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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 7 '20 esl>eng relación de encuentro a closer, more loving relationship pro closed no
- Jan 25 '20 esl>eng suelo de acogida a place where resettlers/(migrants) are welcome pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '19 eng>esl mar de fondo deep/hidden undercurrent pro closed ok
4 Nov 8 '19 esl>eng futurible futurable pro closed no
- Oct 8 '19 esl>eng incidencia (in this context) impact pro closed ok
- Sep 28 '19 esl>eng desnaturalizar (1) revamping; (2) denaturing: (3) transforming pro just_closed no
- Sep 27 '19 esl>eng un decisor de iniciativas decisions regarding initiatives pro closed ok
4 Sep 27 '19 esl>eng forma parte de ella y reconoce que condiciona sus decisiones is part of this totality, recognizing that it shapes the ultimate decisions that a are taken. pro closed ok
4 Jul 27 '19 esl>eng la esterilización higiénica eugenic sterilization pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '19 esl>eng pacientes residuales [It houses/gives shelter to] the remnants[--mainly patients who are ...] pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '19 esl>eng ladeados [the] lopsided pro closed no
- Jun 4 '19 esl>eng valoración interna/externa selfcensorship/ external censorship pro closed ok
4 Jan 11 '19 esl>eng parece que salieron los dos del pueblo respecto a __________________ seems like they just fell off the turnip truck/are still wet behind the ears when it comes to ___ easy closed no
- Jan 3 '19 esl>eng recorrido perspectives pro closed ok
4 Dec 11 '18 por>eng desdobramento da pesquisa follows on/is a further expansion of research pro closed ok
- Nov 8 '18 esl>eng "Nuestro espacio bajo el sol" "Our place under the sun" pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '18 esl>eng taza de baño color rosa (rüstico) toilet (rustic style), pink bowl pro closed ok
- Jul 19 '18 esl>eng unión relationship/partnership with a significant other / pro closed ok
- May 27 '18 esl>eng Centralitario, centralitaria centrist pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '18 esl>eng normalización de la violencia de género normalization of gender violence pro closed no
4 Jan 7 '18 por>eng Índice de Retorno ao Bem Estar da Sociedade IRBES Index of Social Well-being Return pro closed no
4 Dec 16 '17 por>eng para equacionar vetos decorrentes de custos concentrados balance out/offset/counter the vetoes based on heavy political pressure pro closed no
- Nov 12 '17 esl>eng asambleísmo routine assembly nature pro just_closed no
- Nov 3 '17 esl>eng Y da derecho a todo It entitles you to everything pro closed no
- Oct 14 '17 esl>eng uniformizar treat all the ... the same pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '17 esl>eng de índole valorativa value-based [strategies and elements] pro closed ok
4 Sep 12 '17 esl>eng base materialista materialistically motivated pro closed ok
4 Aug 10 '17 por>eng para a coleção dos bens empregados na produção doméstica for collection of the goods used in domestic production pro closed no
4 Jul 27 '17 esl>eng imponer ningún sistema de desarrollo de un país a otro which does not mean imposing (any) one country's development system on another pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '17 esl>eng expresar mi apreciación personal my opinion is pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '17 esl>eng transitar stem from pro closed ok
- Apr 25 '17 esl>eng relaciones de politicidad relationships based on citizen engagement pro closed no
4 Apr 10 '17 por>eng no limite ultimately/in the final analysis pro closed no
4 Feb 20 '17 por>eng vinculações distendidas e flexíveis flexible and far-reaching bonds pro closed no
- Jan 20 '17 esl>eng plebeyismo plebianism pro closed ok
4 Nov 15 '16 esl>eng parejas afectivas partners in an intimate/exclusive/long-term relationship pro closed no
- Nov 13 '16 por>eng são desigualmente prováveis e permitidas may or may not be either demonstrable/likely or allowed pro closed ok
4 Nov 13 '16 por>eng Argumenta-se que a Ciência Política brasileira autonomiza-se It is argued that Brazilian political science is developing its own identity pro closed no
- Jan 29 '16 esl>eng Presidium [fellow members of the] Council/Board of Directors pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '16 esl>eng dignificación [toward(s) confirming the dignity pro closed no
4 Jan 11 '16 por>eng e também de seu duplo na conformação do Estado and also its dual role in configuration of the State pro closed no
- Aug 28 '15 esl>eng paracaidista would-be expert pro just_closed no
4 Aug 1 '15 esl>eng se me hace tosquita she looks a little on the heavy side to me pro closed ok
4 May 4 '15 por>eng onde o aparato repressivo mortífero é funcional à letalidade where the repressive State system supports the killing of ... pro closed no
4 May 3 '15 por>eng sujeição criminal criminal subjection pro closed no
- Apr 24 '15 esl>eng "traer un mundo a la mano" proposes a whole world pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '15 por>eng Sua desqualificação política writing off the political dimension pro closed no
4 Apr 12 '15 por>eng por desacatarem o beneplácito régio do Imperador for not accepting the royal blessing of the Emperor pro closed no
4 Apr 12 '15 por>eng da cultura jurídica e policial mais antiga referia à escravidão of an older/outdated judicial and policing culture that dates back to slavery pro closed no
4 Apr 12 '15 por>eng científica science-based policing pro closed no
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