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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 6 '20 esl>eng documento de factura hora invoice document time easy open no
- May 3 '11 fra>eng CA Produit turnover per product easy closed ok
2 Mar 9 '11 fra>eng amortis amotis(z)ed/written down/accounted for easy closed ok
4 Apr 1 '08 esl>eng DOSCIENTOS DIECIES MIL CUATROCIENTOS PESOS two hundred and sixteen thousand four hundred Mexican pesos easy closed ok
- Feb 9 '08 fra>eng d├ęclaration commune des revenus des professions ind├ępendantes self-employed person's declaration of income easy closed ok
4 Jan 15 '08 deu>eng Bitte zahlen Sie diese Rechnung unter Angabe der Rechnungsnummer innerhalb von 3 Please pay this invoice within 3 (...) quoting the invoice number easy closed no
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