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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 8 '20 esl>eng AMPAS (asociaciones de madres y padres de alumnos) AMPAS (asociaciones de madres y padres de alumnos) (Parents' Association) easy closed no
- Oct 21 '16 fra>eng Rôle mobilisateur role as an activist/activist role easy just_closed no
- Jan 13 '15 esl>eng Dependencia: presidencia municipal Unit: City Hall easy open no
4 Apr 9 '13 esl>eng Madrugonazo dead-of-night decision easy closed ok
- Nov 18 '12 esl>eng bien público public need/benefit/necessity easy closed ok
- Feb 6 '12 eng>fra Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways) Ministre des Transports routiers et des Routes easy closed ok
- Dec 11 '11 fra>eng en retour lead to/result in easy closed ok
- Jul 21 '11 eng>fra Diplomatic flourishes ouvertures/gestes/moulinets diplomatiques easy just_closed no
- Sep 24 '10 esl>eng Todo por la Patria All in the service of the motherland easy closed ok
- Dec 1 '07 fra>eng On touche aux limites (de la méthode du président-multi-ministre) We're reaching the limits with this President-cum-Minister of Just About Everything easy closed no
4 Aug 10 '07 fra>eng Chevalier Knight of the Legion of Honour easy closed no
- May 31 '07 fra>eng personnels non élus unelected officials easy closed ok
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