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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 22 '20 eng>esl the Afrikan genius remains irrepressible -el genio africano sigue pujante pro closed no
- Nov 10 '20 esl>eng Continuidad pedagógica He kept apace with educational demands pro closed ok
4 Sep 22 '20 esl>eng sean llevados a consecuencias ulteriores preventing these acts from having [any] further consequences pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '20 esl>eng colectivo identificado target group pro closed no
- May 6 '20 eng>esl No role in my knowledge A mi entender, nunca desempeñó utilizando de tales conocimientos. pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '20 eng>eng Pinching off adulteration / watering-down pro closed ok
4 Apr 11 '20 esl>eng apertura individual de impresión diagnostica the formulation of a provisional diagnosis [of each participant] pro closed ok
4 Apr 9 '20 esl>eng burlar al discurso aprendido and with the idea of “thinking outside of the box” pro closed no
- Mar 16 '20 esl>eng Hemos atravesado cientos de adversidades We've dealt with an untold number of challenges. easy closed no
- Feb 27 '20 esl>eng hacer piña circle the wagons pro closed ok
4 Oct 11 '19 esl>eng Cómo estamos trabajando en la implementación We want to let you know what we are doing to implement pro closed no
- Sep 9 '19 esl>eng Así que esto es lo que pasó y este cuento se acabó And that was all she wrote! pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 '19 esl>eng vista en los méritos At the hearing [held] to consider [the merits of] the case pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 '19 esl>eng con una intensidad académica de comprising a [grand] total of x credit hours pro closed ok
- Jul 31 '19 esl>eng mundo táctico they are bereft of any context whatsoever, and were presented for merely tactical purposes pro just_closed no
4 Jul 20 '19 esl>eng entera turno the whole crew pro closed no
- Jul 20 '19 eng>esl I am excited to see the sequel. I like the franchise (animated/cartoon movies) Estoy deseando ver la última entrada, pues soy un fan de la franquicia. pro closed ok
4 Jul 19 '19 esl>eng siempre y cuando no haya sido cierta dicha declaración whenever such a statement proves to be false pro closed no
4 Jul 2 '19 esl>eng desenvolvimiento bajo el cual proyectaba seguridad sobre ideas [See below.] pro closed ok
4 Jul 1 '19 esl>eng sin que eso signifique un desmedro without adversely affecting pro closed ok
4 Jul 1 '19 esl>eng es obligatorio su porte al conducir el vehículo and possession thereof is required whenever the vehicle is being driven easy closed no
4 Jun 26 '19 esl>eng valoraciones en una escala de cinco niveles with scores based on a five-point scale pro closed ok
- Jun 26 '19 por>eng serviços às ordens customized services pro just_closed no
- Jun 25 '19 por>eng aceleração generalizada general upturn / general uptick pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '19 por>eng sobre o que lhes cabe of the areas within their purview pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '19 por>eng Cuidados da porta para dentro internal preventive measures pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 '19 por>eng processos mais eficazes, alinhados e curtos processes that are more effective, coordinated, and streamlined pro closed ok
4 Jun 23 '19 esl>eng ejercicio de la especialidad Dr. NN, legally authorized to practice... pro closed no
4 Jun 23 '19 por>eng desaquecidas retail clothing sales have experienced something of a slump during the past two years pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '19 por>eng crescimento da valorização newfound appreciation pro just_closed ok
4 Jun 22 '19 por>eng prezar prioritize pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '19 por>eng terão destaque will stand out from among the rest pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '19 por>eng escopo de trabalho broad scope of duties pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '19 por>eng mais experiência do que é normal extensive [work] experience pro closed ok
4 Jun 21 '19 por>eng divisões de atuação in all phases of XXX's operations pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '19 por>eng objetivo da mudança In addition to providing more comprehensive information, the reason for this change is pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '19 por>eng atualizações dos profissionais [See below.] pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '19 por>eng redobrar a atenção Pay [extra] special attention to the recruitment process. pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '19 esl>eng proyección humana should become an integral component of both their personal identity and [their] worldview pro closed ok
4 Jun 19 '19 heb>eng כירורגיה גדולה major surgery pro closed ok
3 Jun 13 '19 esl>eng factor personal personal information [regarding their status] pro closed no
4 Jun 11 '19 esl>eng mayor cantidad de autoría Brazil is the country with the most authors (n=1184), followed by Mexico. pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '19 esl>eng adquirir la nacionalidad por concesión [See below.] pro closed ok
- May 31 '19 esl>eng Tener el estado en la cabeza I do not think about Spain with my head; I carry her within my heart. pro closed ok
- May 29 '19 eng>esl Full Disclosure... La verdad pura y dura: / No te dejes engañar pro closed ok
4 May 24 '19 eng>esl lunchmeat carnes frías pro closed ok
4 May 20 '19 esl>eng El quehacer disciplinar [Do not translate.] pro closed no
4 May 19 '19 por>eng O que não falta é assunto. The one thing that they didn’t have trouble with was finding things to talk about. pro closed ok
4 May 17 '19 eng>eng done religiously in the local schools [See below.] pro closed no
- May 16 '19 eng>esl higher level government data datos de más alto nivel [obtenidos] de fuentes gubernamentales pro closed ok
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