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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 16 eng>eng "nkew" or "N.Q." Thank you easy closed no
- Apr 1 '20 esl>eng la neta yeah, it sure is/it certainy is easy closed ok
3 Sep 26 '19 esl>eng de reglas quite normal/ordinary? easy closed no
4 Sep 7 '19 fra>eng cdt rgds easy closed no
- Sep 3 '19 fra>eng transparence (here) clarity easy closed ok
4 Aug 21 '19 fra>eng claqués lousy easy closed no
- May 30 '19 fra>eng Impressionnant really awesome/really great easy closed ok
- Dec 3 '18 eng>fra A company expanding its roots une société qui accroît sa présence / élargie sa portée easy open no
4 Oct 19 '18 fra>eng demande d'affiliation application for membership easy closed no
4 Oct 10 '18 esl>eng camilla prendi(d)a in a stranglehold easy closed no
- Oct 6 '18 fra>eng REMISE EN ÉTAT clean and tidy easy closed no
- Oct 3 '18 fra>eng Sensible à ta confiance réitérée. Avec toute mon amitié, Thank you for your assistance [new line] Kind regards easy closed ok
- Oct 3 '18 fra>eng En vous remerciant de votre confiance, et avec toute mon amitié. thanking you for your assistance, and with kind regards easy closed ok
- Aug 3 '18 deu>eng Wohlüberlegt [...] On consideration/when considered easy closed no
- Jul 31 '18 eng>fra We’ll get you there Nous vous amenons à bon port easy closed ok
4 Apr 26 '18 eng>eng twist start off Ok and then mess up easy closed ok
- Apr 25 '18 eng>eng Leading Force a leader in our industry easy closed no
- Apr 4 '18 eng>fra Last 30 days les trente jours qui viennent de s'écouler easy closed no
- Mar 7 '18 eng>fra "out of my saying" loin de mes yeux easy open no
- Feb 26 '18 esl>eng Salidas de uso habitual exits for normal use/standard exits easy just_closed no
4 Feb 1 '18 deu>eng in einer knalligen Farbe streichen paint [...] in a bright color easy closed no
- Dec 17 '17 eng>fra a handfull on regular days un enfant difficile dans la vie courante/au quotidien easy closed no
- Dec 12 '17 deu>eng seriöse versteht sich serious ones, that is/naturally easy closed no
- Oct 9 '17 eng>eng Roma woman who left her husband and returned to her parents Cry home to Momma/Mammy wife easy closed ok
4 Sep 22 '17 fra>eng vendre le premier to make your first sale easy closed no
4 Aug 26 '17 deu>eng Lagergasse Lagergasse easy closed no
- Aug 26 '17 fra>eng il en avait des heures de vol au compteur !! he wasn't getting any younger easy closed no
4 Jul 24 '17 fra>eng 3ème étage gauche par escalier on the left by the stairs on the 3rd floor easy closed ok
- Jun 25 '17 fra>eng il va penser he is going to reflect on easy closed no
4 Jun 20 '17 fra>eng avec exercice currently practising easy closed ok
- Jun 18 '17 deu>eng Klarschrift in legible writing/written legibly easy closed no
- Jun 10 '17 eng>eng the or each the linear carriage or each of them if there are more than one easy closed no
4 Jun 2 '17 fra>eng jouir pleinement to have full and peceful enjoynent of easy closed no
- May 27 '17 fra>eng on y relève quelques différences de détails a few differences in detail are to be seen/are visible/are apparent easy closed ok
- May 4 '17 fra>eng le climat social en entreprise the working atmosphere in the company easy closed ok
- May 1 '17 fra>eng les délégués du personnel staff delegates easy closed ok
- Apr 10 '17 eng>eng xxx Lake Both easy closed no
3 Feb 24 '17 esl>eng porque la causa lo requiere beacause the cause demands/requires it easy closed no
- Feb 12 '17 fra>eng tout ce que j'aime don't you love it? easy closed no
- Dec 12 '16 esl>eng ¡qué calor! isn't it hot! easy closed no
4 Nov 21 '16 fra>eng On en vient avec Well come back to you then with... easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '16 deu>eng So einfach geht‘s zu easy as pi easy closed ok
- Nov 9 '16 eng>eng optimistic contented easy closed no
4 Sep 28 '16 fra>eng parking en terre unpaved car park easy closed ok
4 Sep 28 '16 fra>eng en rang d'oignons lined up like soldiers easy closed ok
- Sep 17 '16 fra>eng on ne peut pas ne pas voir ces boutiques. you/one can't but see these boutiques easy closed ok
- Sep 16 '16 fra>eng un sac attaché attaché case/briefcase easy closed ok
- Aug 22 '16 deu>eng Heino tritt auf Heino the Schlagersänger's appearing easy closed no
- Aug 15 '16 eng>fra go through y procéder easy closed ok
- Aug 3 '16 fra>eng relatives à celui-ci relating to it easy closed ok
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