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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 4 fra>eng Après tout, on y était aussi bien qu’en face. After all, we were as good as face to face/opposite pro closed no
NP Mar 1 eng>fra second-hand (lâcher des jurons) de deuxieme main pro open no
4 Feb 9 fra>eng pas si fantastiques Suggestion for the whole phrase pro closed no
- Jan 14 eng>fra interbreeding endogamie pro closed ok
- Dec 29 '20 eng>fra you name it et bien d'autres encore pro closed no
- Dec 16 '20 esl>eng en esa que no da desde lo que sobra, sino desde not in giving from one's surplus/left overs, but from pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '20 fra>eng à l’encontre d’un membre d’une procédure collective commencement of court-ordered supervision proceedings or (...) against a member pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '20 eng>fra deck the halls Vivez l'esprit de Noël pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '20 deu>eng "Auf dass es immer so bleibt, wie es ist" And they all lived happily ever after pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '20 eng>fra "grass roots" collaborateurs pro closed ok
- Sep 29 '20 esl>eng nicharacheros and people love us pro closed ok
- Sep 9 '20 eng>fra perky chic pro closed no
- Sep 1 '20 eng>fra Clicking the heels of your red shoes together effectuer un rituel magique pro closed ok
4 Aug 28 '20 eng>fra Entertainment Act divertissement pro closed ok
- Aug 13 '20 fra>eng ancrage dans le sol (His) attitude and engagement still lack a firm grounding/foundation pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '20 fra>eng mais une exigence ou un combat. but (for) a need or a cause pro closed no
- May 14 '20 esl>eng empresas salvadoras rescuers pro closed ok
- May 7 '20 fra>eng entre deux impressions d’immensité in between two stunning/magnificent/opulent impressions (of Mahler's second symphony) pro just_closed no
- Apr 21 '20 eng>eng To keep a stiff upper lip don't be a pansey/don't be a girl's blouse pro just_closed no
- Mar 15 '20 esl>eng vecino de (registered) place of origin pro closed no
- Jan 28 '20 deu>eng Jetzt raus mit der Ölheizung Out with oil heating pro closed no
NP Dec 9 '19 fra>eng déjeuner de calage brow-beating/head-banging lunch pro just_closed no
4 Nov 26 '19 fra>eng l’âge de nos artères We also adapt to our biological age/our body's age pro closed no
4 Nov 17 '19 fra>eng frais de bouche food and drink/meal expenses pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 ltz>eng Wann nëmmen gestoppt der lächerlech wieren et. It would be safe if only it would stop pro open no
4 Jul 7 '19 ltz>eng Knäppchen (you need to stop pressing) buttons pro closed no
- May 8 '19 eng>eng my own subjective sense my intuition/instant opinion pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '19 eng>eng with some of our dearly departed with some of our relatives or friends that have died pro closed no
2 Oct 25 '18 eng>fra coach a case study encadrer/piloter/diriger une étude de cas pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '18 eng>eng Children's nickname for dentists the tooth man pro closed no
- Aug 13 '18 eng>fra I'm a lady who lunches Moi je suis une femme qui ne s'adonne qu'aux loisirs/petits plaisirs de la vie pro closed no
- Aug 7 '18 fra>eng Avoir un tempérament commercial have a business attitude/mindset pro closed no
3 Jul 8 '18 deu>eng nicht einmal mit Wohlwollen als Halbwahrheiten durchgehen some of which cannot even be described as half true pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '18 esl>eng P.C.V. poder de compraventa = power of attorney for purchase and sale pro just_closed no
- Jun 3 '18 fra>eng yakafokon minimalist/minimalism pro closed no
- Jun 3 '18 fra>eng yakafokon dumming down pro closed no
- May 28 '18 eng>fra too much of a good thing pire que mieux pro closed no
- May 21 '18 eng>fra bridging pontage/établissement d'une passarelle pro open no
4 May 21 '18 fra>eng du garantie au locataire pour The tenant/lessee is indemnified against all defects pro closed ok
- May 6 '18 fra>eng se lance dans l'aventure break new ground/spearhead/innovate pro closed no
- Apr 4 '18 esl>eng convocará (in this context) that will endure into/until adulthood pro closed ok
- Mar 20 '18 fra>eng dénoncent de l’intérieur from the inside/from within pro closed ok
4 Mar 5 '18 eng>fra pin-stripe express le vol VIP pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '18 eng>eng abandoned machines and motors (in 1922) cars and engines pro closed no
- Feb 16 '18 esl>eng Ponte guapo best bib and tucker pro closed no
4 Feb 15 '18 eng>fra ivory blankets chouchouté pro closed no
- Feb 17 '18 fra>eng Mannuttes fitters/assemblers/riggers pro closed no
- Feb 12 '18 eng>fra check the box faire l'affaire/avoir le profil pro closed no
- Feb 7 '18 eng>eng West coast cruising croisière du côte occidentale pro closed ok
- Jan 25 '18 eng>fra to consider work experiences (disponible pour) étudier/considérer des offres d'emploi/des stages pro closed ok
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