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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 4 '18 fra>eng Santé France probably Santé publique France, the French national health service/agency easy closed ok
2 Jan 11 '17 fra>eng Des frais peuvent être engagés charges may be incurred easy closed ok
4 Nov 12 '16 fra>eng L’action the equity/ share easy closed ok
4 Oct 3 '16 fra>eng BAC+3 Baccalauréat (French high-school diploma) + a 3 year university degree easy closed ok
- Aug 4 '15 fra>eng Soussignés undersigned easy just_closed no
- Jul 13 '15 fra>eng p.e. for example easy closed no
- Nov 10 '12 eng>fra Standby pass billets Stand By easy closed no
- Jul 15 '10 fra>eng plus haut sur lesquelles domains/zones of activity described previously (or above) on which XXX is implanted easy closed no
- Mar 29 '10 fra>eng domicilié à living at (permanent address) easy closed ok
4 Jun 30 '09 fra>eng chaîne de vision computed assisted vision support easy closed ok
4 Jun 30 '09 fra>eng le mode opératoire d'un procédure process operative mode easy closed ok
- Apr 2 '09 fra>eng Cessions d'échanges et de formation: Agree with writeaway typofor session = training and interactive sessions easy open no
- Mar 23 '09 fra>eng incombe responsibility / fault / or consequences are attributed to Voltaire easy closed no
- Nov 16 '08 fra>eng variable d'ajustement adjustment variable easy closed ok
- Jun 17 '08 fra>eng enregistrer une réservation to book a flight or make a flight reservation. easy closed ok
4 Jun 5 '08 fra>eng par la bande indirectly or in an unusual way easy closed ok
4 May 29 '08 eng>fra More offers from this country autre offres de ce pays / offres additionnelles de ce pays easy closed ok
4 Apr 21 '08 fra>eng une société de gestion santé Healthcare Management Company easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '08 fra>eng affaire suivie par: genevieve jourdan issue/case followed by or managed by Genevieve Jourdan easy closed ok
- Feb 22 '08 eng>fra whether you want to pay et si vous êtes prêt à payer pour certains fichiers easy closed no
4 Jan 30 '08 eng>fra agree s'accordent sur ou arrivent à un consensus sur easy closed ok
4 Nov 29 '07 fra>eng délégations delegations easy closed ok
- Nov 29 '07 fra>eng Peu ou mal formé Litlle or inappropriately trained easy closed ok
4 Sep 28 '07 fra>eng contrat aidé "assisted" contracts or co-funded contracts easy closed ok
- Jun 24 '07 fra>eng L'affaire suit son cours the procedure is on-going easy closed ok
4 Jun 22 '07 fra>eng licencier ( here) to lay off or to discharge easy closed ok
- May 22 '07 fra>eng salarié de droit privé with a salary in the private sector easy just_closed no
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