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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 8 fra>eng il n’a pas d’indication wearing a mask is not recommended easy open no
4 Mar 2 fra>eng A deux reprises, the prosthesis had to be to retrieved twice easy closed ok
- Feb 17 fra>eng ChimioTT TT or TTT usually stand for treatmlent or therapy easy open no
- Jan 18 fra>eng comme cela est usuel as usual easy closed ok
4 Dec 17 '19 fra>eng cannelle cinnamon easy closed ok
- Oct 7 '19 fra>eng cuisine des saveurs savorous cuisine/dishes easy closed no
4 Jun 27 '19 fra>eng batterie soit HS battery may be dead easy closed ok
- Jun 18 '19 fra>eng une mise en situation "hands on" training/position easy closed ok
- May 3 '19 fra>eng écoulement rhinorrhea (runny nose) easy closed ok
- Feb 1 '19 fra>eng Marrakchis Marrakech city inhabitants easy closed ok
- Dec 18 '18 fra>eng anxiété envahissante without any intrusive anxiety or anxiety-provoking thoughts easy closed ok
4 Dec 12 '18 fra>eng vue given easy closed ok
- Nov 19 '18 fra>eng Cher confrère Dear Doctor X easy closed ok
4 Nov 14 '18 fra>eng restaurations coronaires foulées direct coronary restoration easy closed ok
4 Oct 3 '18 fra>eng Sensible à ta confiance réitérée. Avec toute mon amitié, Thank you for your ongoing confidence/trust, most friendly yours easy closed ok
4 Aug 4 '18 fra>eng Santé France probably Santé publique France, the French national health service/agency easy closed ok
- Jul 3 '18 fra>eng un affect anxieux sans exacerbation non-exacerbated anxiety easy closed ok
- Jun 1 '18 fra>eng être dans la mise en échec failing or to be faced with failure easy closed ok
4 May 10 '18 fra>eng lors de ce nouvel arrêt de travail during his latest/this new sick leave easy closed ok
- Apr 12 '18 fra>eng Mirage ampoule Automatic inspection of ampoule easy just_closed no
4 Mar 16 '18 fra>eng ep. epouse/époux spouse easy closed ok
4 Mar 15 '18 fra>eng séquelles sous forme d’aggravation no sequelae presenting as worsening easy closed ok
4 Feb 21 '18 fra>eng En dépit d’un large questionnaire despite extensive (psychiatric) history taking easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '18 fra>eng été escorte probably taken to the police station for sobering-up easy just_closed no
- Feb 12 '18 fra>eng Essai d'un medicament Testing lines of treatment /therapy ( first, second, etc.) easy closed ok
- Oct 30 '17 fra>eng Cependant la rémission est suffisante nevertheless the patient's current status does not allow resuming his/her occupation easy closed no
4 Aug 10 '17 fra>eng un GG lymph node easy closed ok
4 Jul 14 '17 fra>eng DVD DVD easy closed ok
4 Jun 11 '17 fra>eng 60 degrés pour 80 degrés du côté opposé 60° compared to 80° for the contralateral side easy closed ok
- Jun 2 '17 fra>eng Service de Secours fire department rescue or emergency ambulance service easy closed ok
4 May 2 '17 fra>eng bien entendue de mise is a mandatory precaution easy closed ok
- Apr 11 '17 fra>eng Il n’y a guère que la Suisse qui fasse mieux Only Switzerland takes better care of drug addicts easy closed ok
4 Apr 7 '17 fra>eng practicien Hospital Practitioner easy closed ok
- Mar 28 '17 fra>eng il a passé he experienced a few difficult minutes or a difficult moment easy closed no
- Mar 9 '17 fra>eng une source de tension au quotidien a cause/source of daily anxiety easy closed ok
4 Mar 7 '17 fra>eng antiradicaux libres anti-free radicals easy closed ok
- Mar 2 '17 fra>eng le contact est plus étroit que celui attendu the relationship/bond is closer than expected easy closed no
- Mar 2 '17 fra>eng mandat giving authorisation or requiring the psychiatrist to do an assessment? easy closed ok
- Feb 9 '17 fra>eng Chef de clinique Fellow or Chief Resident easy closed no
- Feb 5 '17 fra>eng soumise à la condition under the condition that easy closed ok
4 Feb 1 '17 fra>eng anti-infectieux de synthèse synthetic antibiotic/antibacterial easy closed ok
4 Feb 1 '17 fra>eng sulfonamides Sulfonamides easy closed ok
4 Jan 31 '17 fra>eng FLUMIQUIL POUDRE A 10 % FLUMEQUINE 10% (Water soluble powder) easy closed ok
4 Jan 29 '17 fra>eng avec la demi lune positioned in dorsal decubitus with a "half moon" pillow/cushion support easy closed ok
4 Jan 24 '17 fra>eng en en plus de in addition too easy closed ok
4 Jan 24 '17 fra>eng Vitesse Maximum Aérobie Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) easy closed ok
2 Jan 11 '17 fra>eng Des frais peuvent être engagés charges may be incurred easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 fra>eng et ce dans son ensemble diseased mucosa beginning immediately after the pectinate line; easy closed ok
4 Nov 12 '16 fra>eng pour jouer to speculate or to bet on phase II results easy closed ok
4 Nov 12 '16 fra>eng L’action the equity/ share easy closed ok
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