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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 14 lat>eng Magister a studio praedii praeformandi Master of Agriculture pro closed no
- Aug 4 eng>lat Who am I becoming? Quis fiam? pro open no
- Mar 6 lat>eng et omi and obtuse marginal coronary artery 1 pro open no
2 Feb 14 eng>lat The feast of the worm vermis convivum pro closed ok
- Jan 25 eng>lat My life is not over yet, because the pain comes with power. Vita mea nondum finivit quia dolor cum potestatem habet pro open no
4 Dec 15 '18 lat>eng examine iuris neerlandict habito after an examination in Dutch law had been held pro closed no
4 Oct 3 '18 eng>lat Condidit hanc aedem, sed in illa conditor ipse Conditur, Conditur... He founded this shrine but the builder himself is found therein. He is found; but the world's founde pro closed no
- Mar 25 '15 grc>eng ἀγα-πός wonderful, amazing pro just_closed no
- Mar 27 '15 grc>eng ἀγαπός blest (with children), beloved (of the gods) pro just_closed no
4 Sep 18 '18 eng>lat To understand beauty is to destroy it pulchritudinum intellegere eam delere est. pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '18 lat>eng Sponsus reproducto(ra) child-bearing/child-begetting spouse pro open no
- May 21 '18 eng>lat pursue happiness with diligence sequere laetitiam cum diligentia pro open no
- Jul 5 '18 lat>eng odores medii moderate odours pro closed no
- Sep 23 '17 eng>lat pissing on the world orbem terrarum micturire pro open no
- May 21 '17 eng>lat Have courage and be kind cape animum esque benevolentus pro open no
- Jul 17 '17 lat>eng praetereague diploma hoc sigillo universitatis el praesidis chirographo muniendu and has [presented] besides this diploma, confirmed by the University's seal and by the signature pro open no
- Jul 11 '17 lat>eng Chioma cerebrale cerebral haemorrhage pro just_closed no
4 Apr 27 '17 lat>eng Nominatione Facultatis at the recommendation of the Faculty (of Medicine) pro closed ok
4 Mar 25 '17 eng>lat Open here Aperi hic pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '16 lat>eng Commercii Rationumque Inter Nationes International Trade and Accounting pro open no
- Dec 11 '14 eng>lat Above all Godliness pietas (erga Deum) ante omnia pro open no
- Jan 7 '15 eng>lat ONLY GOD SHALL JUDGE ME Deus solus me iudicabit. pro open no
4 Aug 10 '16 lat>eng [name] post idoneum tirocinium ad superiora studia adscitum in scholis suis having been admitted in its schools/programmes for more advanced studies after a sufficient apprenti pro closed ok
- May 15 '16 lat>eng observationes, quae ab aetate Abrahami uno quasi tenore sese excipiunt. observations which occur successively from the time of Abraham in a single account, as it were pro closed no
4 May 6 '16 lat>eng honoribus affectus bestowed with honours pro closed ok
- Sep 1 '15 eng>lat An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded. portis reseratis arx est mens liberalis pro open no
- Oct 6 '15 esl>eng Palacio canonjil canonry pro closed ok
- May 3 '15 lat>eng Et portat media gelidis aestate cavernis, Giving you her snow-white hands, the maiden goes, having received the vessel,/and carries it by way pro open no
- May 3 '15 lat>eng Optima quae longo resplendent pocula vitro. Giving you her snow-white hands, the maiden goes, having received the vessel, pro open no
4 Sep 3 '15 lat>eng Propaedeutus preliminary/elementary instructor pro closed ok
4 Aug 13 '15 lat>eng res pecuniarias administrandi magistri Master of Business Administration pro closed ok
4 Aug 1 '15 lat>eng De mandato Ill. Mi et Revd. Mi D. Archiepiscopi Coadiutori Concerning the injunction of the Illustrious Master and of Reverend Master Lord Assistant Archbishop pro closed ok
4 May 8 '15 lat>eng universitatis albo I ad fol XXX I, the secretary of the University’s student organisation, having pro closed ok
- Mar 20 '15 lat>eng osculanda to be kissed pro closed no
4 Feb 3 '15 esl>lat Clavar affigere pro closed no
4 Jan 29 '15 eng>lat In the absence of light, darkness prevails luce absente, obscuritas obtinet pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 '14 lat>eng viri liberal (name) et dominae Maria (more names) filia, in loco dicto .....nata daughter of the Gentleman X and of the Lady Maria, born in the place called . . . pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '14 eng>lat ski/snow shoe calceus aptus ad nivem pro just_closed no
- Sep 11 '14 eng>lat Without struggle there's no progress Sine luctatione nullus progressus est. pro open no
4 Aug 20 '14 lat>eng Vitas educatione mutamus We change lives by/with education. pro closed ok
NP Jan 30 '14 eng>lat please check context as there isn't much space for me to write it here Te bis mori aiunt, primum cum spirare desinis atque iterum cum qui postremus te cognoscit nomen tuum pro open no
- Jul 14 '14 eng>lat Fight your inner demons. pugna cum daemonibus intestinis tuis pro open no
- Apr 20 '14 lat>eng "alter remus aquas alter tibi radat harenas" that one oar may graze the sea, the other your shore pro open no
4 Aug 7 '14 eng>lat I READ THEREFORE I AM Lego, ergo sum. pro closed ok
4 Jun 10 '14 eng>lat Deus me videt Deus me videt pro closed ok
- Apr 16 '14 lat>esl ha denom hanc denominationem pro closed no
4 Apr 13 '14 esl>lat Nos vemos ahí arriba. Eamus illuc, surge pro closed no
- Mar 28 '14 lat>eng in studiis confoederationis gentium in the study of Foreign/International Relations pro closed ok
- Mar 28 '14 lat>eng lacuna intra legem loophole in the law pro just_closed no
- Mar 26 '14 eng>lat I have no mercy on my enemies. I only kill them Misericors in inimicos meos non sum. Tantum eos interficio. pro closed ok
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