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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 22 ara>eng استعمال محرر مزور بسوء قصد utilizing a forged document with bad faith/ malevolently pro closed no
4 Oct 20 ara>eng يبادر إلى رد الشيء المعهود إليه حراسته shall return the property entrusted thereto pro closed no
- Oct 18 ara>eng معرفين references pro closed no
- Oct 15 ara>eng مراعاة للآداب أو لحرمة الأسرة in observance of marals or the family inviolability pro closed no
4 Oct 13 ara>eng السهو العرضي oversight pro closed no
- Oct 13 ara>eng ناعيًا laments pro just_closed no
- Oct 13 ara>eng ادراك whereas both states perceive the importance pro closed no
- Oct 12 ara>eng الحق العام public right pro closed ok
- Oct 6 ara>eng اسوة similar to pro closed no
- Sep 28 ara>eng كنفني برعايته looked after me pro closed ok
- Sep 28 ara>eng وفاءً لذكرى in commemoration of pro closed ok
4 Sep 27 ara>eng حفظا على سلامتكم واطمئنانا على صحتكم in order to protect your safety and check out your health pro closed no
- Sep 27 ara>eng spec rate السعر حسب المواصفات pro closed ok
- Sep 27 ara>eng منظومتها group pro closed no
- Sep 17 ara>eng بالقدر المقرر حجزه قانونا at the amount stipulated by law pro closed ok
- Sep 17 ara>eng اختام الجهات المنسوب لها الاختام the seals blocks of the entities to which such seals are attributed pro closed no
- Sep 15 ara>eng الحد الأدنى من التوافق minimum limit of agreement pro closed no
4 Sep 11 ara>eng توريق الاصول asset securitization pro closed no
4 Aug 31 ara>eng مواد موردة للعقد materials procured subject to the contract pro closed no
- Aug 25 ara>eng سندا لعدالتكم a legal instrument for Your Honor pro closed no
- Aug 24 ara>eng شاة له a sheep he used to own pro closed no
- Aug 12 ara>eng بعد أن after he had pro closed no
- Aug 10 ara>eng حال كونها باكر if she is virgin pro closed ok
- Aug 7 ara>eng مدى كافية عناصر المطابقة The ministry has the right to determine the efficiency of the conformity elements pro closed no
- Aug 7 ara>eng يقدم ما يفيد حصوله shall provide proofs/ evidence of obtaining pro closed no
4 Aug 4 ara>eng المشكلة ب formed by pro closed no
- Aug 3 ara>eng عمل عقدة تؤدي الى تهتك الأنسجة it necessitates making a node that leads to tissue laceration pro closed ok
- Aug 3 ara>eng على الا provided that pro closed no
4 Aug 1 ara>eng مع مراعاة حق من له التقدم من الدائنين المرتهنين، considering the right of the pledgees who may apply pro closed ok
- Jul 31 ara>eng احتساب مقابل خدمات charging the service pro closed no
4 Jul 31 ara>eng الغير does not hold pro closed no
- Jul 29 ara>eng تم سحب a sample shall be/ is to be taken/ collected pro closed no
- Jul 29 ara>eng الإتزام complying with the following pro closed no
- Jul 28 ara>eng يتم Adding the country of origin rules shall be applied pro closed no
4 Jul 28 ara>eng يجبر الكسر fraction shall be rounded-up pro closed ok
4 Jul 27 ara>eng سبق للجنة إعتمادها فيما previously approved by the committee as regards pro closed no
- Jul 22 ara>eng سرد الموارد المتاحة Resources available at the association and including.... shall be stated pro closed no
- Jul 15 ara>eng الرئيس القاضي president judge pro closed no
- Jun 28 ara>eng نسبة قبوله للتعليم the education acceptance rate thereof pro closed ok
- Jun 15 ara>eng برأ ذمته acquitted pro closed ok
- Jun 7 ara>eng اجراء الذرعة shall carry out measurement pro open no
- Jun 1 ara>eng مصنفات الفقهاء scholars' literature pro closed no
- Mar 27 ara>eng تصريح غير مشروط unconditional permit pro closed ok
- Mar 22 ara>eng coil mass كتلة وشيعة pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 ara>eng انهاء ما له وما عليه settling the rights and the obligations thereof pro closed no
- Mar 10 ara>eng الاكتفاء بالمدة settle for the term of imprisonment he passed pro closed ok
- Mar 10 ara>eng التكوين FORMATIVE TRAINING/ Vocational formation pro closed no
- Mar 9 ara>eng ممارسة مضايقات practicing harassment pro closed ok
- Mar 9 ara>eng اضافه لوظيفته وكلاءه المحامون represented, in addition to the capacity thereof as a plaintiff, by the attorneys. pro just_closed no
4 Mar 1 ara>eng كريستال دوان كاثر Crystal D. Cather pro closed no
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