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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 28 '19 eng>fra eating the same food every day manger la même nourriture (le même repas) tous les jours easy closed no
4 May 31 '17 eng>fra the burden of reproduction le fardeau de la reproduction (ou de l'obligation de) easy closed ok
- Oct 4 '16 fra>eng le treize janvier mil neuf cent quatre-vingt January 13, 1980 easy closed ok
4 Feb 3 '15 eng>fra donor advised funds or DAF Donation orientée. (Donation pour une orientation définie par le donateur) easy closed ok
- Nov 1 '09 fra>eng CLIC Local Information and Coordinating Center/Council for Senior Citizen easy closed ok
- Oct 29 '08 eng>fra Living arrangement conditions de colocation easy closed ok
4 Oct 27 '08 fra>eng caisse d'allocations familiales State funded family benefits easy closed ok
- Jun 22 '07 eng>fra widespread diseases maladies communes/fréquentes easy closed ok
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