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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jul 20 '19 esl>eng entera turno the whole crew pro closed no
- May 31 '19 esl>eng Tener el estado en la cabeza I do not think about Spain with my head; I carry her within my heart. pro closed ok
- Oct 9 '18 esl>eng quintaesenciado a bare-bones summary pro closed ok
- Sep 8 '18 por>eng Ganhando Contornos de Verdade The truth that is emerging seems to validate what we had assumed all along: pro closed ok
4 Apr 26 '18 esl>eng "abuso de inferioridad psicológica" abuse of a vulnerable person pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '17 por>eng Chegam à mesa do consumidor end up being served as food, thus creating a public health risk. pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '16 esl>eng XXX reúne a sus empresas asociadas en la novena edición del YYY Event The Ninth Annual YYY showcases XXX and its [entire] family of companies. pro open no
- Apr 26 '16 por>eng circulava pelo circuito hippie dos anos 60 who was part of the hippie crowd back in the sixties. pro closed ok
- Apr 8 '16 esl>eng ostentan una desarticulación ordenada others that feature a purposeful lack of connectedness pro closed ok
- Apr 8 '16 esl>eng vaciamiento de la palabra evisceration of conventional language pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '16 esl>eng no espera desentrañar grandes asuntos is not out to plumb the depths of any great mystery pro closed ok
- Apr 4 '16 esl>eng lo contingente the ephemera of everyday life pro closed ok
- Mar 21 '16 por>eng brindou com sua presença attracted pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '16 por>eng suas passagens pela cidade to share stories of their travels in XXX pro closed no
4 Jun 17 '15 esl>eng que interpela a la vez el acontecimiento intradiegético which calls into question not only the intradiegetic event pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 '14 esl>eng ganar la calle ...the protest that gained surprisingly widespread popular support pro closed no
- Mar 23 '14 eng>esl was never in question nunca se contempló pro closed ok
- Mar 9 '14 esl>eng Claroscuros Highlights and Lowlights pro closed ok
4 Feb 24 '14 eng>esl experienced Washington journalists avezados periodistas de Washington pro closed no
- Dec 4 '13 esl>eng dejar al país maniatado [See below.] pro closed ok
- Sep 19 '13 esl>eng se resuelve en cómo podemos verlas will acquire the meaning attributed to it by those [of us] who view it. pro closed ok
4 Sep 19 '13 esl>eng se advierte el error como un derecho sustraído The failure of such ideas has been experienced as a loss of rights by those affected. pro closed no
- Sep 19 '13 esl>eng acontecimiento humano sin tregua y lleno de artificios an oppressive--and often deceptive--human reality pro closed no
- Sep 19 '13 esl>eng otra violencia que rebasa los tiempos occidentales another kind of violence that has its roots in the territory's pre-Columbian past pro closed no
- Sep 19 '13 esl>eng comporta una contradicción vigilada y sin salida has created a glaring and insoluble contradiction pro closed ok
4 Sep 19 '13 esl>eng del sacrificio del lugar propio y del límite their loss of control with respect to the territory and boundaries of their communities pro closed no
4 Sep 19 '13 esl>eng plantea el primer argumento para entender it provides a new frame of reference for understanding pro closed no
- Sep 18 '13 esl>eng ¿Mandado? Blind Justice? / Justice Served? pro closed ok
- Sep 17 '13 esl>eng desescolarización and the participation of children [and adolescents] who do not attend school [of any kind]. pro closed no
4 Sep 17 '13 esl>eng sujetos de interdicción subject to [criminal] prosecution pro closed no
- Sep 17 '13 esl>eng todo se arregla con gratificaciones por debajo de la mesa everything is settled by [simply] greasing the right palms pro closed ok
- Sep 17 '13 esl>eng la misma facilidad con la que se engulle un bocado they reduce the [Amazonian] jungle to [nothing more than] a devastated carcass pro closed no
- Sep 3 '13 esl>eng El fenómeno “marero” cobraba fuerza a cada paso Thus, Mara emigration thus began to gather the force of a veritable tidal wave. pro closed ok
4 Sep 3 '13 esl>eng No tener trabajo es sinónimo de vacaciones, allá no. [See below.] pro closed no
- May 25 '13 esl>eng tomo su tiempo I devoted a good deal of time to mastering the language... easy closed no
4 May 16 '13 esl>eng y que tanto debería aplicarla a la vida diaria...... and to what extent it should be applied to daily life.... pro closed no
4 May 24 '12 esl>eng participación en los medios increasing our previous media visibility by several orders of magnitude. pro closed ok
- Apr 20 '12 eng>esl probing communication comunicación incisiva / comunicación penetrante pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '10 esl>eng en vilo The atmosphere has been tense in Rio de Janeiro for the past few days... pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '10 eng>esl agencies beyond jounalism solo contando con medios que no se consideran tradicionalmente periodísticos pro closed ok
4 Oct 19 '10 eng>esl university journalism instruction escuelas de periodismo easy closed no
- Oct 1 '10 eng>esl hundreds of other tal como una multitud de easy closed no
- Oct 1 '10 eng>esl Publisher editor pro closed ok
- Sep 30 '10 eng>esl unique visitors visitas únicas pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 '09 esl>eng aparece el rey desnudo it is clearly evident that the Emperor is wearing no clothes. pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '09 esl>eng aferrarse a una sociedad find/define their place in a society pro just_closed no
4 Sep 23 '09 esl>eng El Derecho a la comunicación con identidad The right to speak in our own voice / The right to have our voice heard pro closed no
- Sep 9 '09 esl>eng A quiénes dirigen su propuesta What is the target population of your proposal? pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '09 por>eng A CAMINHO DE ... 30th anniversary draws near pro closed ok
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