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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 25 esl>eng Aparte de haber vivido en España más de dos años, ha estudiado español.... As well as having lived in Spain easy closed no
4 Dec 5 '20 fra>eng Inspecteur Principal de Classe Exceptionnelle Senior Principal Inspector easy closed no
4 Nov 11 '20 eng>eng explode out of control (see below) easy closed ok
4 Apr 11 '19 eng>eng retired wound-up or placed into liquidation easy closed no
4 Jul 31 '18 fra>eng faire certifier to be certified (by) easy closed no
- Apr 13 '18 esl>eng instituciones del sector bancario banking sector institutions easy closed no
- Nov 28 '17 eng>fra Director's transaction transaction/opération par un dirigeant easy open no
- Nov 15 '17 esl>eng paso a deudor (payment) default rate easy closed ok
4 Oct 25 '17 eng>fra sizeable property transaction transaction immobilière considérable/importante/majeure/substantielle easy closed ok
- Oct 22 '17 fra>eng absence de sens donné au vote imprecise vote easy closed ok
4 Mar 5 '17 fra>eng hors-jeu excluded easy closed ok
4 Aug 14 '16 eng>fra Side bets paris latéraux easy closed ok
4 Jul 18 '16 esl>eng capital creciente increasing capital easy closed no
- Jun 18 '16 fra>eng sous l'effet de l'explosion driven by the soar in easy closed no
4 May 20 '15 deu>eng Kreditausnutzung Use of the credit/loan/money loaned easy closed ok
4 Mar 31 '15 eng>fra russian purposes du point de vue russe easy closed ok
2 Nov 9 '14 eng>fra cash loss perte de trésorerie easy closed no
- Nov 8 '14 eng>fra business case analyse de rentabilité easy closed ok
- Aug 24 '14 fra>eng saluées le jour J.. on a given day easy open no
- Feb 2 '14 eng>fra haul tranche easy closed ok
4 Dec 6 '12 esl>eng ciertas y veraces true and accurate easy closed ok
- Oct 30 '12 eng>fra 100% ownership of shares souscripteur à l'intégralité des actions easy closed ok
4 May 30 '12 esl>eng Embargos de cuentas a la vista attachments of current accounts easy closed ok
4 Nov 9 '11 esl>eng resultante suscrito (contingent) paid-up contributions easy closed no
- Jul 26 '11 fra>eng le compte est mis a decouvert the account has gone into overdraft easy closed ok
3 Jul 6 '11 fra>eng soins d'usage Guide to Operating Your Account easy closed no
- Jun 26 '11 fra>eng Qu'on le sache donc. Let me/us inform you then easy closed no
4 Nov 17 '10 fra>eng dénoncé au remboursement terminated and made repayable in full easy closed ok
4 Aug 28 '10 fra>eng revue courant reviewed during easy closed ok
- Aug 24 '10 esl>eng cesion puntual prompt settlement/payment easy closed ok
- Apr 3 '07 fra>eng mis à la disposition du public published/issued to the public/released to the public/made available to the public easy closed ok
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