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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 31 '14 por>eng anteprojeto proposal / project proposal pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '12 esl>eng Se cubre de gloria [See below.] pro closed no
4 Sep 22 '11 esl>eng el corazón va como quiere and emotions sometimes get out of hand // and emotions sometimes just spiral out of control pro closed no
4 Jul 5 '11 esl>eng al pie de los caballos in ill favour // out of favour // shunned by decent society pro closed no
- Jun 15 '11 esl>eng Ráfaga [refers to sound or flash of light] pro just_closed no
- Jun 10 '11 esl>eng que agotaba ya públicos antiguos which was already meeting the needs of its readers pro closed ok
4 Nov 22 '10 eng>esl Blu-out deal ¡Celebra la Navidad 2010 con lo último en Blu-Ray! pro closed no
- Nov 3 '10 esl>eng Director de Terreno Locations Scout pro closed ok
- Apr 15 '10 eng>esl Finaled by Visto Bueno: pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '10 esl>eng la vida de su tierra He fought to preserve the lagunas of San Cirilo, and he died in defense of the land he loved. pro closed ok
4 Apr 11 '10 esl>eng al solo riesgo del (see below) pro closed ok
4 Sep 18 '09 esl>eng micro informativo public service announcement pro closed no
4 Sep 9 '09 esl>eng transcribo, digamos solicitudes When I go online, all I do is fill out forms--applications, I guess--and then print them out. pro closed no
4 Aug 29 '09 esl>eng super (in this context) Caption in upper margin of screen: / Caption at top of screen pro closed no
4 Nov 8 '08 esl>eng micro televisivo public service announcements pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '07 eng>esl probes preguntas de seguimiento pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '06 esl>eng el que he hecho hincapie es actualizar y mejorar la informacion que ofrece la TB that I have stressed that the information we offer about TB needs to be improved and up-to-date. pro closed ok
- Sep 29 '06 esl>eng Difusión (please help w/sentence) action necessary for disseminating the news pro closed ok
4 Sep 28 '06 por>eng afeccional Interactive Games and Affective Strategies pro closed ok
4 Sep 23 '06 eng>esl record sprays limpiadores para discos pro closed ok
4 Sep 16 '06 esl>eng pieza promocional promotional spot pro closed no
2 Aug 31 '06 esl>eng Medio exterior foreign media pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '06 eng>esl FINISH finlandes easy closed no
4 Mar 3 '06 eng>esl summary feedback resumen de cada escena // resumen final pro closed no
3 Jan 17 '06 eng>esl walk on role un cameo pro closed ok
4 Jan 11 '06 eng>esl split takes tomas separadas pro closed ok
- Jan 9 '06 esl>eng afortunado Lucky at the craps table, unlucky in love. easy closed ok
- Dec 16 '05 esl>eng Franja horaria de gran demanda a time slot that is in high demand pro closed ok
4 Dec 16 '05 esl>eng Isla de post producción post-production room pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '05 esl>eng televisión generalista network television pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '05 eng>esl hall ground capacidad de peso en la sala pro closed no
4 Nov 9 '05 esl>eng un diario de referencia newspaper of record pro closed ok
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