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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 23 '18 rus>eng эксперты отмечали, что.. experts suggested [foreign-]currency denominated bonds as an alternative.. pro closed no
- May 23 '18 rus>eng в январе - июне in H1 pro just_closed no
- Mar 11 '18 rus>eng ставят перед фактом, что ... and it's not negotiable pro just_closed no
- Mar 11 '18 rus>eng желание XXX - двоякое they are in two minds about it pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '17 eng>eng first depositor freeroll free tournament sign-up for new users pro closed ok
- Jul 7 '17 eng>rus With economic effect of см. pro closed no
4 Mar 20 '17 eng>eng get told who receive a negative reply easy closed no
- Mar 14 '17 eng>eng general meaning of the sentence the guy who had this job before the author pro closed ok
4 Mar 6 '17 eng>eng to interact with the brand if not noticed by the brand representatives pro closed no
- Feb 21 '17 eng>rus boot collar closing above the ankle (плотно/надёжно) фиксирующие голеностоп pro closed no
- Feb 20 '17 eng>eng worth ninety­-five hundred dollars more than [annual] return on customer pro closed ok
- Feb 15 '17 eng>eng cultural alignment penetration of this type of culture into the organisation pro closed ok
- Jan 12 '17 eng>eng mediates our spiritual lives enables us to have spiritual lives pro closed ok
- Dec 26 '16 rus>eng компании ведут переговоры о вхождении are eyeing/looking at equity stakes in / buying into pro closed no
- Dec 10 '16 rus>eng в воздухе повисло hang[ing] in the [mid-]air pro closed no
- Nov 28 '16 rus>eng Отговаривается she's not saying anything/much pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '16 eng>eng compromised under suspicion / his reputation has been spoilt easy closed no
4 Sep 1 '16 eng>eng The Bono's of the world Bonos pro closed no
- Apr 26 '16 eng>rus stomach felt sour сосало под ложечкой pro closed no
- May 28 '15 eng>rus and for ought necessarily said in it aught, not ought pro closed no
- May 26 '15 eng>eng sucked on thoroughly enjoyed pro open no
4 Jan 27 '15 rus>eng «+1» (от бакинских коллег) this earns/would have earned a like from/with the Baku painters pro closed no
- Dec 2 '14 eng>rus could not fail to be drawn somewhat into the current of any extended usage которые не [c]могли избежать влияния [узуса] λυτροῦσθαι pro closed no
4 Sep 18 '14 rus>eng находиться у государственной границы US border pro closed no
- Jul 22 '14 eng>rus carry us a little way [в этом[деле]] нам может [несколько/немного] помочь... pro closed no
- Jun 16 '14 rus>eng с поднятым копьем carrying/holding a spear pro closed no
- Jan 3 '07 rus>eng сжиматься her heart sank pro closed no
- Jun 14 '06 eng>rus Core competent value (основные) сферы/области специализации (компании) pro open no
4 May 12 '06 rus>eng ... не то, что не ... not only did the reform fail to improve on...., but it also significantly restricted pro closed no
- Jan 18 '06 eng>rus may God hold you in tender care да хранит вас Господь pro closed ok
4 Dec 23 '05 eng>eng stretching viz. pro closed ok
4 Dec 16 '05 lat>eng habot habEt pro closed no
4 Jul 29 '05 eng>rus which are prortioned at two and a half heads high канон (см.) pro closed no
- May 25 '05 eng>rus My beloved friend мой возлюбленный друг easy closed ok
- May 5 '05 eng>rus ...for more than one hour in any two hour time period... в течение более одного часа за любой двухчасовой промежуток pro closed no
4 Mar 24 '05 eng>rus Locher Локер pro closed no
- Mar 24 '05 eng>eng do not be too surprised so - hold your breath - easy closed ok
- Mar 14 '05 rus>eng Женская интуиция the sixth sense of the fair sex easy closed ok
- Dec 24 '04 rus>eng 5 с минусом, 5 с плюсом A- versus A pro closed no
- Dec 7 '04 rus>eng когда я чувствую озноб от ветра тоски на своей коже when melancholy wind gives me the creeps pro closed no
- Dec 7 '04 rus>eng на автомате предложила я automatically pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '04 rus>eng Быздоравливай! / Поправлайся! viz easy closed ok
- Sep 24 '04 rus>eng My s nei postoianno vmeste we spend most time together easy closed no
- Sep 10 '04 rus>eng v dome i think it's ungrammatical for "at home" easy closed no
4 Aug 20 '04 rus>eng оставляет желать лучшего leaves much to be desired pro closed no
- Aug 16 '04 rus>eng travmpunkt emergency surgery easy closed no
- Aug 11 '04 rus>eng расшифровка подписи the document should contain/carry the name of the auditor and his signature pro closed ok
4 Aug 3 '04 eng>rus alive to a priori difficulties осознают очевидные трудности pro closed no
4 May 24 '04 eng>eng swirem sui rem easy closed no
- May 10 '04 lat>eng adfectio ab incommodus cognosco amo vide infra easy closed no
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