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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 24 '17 fra>eng Vitesse Maximum Aérobie Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) easy closed ok
- Mar 30 '10 fra>eng Minime from 13 to 15 (not considering surclassement) easy just_closed no
4 Nov 20 '08 eng>fra clean tout le monde est propre (non dopé) easy closed ok
4 Nov 17 '08 fra>eng activite sportive corrective corrective physical education / Corrective Fitness depending on the context easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '08 eng>fra Are you driving the snowplow yet? avez-vous déjà commencé à conduire le chasse-neige ? easy closed no
4 Oct 27 '08 fra>eng l’élan Béarnais Elan Béarnais do not translate name of the club easy closed ok
- May 25 '08 eng>fra to skim stones faire des ricochets easy closed no
4 Apr 7 '08 eng>fra Keep your head between the handlebars garder la tête dans le guidon easy closed ok
- Mar 19 '08 fra>eng engin tracté anything towed by a tow or ski boat, ski banana, ski float, etc. easy closed ok
4 Dec 5 '07 eng>fra second leg deuxième relais easy closed ok
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