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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 16 eng>eng "nkew" or "N.Q." Thank you easy closed no
- May 27 '20 fra>eng ...pèse le plus lourd dans la balance What weighs more heavily in the balance easy closed ok
- Dec 17 '17 eng>fra a handfull on regular days un enfant difficile dans la vie courante/au quotidien easy closed no
- May 27 '17 fra>eng on y relève quelques différences de détails a few differences in detail are to be seen/are visible/are apparent easy closed ok
- Feb 12 '17 fra>eng tout ce que j'aime don't you love it? easy closed no
- Aug 22 '16 deu>eng Heino tritt auf Heino the Schlagersänger's appearing easy closed no
- May 30 '16 eng>eng tarara goodbye easy closed ok
- Jun 1 '15 eng>eng mashed as a monkey high on drugs easy closed no
- May 10 '15 fra>eng encaisse sans broncher nobody bats an eyelid easy closed ok
- Feb 18 '15 eng>eng hang out to associate with/to be friends with/to get to know easy closed ok
NP Jan 30 '15 fra>eng il n'avait que faire des subtilités de .... he only had to perform the niceties of.... easy closed no
- Jul 4 '14 fra>eng bien dans leur époque dedicated followers of fashion easy closed ok
4 Apr 26 '13 eng>eng glory dead the ways of glory being dead/having died easy closed no
3 Mar 17 '12 fra>eng leur crier leurs quatre vérités à shouting out the blunt, unpleasant truth easy closed ok
- Dec 9 '11 fra>eng s’ouvre à l’horizon. his world is without bounds/limitless/infinite easy open no
- Oct 17 '11 fra>eng manquer d'air to be pushy easy closed ok
- Sep 27 '11 fra>eng film à deux balles twopence ha'penny/two and half cent/shoestring film easy closed no
- Jul 21 '11 eng>fra Diplomatic flourishes ouvertures/gestes/moulinets diplomatiques easy just_closed no
4 Jul 9 '11 esl>eng formada por a professional team of travel experts runs the agency easy closed ok
- May 18 '11 fra>eng être mis là comme un con treated like a cxxt easy closed ok
- Apr 18 '11 eng>eng high school play I can only speak for the UK easy closed no
- Mar 17 '11 esl>eng o sea 'orsey, 'orsey, 'orsey easy closed ok
- Dec 1 '10 eng>fra Long lost daughter fille perdue depuis longtemps easy open no
- Aug 1 '07 esl>eng exhalar miel por los poros puffing like a stean engine easy closed ok
- May 17 '07 esl>eng temporadas pasadas of all time easy closed ok
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