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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
NP Mar 1 eng>fra second-hand (lâcher des jurons) de deuxieme main pro open no
- Jan 17 esl>eng La Reparación La Reparación (don't translate) pro closed no
- Jan 14 eng>fra interbreeding endogamie pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '20 esl>eng en esa que no da desde lo que sobra, sino desde not in giving from one's surplus/left overs, but from pro closed no
- Oct 12 '20 deu>eng "Auf dass es immer so bleibt, wie es ist" And they all lived happily ever after pro closed ok
- Jul 4 '20 deu>eng Erden in den Bergen mountain moments pro closed no
- Jun 3 '20 fra>eng Pas un chat Not (even) a cat in sight pro closed no
- May 7 '20 fra>eng entre deux impressions d’immensité in between two stunning/magnificent/opulent impressions (of Mahler's second symphony) pro just_closed no
- Apr 21 '20 eng>eng To keep a stiff upper lip don't be a pansey/don't be a girl's blouse pro just_closed no
- Feb 26 '20 esl>eng en español clavo nail pro closed no
4 Nov 26 '19 fra>eng l’âge de nos artères We also adapt to our biological age/our body's age pro closed no
- Nov 26 '18 eng>fra curated artifacts objets conservés/préparés pro closed no
- Jun 6 '18 fra>eng Jacques Dutronc reword it pro closed ok
4 May 14 '18 eng>eng stepping out upon it living in accordance with it pro closed no
- Mar 20 '18 fra>eng dénoncent de l’intérieur from the inside/from within pro closed ok
- Mar 10 '18 eng>fra looking the part avoir la tête de l'emploi pro closed ok
4 Mar 5 '18 eng>fra pin-stripe express le vol VIP pro closed ok
- Jan 13 '18 esl>eng talibalismo zeal/fervo(u)r pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '17 fra>eng gouailleur effervescent/brash/volatile pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '17 esl>eng correrías ambushes pro closed no
- Jul 30 '17 eng>fra You’re a hell of a person to talk Mais toi, ça te va bien de parler! pro closed ok
4 Jun 19 '17 deu>eng Pfarrhof Presbytery/parish house/clergy house pro closed no
- Apr 12 '17 fra>eng il dépose l’armure qu’il a peut-être l'habitude de porter ailleurs he takes off the mask that he is probably used to wearing elsewhere pro closed no
- Feb 20 '17 eng>fra not least among them non des moindres, entre autres/parmi eux pro closed ok
- Feb 9 '17 eng>fra to get your fix assouvisser sa/votre dépendance pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '17 eng>fra talent shows concours de variétés/talent shows pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '16 esl>eng los agarraban con los dedos en la puerta their fingers got caught in the door pro closed no
4 Sep 23 '16 esl>eng el vía crucis empresarial corporate woes pro closed no
- Sep 2 '16 esl>eng un determinismo ciego que arrolle a sus protagonistas the characters being carried away with blind determinism pro closed no
- Aug 8 '16 eng>fra brains trust laboratoire d'idées / conseil d'experts pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '16 esl>eng provocador/es instigator/mover/champion/actor pro closed no
- Jun 29 '16 eng>fra self-infliction (dommages) auto-imposés pro just_closed no
- May 16 '16 eng>fra a devotional un dévotionnel pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '16 fra>eng Ils ont fait la Foire ! So long at the fair! pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '16 fra>eng Ils ont fait la Foire ! Fair play to them! pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '16 fra>eng Ils ont fait la Foire ! they faired well! pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '16 eng>eng as an important qualification an important explanation/further amplification pro closed ok
- Feb 14 '16 fra>eng frappée dans sa descendance bruised/ overwhelmed by grief at her loss pro closed ok
- Dec 18 '15 fra>eng n'avait que faire d'un mari bling-bling couldn't put up with/bear a bling-bling husband pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '15 fra>eng Le roi n'est pas ton cousin damn the King and give it a swing! pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '15 fra>eng Le roi n'est pas ton cousin give it a bloody swing, man dammit! pro closed ok
4 Oct 1 '15 eng>eng compounded aggravated/made worse/exacerbated pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '15 eng>eng get under way plotting/contemplating (in one's mind) pro open no
- Apr 3 '15 fra>eng Avec des si, on mettrait Paris en bouteille If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas pro closed ok
4 Apr 2 '15 esl>eng personalidad juridica y patrimonio propios with own legal personality and resources pro closed no
- Apr 2 '15 esl>eng "espíritu de almacenero" small horizons person pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '15 esl>eng "espíritu de almacenero" jobsworth mentality pro closed ok
- Feb 5 '15 eng>fra Eventually something has to give Enfin quelque chose deviendra irréversible pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '14 fra>eng Là où Attila passe, la concurrence trépasse Where Attila walks, competition hawks pro closed ok
4 Nov 17 '14 esl>eng no proclama autoría ni propiedad alguna does not claim either authorship or ownership pro closed ok
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