dispute. easy closed no
- Mar 18 '15 deu>eng gehen im Eifer der Diskussion völlig unter completely ignored/lost in the heated debate/discussion pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '15 fra>eng Son plus? why is it so good; what make's it so good/special easy just_closed ok
- Nov 11 '14 deu>eng Bier auf Wein, lass das sein... Wein auf Bier, rat ich dir... First beer then wine is fine, but wine then beer, oh dear! pro closed no
- Jun 22 '14 eng>eng before you say nothing think before you speak pro closed ok
4 Apr 9 '14 eng>fra Drat it all oh mince / zut alors / quelle barbe easy closed ok
- Apr 8 '14 eng>eng When should vitamin D be prescribed? if you measure your vitamin D levels in the summer pro closed no
- Apr 6 '14 eng>eng irate choleric easy closed no
4 Apr 5 '14 fra>eng sont rendus au stade des visites de suivi de sécurité in so many words pro closed no
4 Apr 2 '14 fra>eng le marché grand-ducal the Grand Duchy's domestic market easy closed ok
- Mar 8 '14 fra>eng blondin blond boy / young man pro closed ok
- May 10 '13 deu>eng den gemeinsam ist with the common trait that easy closed no
- May 6 '13 eng>eng Let's give the floor to Mr. X vs. Mr. X, you take the floor Mr./Ms. X, you now have the floor pro closed no
- May 1 '13 fra>eng ...pierre... (here) bring something to the table pro closed no
4 Dec 19 '12 deu>fra Zickenalarm crêpage de chignons pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '12 fra>eng les mélanges répétés, de somnolence et d'inquiétude recurring jumble of drowsiness and anxiety pro closed no
- Dec 16 '12 deu>eng Nicht traurig sein... es wird alles wieder gut. don't worry, be happy pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '12 eng>eng Damn if you aren’t right now that you mention it, yes you are right pro closed ok
- Apr 10 '12 eng>eng block block and tackle makers pro closed ok
- Apr 6 '12 eng>eng self-sacrificing heroic pro closed no
- Mar 5 '12 eng>deu IOC interoffice correspondence pro closed ok
- Jan 8 '12 eng>fra yeoman franc tenancier; petit proprietaire pro closed ok
- Jan 8 '12 fra>eng Vous n’y voyez plus clair you'll never lose track of easy closed ok
4 Jan 5 '12 fra>eng papillonnage unfocussed / lack of focus easy closed no
- Dec 13 '11 deu>eng eingeschränkt auf den Bürobetrieb office services/operations only pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '11 eng>eng home-schooling contingency people promoting home-schooling easy closed no
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