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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 31 '17 ara>eng ارتداء ربطة العنق Put on a necktie pro open no
- Nov 17 '17 ara>eng مبدأ ثبوت بالكتابة Shall not be deemed an initial proof in writing. pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '17 ara>eng وأد العنصرية To bury racism pro closed no
- Nov 15 '17 ara>eng يتم طلب الصلاحية Validity is to be requested. pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '17 ara>eng كيان الحياة existence of life pro closed ok
- Nov 5 '17 ara>eng الموظف مجاز وسيتم التواصل حال مباشرته The employer has been on vacation, he can be contacted as soon as he come back. pro closed no
- Nov 3 '17 ara>eng وافادته بمراجعة He was let known to check with the HR. pro closed no
4 Nov 4 '17 ara>eng طلب صور مخالفات مؤرشفة request for archievd pictures of violations pro closed ok
- Nov 4 '17 ara>eng العظم Not cladded and unfinished structure of the building pro just_closed no
4 Nov 3 '17 ara>eng رفع طلب submit a request. pro closed no
- Oct 29 '17 ara>eng احكاما للرقابة For perfect control pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '17 ara>eng قاضي الاشراف Execution judge pro open no
- Oct 17 '17 ara>eng تعتبر فى تطبيق in applying this law provisions, they shall be deemed smoking products. pro closed no
- Oct 17 '17 ara>eng على هيئة صورة a warning in the from a picture pro closed no
- Oct 18 '17 ara>eng العبادة وملحقاتها and annaxced places thereof pro closed no
- Oct 18 '17 ara>eng دور العلم Institutions of knowledge pro closed no
4 Oct 18 '17 ara>eng شروط هذه المواضع Conditions of these places pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '17 ara>eng إقامات جميع التابعين له resident identity cards of all his dependents pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '17 ara>eng العبث بمحتواها which contents may not be tampered. pro closed no
4 Oct 9 '17 ara>eng تم خروج المريضة The patient was discharged pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '17 ara>eng أشعر الطرفان Both parties were given a notice .. pro closed ok
- Oct 5 '17 ara>eng الإستماع إلى مرافعة النيابة hearing of the prosecution's plea pro closed no
- Sep 28 '17 ara>eng حضائر الفلاحة Farmer's sheds pro just_closed no
- Sep 29 '17 ara>eng ترقب وصول Stay wating arrival of s . pro closed ok
4 Sep 19 '17 ara>eng حق الـرعايـة the right of care pro closed ok
2 Aug 24 '17 ara>eng تصفيات الرسوم fees clearance or fees settlement pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '17 ara>eng وضع معلق للضرائب tax suspension status pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '17 ara>eng مصاريف الدفان filling expenses pro closed no
- Aug 17 '17 ara>eng كما يستوفي رسم قدره fees to be paid 10% pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '17 ara>eng ولائيًا ومكانيًا ونوعيًا jurisdictional, territorially and qualitatively qualified pro closed ok
- Aug 11 '17 ara>eng اجتهاد final opinion of the court pro just_closed no
- Aug 11 '17 ara>eng توديعه bid him farewell pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '17 ara>eng إسقاط الحضانة to forfeit the right to nursery pro closed no
- Aug 8 '17 ara>eng يحرفهما بوجهه rub them in his face pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '17 ara>eng نعلين مخصوفتين sewn insole /shoe pro closed no
- Aug 8 '17 ara>eng محل التهمة subject of suspicion pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 '17 ara>eng وسيلة كتابية يتحقق بها العلم اليقينى written means by which tangible, proven knowledge can be realized pro closed ok
- Aug 4 '17 ara>eng تاريخ الحفظ saving date pro closed no
- Aug 3 '17 ara>eng المرحلة التأسيسية basic education stage/s pro closed ok
- Aug 1 '17 ara>eng فرد خرطوش single cartridge pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 '17 ara>eng ورقة تبليغ بالحضور summoning to the court pro closed no
- Jul 13 '17 ara>eng ترجمة الحروف الابجدية ترجمها حسب ترتيب حروف اللغة الإنجليزية pro closed no
- Jul 9 '17 ara>eng منعاً للإطالة والتكرار to avoid prolongation and and repetition pro closed no
- Jul 13 '17 ara>eng العرب البائدة Perished Arabs pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '17 ara>eng مذكرته محل الرد in his comment subject of response pro closed no
- Jun 12 '17 ara>eng إن لربكم في أيام دهركم لنفحات ألا فتعرضوا لها Your Lord bestows generous rewards and forgiveness during your life time pro closed ok
- May 30 '17 ara>eng على أن يلصق على كل عينة وكتالوج provided that each sample and catalogue shall be pasted/ labeled by card in the name.... pro closed no
- May 28 '17 ara>eng صفح الفريق المتضرر forgiveness / pardon of the wronged/ harmed/aggrieved party pro closed no
- May 27 '17 ara>eng العمل التلفزيوني TV programs pro closed ok
- May 23 '17 ara>eng تجليد الأبواب door cladding pro closed no
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