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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 13 '16 eng>fra holistic journey of displacement voyage holistique de déplacement easy closed ok
- Nov 14 '14 esl>eng ruta de atención Sensitsation (EUR)/sensitization (USA)/awareness easy closed no
- Nov 14 '14 esl>eng unidos por una niñez protegida United in the protection of children/of the child easy closed ok
- Jul 22 '14 esl>eng avances apoyados supported/popular/agreed actions easy open no
- Jan 11 '14 esl>eng que inciden en who advocate on behalf of easy closed ok
- Jan 28 '08 eng>fra Calling the meeting appel d'ouverture (de la réunion/assemblée) easy closed ok
3 Jan 8 '08 eng>fra very liquid banking system système bancaire bien/très liquide easy closed ok
- Jan 8 '08 eng>fra life wire fil sous tension easy closed no
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