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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 6 eng>eng relating to understanding and appreciating them pro closed no
4 Sep 13 '20 eng>eng contract chipmaker manufacturer of (semiconductor) chips under contract pro closed no
- Sep 2 '20 eng>eng cut off seal affixed seal that has been (partly) cut pro closed no
- Aug 24 '20 eng>eng lowering the downside improving the chances of success pro closed no
- Apr 21 '20 eng>eng To keep a stiff upper lip don't be a pansey/don't be a girl's blouse pro just_closed no
- Jan 12 '20 eng>eng place a Measure on the ballot to put Measure A to the vote pro closed no
- Oct 16 '19 eng>eng the determination vs the termination determination is perfectly correct pro open no
- Oct 14 '19 eng>eng Country vs State It all depends on the context pro closed no
- May 8 '19 eng>eng my own subjective sense my intuition/instant opinion pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '19 eng>eng with some of our dearly departed with some of our relatives or friends that have died pro closed no
4 Apr 11 '19 eng>eng within this pro closed no
- Apr 10 '19 eng>eng inseparable improvements improvements that are inseprarable from the structure pro closed no
- Mar 6 '19 eng>eng Expedite proceed pro closed no
- Feb 13 '19 eng>eng make out allegations proven pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '18 eng>eng Children's nickname for dentists the tooth man pro closed no
4 Jun 12 '18 eng>eng the balance then owing the final and last payment due pro closed no
4 May 14 '18 eng>eng stepping out upon it living in accordance with it pro closed no
- Mar 2 '18 eng>eng abandoned machines and motors (in 1922) cars and engines pro closed no
- Feb 7 '18 eng>eng West coast cruising croisière du côte occidentale pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '17 eng>eng Good performance completion (bond) pro closed ok
4 Jul 5 '17 eng>eng address/domicile both are used depending entirely on the precise intended meaning pro closed no
- Jun 24 '17 eng>eng Mass products mass produced products pro just_closed no
- Apr 26 '17 eng>eng waiver authorities precedents regarding waiver pro closed ok
4 Apr 16 '17 eng>eng bolt-ons additional phone, text and data plans that can be added to a telecomms deal pro closed ok
- Mar 29 '17 eng>eng driven from the top down managed from the highest level of expertise and authority and passed down the organisation pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '17 eng>eng Unwinding a company commencing/launching/incorporqting pro closed ok
- Mar 13 '17 eng>eng best forum programs best forum systems/arrangements pro closed no
4 Feb 25 '17 eng>eng between your business’s flourishing in five years difference between flourishing in 5 years and not existing at all pro closed no
- Nov 27 '16 eng>eng there would be a goldfish‑bowl effect the gym would be highly visible and new members would flock to it pro closed no
- Nov 2 '16 eng>eng real estate contracts [most comprehensive term possible wanted] real estate (US) property (UK etc) contractual documentation pro closed ok
- Oct 26 '16 eng>eng p/h public hearing/private hearing pro closed ok
4 Sep 13 '16 eng>eng settle the accounts leave nothing outstanding between them pro closed ok
4 Sep 12 '16 eng>eng graphical chart Often referred to as a "graphical charter"; see below pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 '16 eng>eng Charlie’s DBM = any typical customer pro closed no
4 Aug 25 '16 eng>eng person entrusted with custody custodian/responsible adult/legal guardian pro closed no
4 Jul 12 '16 eng>eng networks see suggestion below pro closed no
- Jul 10 '16 eng>eng it would fly as it was, or not it would work out as planned, or otherwise fail pro closed ok
- Jun 9 '16 eng>eng VP Vice-President pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '16 eng>eng Immediate Issue Letter a letter giving notice that proceedings are to be issued immediately pro closed no
- Mar 2 '16 eng>eng as an important qualification an important explanation/further amplification pro closed ok
- Feb 24 '16 eng>eng heart-aching tedious/annoying/repetitive pro closed no
- Dec 21 '15 eng>eng NAP Notice of application for probate pro open no
- Dec 21 '15 eng>eng gas re Home gas not supplied to your home pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '15 eng>eng Guestography the whole discipline.... pro just_closed no
4 Nov 19 '15 eng>eng some words in a video explanation pro closed no
4 Oct 1 '15 eng>eng compounded aggravated/made worse/exacerbated pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '15 eng>eng get under way plotting/contemplating (in one's mind) pro open no
4 Aug 7 '15 eng>eng Gospel Assurance Assurance by the Gospels of what is true/right pro closed no
4 Aug 5 '15 eng>eng recover for any claim no court proceedings for any claim in connection with this contract pro closed no
4 Apr 23 '15 eng>eng without liability to you without any duty to compensate you in any way pro closed ok
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