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- Aug 4 '08 eng>eng use of THAT (reference) Everyone says so, everyone knows that: WARS LIE pro closed no
- Aug 4 '08 eng>eng possessive Today's wars over oil will (may) become tomorrow's wars over water pro closed no
4 Jul 25 '08 eng>eng the smallest degree just a little bit easy closed ok
4 Jul 21 '08 eng>eng fight for the West even people who fought for the countries of the Western hemisphere easy closed ok
- Jun 26 '08 eng>eng the Elder the older or more senior of the two easy closed no
NP Mar 28 '08 jpn>eng 愛してるよ, ディ I love you, Dee easy closed ok
4 Feb 26 '08 eng>eng carriage the part of the gun that slides back and is used to put a round in the firing chamber pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 '08 eng>eng put a round in firing chamber. to insert a bullet into the firing chamber of a gun pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 '08 eng>eng dressed-down appearance casually dressed pro closed ok
4 Dec 4 '07 eng>eng Runecast Runecast pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 '07 eng>jpn put one's stamp 可とする pro closed ok
4 Aug 14 '07 eng>eng how / were // what were like what my fellow sailors (who died at sea) were like.... pro closed no
4 Mar 20 '07 eng>heb Green ירוק easy closed ok
4 Mar 1 '07 eng>pol go to her reward umrzeć pro closed ok
4 Feb 11 '07 eng>eng pre-shaped (here) already artificially formed into a certain standard shape pro closed ok
NP Feb 10 '07 eng>eng Come what may, hold on to your heart. No matter what happens, stay true to what you (really) believe in and stand for. pro closed ok
- Feb 4 '07 eng>jpn to believe shinjiru easy closed ok
4 Feb 4 '07 eng>jpn to fight tatakau easy closed ok
- Jan 5 '07 esl>eng Misa del Gallo Midnight Mass pro closed no
- Jan 5 '07 eng>eng don't take any Indian nickel Don't take any Indian nickels pro closed no
4 Dec 25 '06 eng>eng tuccass Ass pro closed ok
4 Dec 25 '06 eng>eng mobs groups of angry, selfish, irrational people pro closed ok
4 Dec 25 '06 eng>eng sautee us up a varmint cook something pro closed ok
NP Nov 24 '06 eng>eng he lost his water weakling pro closed ok
NP Nov 24 '06 eng>eng Hello? You've got'im. Right. easy closed ok
NP Nov 23 '06 eng>eng Okay, toodle-doodle! Bye bye. easy closed no
- Sep 1 '06 eng>eng bet the house on Overlord wager everything you have on a successful outcome. pro closed ok
- Aug 31 '06 eng>eng still a pig. You can cut off a pig's tail and ears but it will still be a pig. pro closed no
4 Aug 24 '06 eng>eng brushed-steel the finish or appearance of the steel pro closed ok
- Aug 1 '06 jpn>eng 「中間生記憶」 Memory / Memories of existence BETWEEN incarnations pro closed no
4 Apr 25 '06 eng>eng March glorious March... March, glorious March easy closed ok
4 Dec 27 '05 eng>eng wild of eye a little bit crazy pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '05 jpn>eng 見る目が厳しくなります。 to view with a critical eye easy closed ok
- Dec 1 '05 eng>eng could pose to them that they are pro closed ok
- Dec 1 '05 eng>eng die / would die Enraged easy closed no
4 Dec 1 '05 eng>eng owl owl easy closed ok
- May 8 '05 eng>eng werewight Changeling pro closed no
4 Mar 16 '05 eng>eng Poetry In its shelter we are not scared of rainy weather. pro closed ok
4 Mar 9 '05 ita>eng bibliografia essenziale essential bibliography easy closed ok
- Feb 24 '05 chi>eng 王 黄絹 Wang Huang-Xuan easy closed no
2 Feb 24 '05 chi>eng 王 泰武 Wang Tai-Wu easy closed ok
4 Feb 23 '05 eng>eng fast set People that are too wild/too crazy/troublemakers pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '05 eng>bod mind, body, soul Sem, Soog po lu (with two dots over the "u") easy closed no
4 Jan 12 '05 eng>eng release free pro closed ok
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