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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 25 '18 jpn>eng 生じる可能性がある影響として記載されている事象 Phenomena listed as potentially having an impact pro closed no
- Apr 22 '15 jpn>eng 入検 incoming inspection pro open no
- Oct 6 '10 jpn>eng しゃあねえよ Dialect of しょうがないよな~ pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '10 jpn>eng 対象事象の存する限り As long as the said phenomena exist... pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '10 eng>eng take the safety off Take the safety catch off pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '10 eng>eng set down stipulate pro closed ok
4 Sep 2 '10 jpn>eng 号試設変再防 Prevent the reoccurrence of problems with design changes in trial production pro closed ok
4 Jun 26 '09 jpn>eng 抜き度 Amount the cold slug pin/sprue pin is pulled out pro closed ok
4 Jun 18 '09 jpn>eng 企画マルQ Planning Maru Q pro closed no
- Jun 7 '09 jpn>eng 図面熟成 Drawing maturation pro closed ok
- Jun 4 '09 jpn>eng 電池内売り機能の事業部移管 Transferring the division that handles the functions that are selling points of the battery pro closed ok
4 May 26 '09 jpn>eng タンシバン Electrode plate pro closed no
4 May 25 '09 jpn>eng Nanka ari masuka ne. Maybe there is something going on. easy closed no
- May 24 '09 jpn>eng 代表所有 Representative or owner of the property pro closed no
4 May 24 '09 jpn>eng 特機 Special Machinery pro closed no
4 May 15 '09 jpn>eng バッテリー搭載率 Percentage of [XX company name] batteries each manufacturer uses pro closed no
- Apr 21 '09 jpn>eng 欧V社欧州JIT V, a European company, is preparing to establish a JIT system in Europe pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '09 jpn>eng 再生中、メディアプレイヤーを終了し、待受け画面に遷移する。 Close the media player while it's playing, and move to a standby screen. pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '09 jpn>eng 再生満了時、ネットワーク接続確認POPUPを表示すること。 Display a pop-up window confirming the network connection when playback is complete. pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '09 jpn>eng 遷移したページからビデオファイルをダウンロードする page [the user] moved to pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '09 jpn>eng スピーカから音声を出力せずにマナーモードを維持していること。 Keep [the phone, etc.] in silent or vibrate mode without letting sound come from the speakers. pro closed no
- Apr 4 '09 eng>eng with scarce so much as without so much as/without even pro closed ok
- Apr 1 '09 eng>eng have no live deal in the hopper There are no upcoming deals that are actually likely to become reality pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '09 eng>eng take Prussia into a corner Make Prussia feel backed into a corner pro closed ok
- Mar 8 '09 jpn>eng 居場所 Lounge pro closed no
4 Dec 11 '08 jpn>eng 連絡印 Notification stamp, or Acknowledgement stamp pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '08 jpn>eng 工務G Maintenance Group pro closed no
4 Nov 15 '08 jpn>eng 生産担当G Production Group pro closed no
4 Nov 7 '08 jpn>eng フィルム貼り apply film pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 '08 eng>eng It is very important to me not to mix my personal issues with my job. Sounds right. pro closed no
- Aug 5 '08 eng>eng As you may know this type of actions can put my job in sake. As you may know, these types of actions could jeopardize my job. easy closed no
4 Aug 4 '08 eng>eng pending Different answers depending on what the intended meaning is pro closed no
- Aug 4 '08 jpn>eng 画面上に重ねて表示できる画面です。 screens can be superimposed over other screens pro closed no
- Aug 4 '08 eng>eng use of THAT (reference) this or that pro closed no
4 Jul 18 '08 eng>eng back out/ back up Back out=move out of a parking space, Back up=moving your car in reverse easy closed ok
- Jul 17 '08 eng>eng critical credentials important attributes easy closed ok
- Dec 18 '07 jpn>eng 多関節3次元測定器 multi-joint CMM pro closed ok
4 Dec 14 '07 eng>eng it is in the escape provided by these 843 acres that real beauty lies the beauty of the park is in escaping into the park, not the actual beauty of the flowers pro closed no
- Dec 14 '07 eng>eng Proportionate crediting add money to the party's account appropriately based on what is owed pro closed no
- Dec 13 '07 eng>eng amounting to 2% above the promissory discount rate plus any additional tariffs Refers to compensation for Contractor's loss of interest pro closed no
- Dec 10 '07 eng>eng too many of's ? Description of the possible variants in creating a data security system in the client-server archite pro closed no
- Dec 7 '07 jpn>eng 外気と内部とが通気可能な通気部 Area where air can pass between the inside and outside of the box pro closed no
- Dec 7 '07 eng>eng Tax invoice (USA) bill from the government asking a person or company to pay taxes pro open no
- Nov 12 '07 eng>eng comprehensive coverage general info (US interpretation) pro closed no
- Dec 20 '06 jpn>eng 微量表示 displayed trace amounts easy open no
- Jun 29 '07 jpn>eng 毎日の使用によって Using [Product Name] every day easy open no
4 Jul 24 '07 jpn>eng 印鑑屋 signature seal shop/store that sells signature seals pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 '07 jpn>eng 該当、非該当 notify whether the strategic items are applicable or not applicable pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 '07 jpn>eng 期限利益 benefit of the term pro closed ok
2 Jul 24 '07 jpn>eng 配管を分岐させる Make each pipe so that it branches off pro closed no
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