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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 16 eng>eng "nkew" or "N.Q." Thank you easy closed no
4 Nov 11 '20 eng>eng explode out of control (see below) easy closed ok
4 May 22 '20 eng>eng take the biscuit is the most remarkable/objectionable thing/incidence etc. easy closed no
4 Apr 11 '19 eng>eng retired wound-up or placed into liquidation easy closed no
1 Mar 6 '19 eng>eng Job Number a unique reference number given to each job easy closed no
- Jun 21 '18 eng>eng its Neither easy closed no
4 Apr 26 '18 eng>eng twist start off Ok and then mess up easy closed ok
- Apr 25 '18 eng>eng Leading Force a leader in our industry easy closed no
- Oct 9 '17 eng>eng Roma woman who left her husband and returned to her parents Cry home to Momma/Mammy wife easy closed ok
- Jul 7 '17 eng>eng faces faces easy closed no
- Jun 10 '17 eng>eng the or each the linear carriage or each of them if there are more than one easy closed no
- Apr 10 '17 eng>eng xxx Lake Both easy closed no
- Nov 9 '16 eng>eng optimistic contented easy closed no
- May 30 '16 eng>eng tarara goodbye easy closed ok
3 Mar 6 '16 eng>eng the making of orders the process under which the Court makes/hands down an order/judgment/decision easy closed ok
- Jun 1 '15 eng>eng mashed as a monkey high on drugs easy closed no
- Feb 18 '15 eng>eng hang out to associate with/to be friends with/to get to know easy closed ok
- Oct 30 '14 eng>eng to the doctor's / to the cleaner's...? it is usual to omit the apostrophe in the written form easy closed ok
4 Apr 26 '13 eng>eng glory dead the ways of glory being dead/having died easy closed no
- Feb 28 '12 eng>eng payment terms can mean simply time or a combinatiuon of all stipulations easy closed no
- Jan 3 '12 eng>eng think about how does she consider her parents? easy closed ok
- Jul 28 '11 eng>eng whichever is later whichever is the latter easy closed ok
- Apr 18 '11 eng>eng high school play I can only speak for the UK easy closed no
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