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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 15 '18 eng>esl Point of shipment Punto de envio pro just_closed no
- Oct 23 '18 esl>eng Al estar siendo devueltas impagadas Due to the...... being returned without payment easy closed no
4 Oct 23 '18 esl>eng reconoce como suyas las firmas recognise the signatures as his/her own easy closed ok
4 Mar 1 '18 esl>eng aviso de pre-preventivo early preventive warning pro closed ok
- May 20 '17 eng>esl outstanding (en este contexto) destacante pro closed no
- Feb 18 '17 esl>eng 'designada' - is there an error or missing word here? named /designated (no erro or missing word) pro closed no
- Jul 26 '16 eng>esl ...where personal... ... donde sus intereses personales....... pro closed no
4 Nov 9 '12 esl>eng pretensión de continuidad intention to continue pro closed ok
- Dec 23 '11 esl>eng LIBERAR DE TODA RESPONSABILIDAD Exempting of all liability/Is exempt of all liability pro closed ok
4 May 25 '11 esl>eng practicar la prueba de interrogatorio interrogate pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '11 eng>esl sole and ultimate responsible The only and highest ranking person responsible pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '11 eng>esl sole and ultimate responsible The only and highest ranking person responsible pro closed ok
4 Sep 28 '09 esl>eng forma eventual give a temporary service pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 '09 esl>eng los daños y perjuicios ocasionados. the damage(s) caused pro closed ok
4 Sep 11 '09 esl>eng estando prohibida la participacion de personas distintas. the participation of third parties/different people being banned/prohibited pro closed ok
4 Nov 29 '08 esl>eng instruir authorise/order pro closed ok
- Jan 5 '08 eng>esl the tentacles of the French state stretch deep into the country´s industry. los tentaculos del estado frances alcanzan el fondo de la industria del pais pro closed no
- Dec 29 '07 eng>esl General Representations Condiciones generales pro closed ok
- Dec 19 '07 eng>esl covering Escrito encima de.... pro closed ok
- Dec 18 '07 eng>esl at purchaser's option por opcion de comprador pro closed ok
4 Dec 1 '07 eng>esl and each of them y cada uno de ellos pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '07 eng>esl Distributors vs. Dealers distribuidores vs vendedores pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '07 esl>eng puente de la Diada Diada long weekend pro closed no
4 Nov 10 '07 esl>eng período de garantía Warrenty/Guarantee period pro closed ok
3 Oct 18 '07 eng>esl due parcel paquete debido pro closed ok
4 Oct 2 '07 esl>eng ...vence el contrato de leasing q tenemos con uds en 700 N... ... the leasing contract which we have with you on 700 N...expires on.... pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '07 esl>eng sirviendo el presente de suficiente recibo This document being sufficient as a receipt pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '07 esl>eng produjera el ingreso de las cantidades establecidas The established amounts were paid into/deposited in the account pro closed ok
- Jun 23 '07 esl>eng encontrarse al día con tesorería have all taxes paid up to date pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '07 esl>eng es totalmente ajena a is not related to pro closed ok
- Mar 28 '07 esl>eng ingresar sus rentas Deposit his earnings/the benefits pro closed ok
- Feb 7 '07 eng>esl Contractor to inform itself fully contratista debe informarse bien/completamente pro closed no
- Feb 6 '07 esl>eng Gestión Notarial Notary Managementg pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '07 esl>eng producto objeto the product which is being tested pro closed no
- Jan 11 '07 eng>esl key management / key materials Gestion principal/materiales principales pro closed ok
- Dec 26 '06 esl>eng orden de restricción Restriction order pro just_closed no
- Dec 20 '06 esl>eng de acuerdo a lo señalado According to that which is indicated pro closed ok
4 Sep 30 '04 eng>esl binding version Version vinculante pro closed ok
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