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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 6 '09 fra>eng faire votre plein We give you more than miles for your gallon/Giving you more than miles for your gallon pro closed no
- Sep 24 '09 fra>eng Architectes de vos projets training/courses designed around your needs pro just_closed no
- Sep 14 '09 fra>eng saisir ce souffle soak up the ambience created by pro closed no
- Jul 31 '09 fra>eng selon la bannière régulière table/results matrix pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '09 fra>eng on ne regrette jamais d’avoir travaillé son service A Top Service - Game, Set & Match Everytime pro closed no
- Jul 2 '09 fra>eng carte fidélité reward/points/loyalty cards easy closed ok
- Mar 12 '09 fra>eng lettres de noblesse more power to its elbow/its club's elbow pro closed ok
4 Feb 17 '09 fra>eng Une dynamique d'innovation creating and nurturing an environment conducive to innovation and enterprise creation pro closed no
4 Jan 9 '09 fra>eng une campagne de publicité "coup de gueule" In your face/no holds barred/pulls no punches pro closed ok
4 Nov 20 '08 fra>eng traité illustratif all-in-one publicity portfolio pro closed no
- Nov 4 '08 fra>eng l'idéal naturel comme un sésame In an increasingly urbanised country let nature be the seed of success pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 '08 fra>eng construction traditionnelle de qualité traditionally built to the highest standards pro closed no
4 Oct 17 '08 fra>eng revitalisation des patrimoines de marque giving the brand's creative/inspirational foundations a new lease of life pro closed no
- Oct 16 '08 fra>eng Vous n'utiliserez pas ce produit par hasard X was made for you pro closed no
- Oct 9 '08 fra>eng S’inscrire dans la marque Brand Involvement pro closed ok
4 Oct 9 '08 fra>eng Sur le fond et avec bienveillance An open, (user)friendly approach focused on their core needs pro closed no
4 Oct 7 '08 fra>eng Le marketing polysensoriel multisensory marketing/sensory branding pro closed ok
- Feb 4 '08 eng>fra sales play affichage comparatif pro closed ok
- Jan 24 '08 fra>eng Rakétécomté (talk) cheese without being cheesed off! pro closed ok
- Jan 10 '08 fra>eng observatoire des marchés Market/Business Intelligence Unit or Section or Division pro closed ok
- Jul 5 '06 fra>eng "les généralistes" multiples pro just_closed no
- Jun 19 '06 fra>eng SONCAS SPICOL/SPICOA pro closed ok
4 Apr 20 '06 fra>eng dégager evoke/stir/bring out/suggest pro closed ok
- Apr 19 '06 fra>eng bon enlignement stratégique publicitaire well-targeted/properly-targeted/well-aimed advertising strategy pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '06 fra>eng DN Product Reach/Penetration/Presence pro closed no
- Feb 7 '06 eng>fra a Cut Above the Rest laisse nos concurrents sur place/sur le carreau pro closed ok
4 Nov 16 '05 fra>eng le lancement des buzzs Creating a buzz/making a splash pro closed ok
4 Nov 10 '05 fra>eng porte multimodale Logistics Hub/DistributionCentre pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '05 fra>eng pochette diplomatique avec étiquette tagged diplomatic pouch pro closed no
- Jul 7 '05 fra>eng dessinant du bout... l'harmony des sens comme des essences With XXXX.... pro closed no
- Mar 2 '05 eng>fra You've never had it so good les choses n'ont jamais été aussi bien pro closed ok
2 May 30 '04 fra>eng conditions et les mécanismes d’attribution allocation/alloting pro closed no
- Apr 16 '04 eng>fra leverage resources exploiter les moyens disponibles pour investir et pour faire des emprunts pro closed ok
- Feb 12 '04 fra>eng suiveur followers on pro closed no
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