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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 4 fra>eng Mode de paiement à votre convenance Payment method at your convenience/of your choice easy closed ok
- Jan 11 '19 fra>eng gestion des avoirs operations/operational management easy closed ok
- Dec 21 '18 fra>eng sous-entendus diffamatoires defamatory innuendos easy closed ok
- Nov 28 '18 eng>fra with gratitude en vous remerciant easy closed no
- Oct 13 '18 eng>fra that powers the Company's brand. moteur de la marque sociale easy closed ok
4 Nov 18 '17 eng>fra Est. budget budget prévisionnel/estimé easy closed no
4 Sep 9 '17 eng>fra VAT Rates A, B, C Taux de TVA A, B, C easy closed no
- Jul 16 '17 eng>fra Offshore location juridiction offshore easy closed ok
- Jun 18 '17 deu>eng Aber es war doch gar keine Vorauszahlung geplan However, no advance payment was required/asked for easy closed no
- Jun 8 '17 fra>eng rédaction complète d'un marché full/complete drafting of a contract easy closed ok
4 Jan 30 '17 fra>eng conduire de façon exemplaire to steer (etc....) in an exemplary manner easy closed no
3 Jan 26 '17 eng>fra advantageously carried on favorable/propice de poursuivre/d'exercer easy closed ok
4 Dec 21 '16 eng>fra set up office se sont installé(e)s easy closed ok
4 Dec 14 '16 fra>eng ... peuvent y formuler des commentaires may comment/make comments thereon easy closed ok
4 Dec 13 '16 fra>eng Pouvoir du Power of signatory/signing authority easy closed ok
- Nov 3 '16 fra>eng points relais (parcel) collection and return point easy closed no
- Oct 16 '16 fra>eng commercial business orientated/businesslike easy closed no
4 Jul 31 '16 fra>eng RCS CAEN company registration number: RCS CAEN easy closed ok
- Jun 24 '16 fra>eng Comité Sécurité Décisionnel Decison-making Security Committee easy open no
- Feb 11 '16 eng>fra OM level assemblé ordinaire easy just_closed no
- Oct 15 '15 fra>eng Assistante chargée des Affaires Générales General Business Assistant easy closed ok
NP Apr 22 '15 esl>eng año de fundación year of incorporation easy open no
- Mar 4 '15 eng>fra all shift tout le quart de travail easy closed ok
- Jan 18 '15 eng>fra In order words autrement dit easy just_closed no
- Dec 3 '14 eng>fra conduct agissements easy closed no
4 Apr 23 '14 fra>eng Financièrement XX va bien XX is performing well, financially speaking easy closed no
4 Mar 20 '14 eng>fra from a third person d'un/a partir d'un tiers easy closed no
4 Feb 25 '14 fra>eng le commun entre nos consultants what our consultants have in common easy closed no
- Feb 5 '14 fra>eng forain outdoor trader easy closed ok
4 Jul 31 '12 fra>eng simple ou double enveloppe single or double envelope easy closed no
- Feb 4 '12 esl>eng levantamiento de un acta administrativa to take/issue/institute administrative proceedings easy closed ok
- Jan 28 '12 esl>eng Tasa General de Inmuebles (TGI) General tax on properties (muncipal tax levied to fund local services) easy closed no
- Jan 14 '12 esl>eng como me a mi con él about me and what I think about it easy just_closed no
2 Oct 3 '11 eng>fra Trust Agenda objectifs fiduciaires easy closed ok
- Aug 31 '11 eng>fra Bribe tentative de corruption easy closed ok
- Aug 31 '11 esl>eng el estado de la industria de software the state/stage/phase of software development easy closed no
3 Apr 14 '11 fra>eng pour vous accompagner dans ce développement to support you in this project/scheme easy closed ok
- Apr 14 '11 fra>eng Formations Métiers job skills training easy closed no
- Feb 26 '11 fra>eng CSTS Sociétés easy just_closed no
- Feb 3 '11 esl>eng se ha destacado como has emerged as easy closed ok
- Jan 31 '11 fra>eng relances commerciales follow-up contacts easy closed ok
2 Jan 12 '11 fra>eng Maintien de la relation commerciale siège maintaining business relatiinship with head office easy closed ok
- Jan 1 '11 fra>eng emploi occupé the employment concerned easy closed ok
- Dec 27 '10 fra>eng Cette société se constitue This company was incorporated/formed/established easy closed no
4 Dec 1 '10 fra>eng commerce de pied d'immeuble street level shopping outlet easy closed ok
- May 10 '08 fra>eng Informations au "compte goutte" drip-fed information easy open no
NP Apr 21 '08 esl>eng suplente del gerente general Deputy/Temporary General Manager easy open no
- Mar 8 '08 esl>eng quienes suscribimos, por medio de la presente hacemos constar que We write to inform you that... easy closed ok
- Jan 10 '08 fra>eng "jusitifier de son mandat" provide proof of his/her authority to act easy closed no
- Nov 22 '07 fra>eng barème de prix prices index easy closed no
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