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- Sep 22 ara>eng قضاء محكمة التمييز judicature of the court of cassation pro open no
- Aug 26 eng>ara Total liability in contract, delict... المسئولية الكاملة عن خرق العقد، أو عن ارتكاب الجنح أو الأفعال الضارة pro closed no
4 Aug 7 ita>eng riconoscono come espressione della loro stessa volontà contrattuale that they acknowledge as an expression of their contractual will pro closed ok
- Aug 6 ita>eng il soggetto nell'interesse del quale si intende operare the individual for whom same intends to work pro closed ok
- Jul 2 ara>eng Post transaction narration شرح إجراءات ما بعد المعاملة easy closed no
- Jul 2 eng>ara GR استلام البضائع easy closed no
4 Jun 16 ara>eng س. 1ق. أ judicial year 1 commercial appeal pro closed no
- Jun 15 ita>eng decisione in via di circolazione decision by circulation pro closed no
- May 20 ita>eng organi di giurisdizione speciale special jurisdiction bodies pro closed ok
- May 9 eng>ara The reimbursement account plan خطة حساب التعويضات pro open no
- May 7 eng>ara ACKNOWLEDGED AND UNDERSTOOD AS IT APPLIES TO ME مقر به ومفهوم باعتباره ينطبق علي pro closed no
4 Apr 1 ara>eng فسخ قضائي judicial rescission pro closed ok
- Mar 28 ara>eng عن درجتي التقاضي degrees of judicial hearing pro closed no
4 Mar 19 eng>ita Credit Action Form scheda dell'azione del credito pro closed no
- Mar 13 eng>ita Non merchandise goods merci di servizio pro closed ok
4 Feb 11 ara>eng تم عقد تصادق كل من a marriage validation contract was concluded between the following: pro closed no
4 Feb 11 ara>eng دفتر شرعي Lawful book pro closed no
4 Jan 21 eng>ara km-in and km-out كيلو متر داخل وكيلو متر خارج pro closed no
- Jan 21 eng>ita Proprietary legend legenda proprietaria pro closed no
4 Jan 21 eng>ara the business or custom of a Restricted Customer الأعمال التجارية أو الجمارك الخاصة بعميل مقيد pro closed no
- Jan 17 eng>ara as they in their absolute discretion على النحو الذي قد يرونه ملائمًا وفقًا لتقديرهم الحصري pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '18 eng>ara drawing a consolidated salary يحصل على راتب مجمع بمبلغ pro closed no
4 Nov 27 '18 ara>eng يكون للود طريقة لحله shall be settled amicably pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '18 ara>eng قرين اسم كل طرف against the name of each party pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '18 ara>eng دفعا للضرر warding off harm pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '18 ara>eng بأن يراعي في مباشرته لأوجه نشاطه بالعين المؤجرة upon carrying out the activities thereof in the leased property shall comply with pro closed ok
- Nov 24 '18 eng>ara confidentiality and non-disclosure undertakings of this Agreement تعهدات السرية وعدم الإفشاء المنصوص عليها في هذه الاتفاقية pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '18 ara>eng escaped/missing from our accommodation هربوا/ تغيبوا من مسكن الشركة pro closed no
- Nov 18 '18 ara>eng أخر إشعار بدون صوائر revenues pro open no
- Nov 15 '18 ara>eng اقتناع أو نتازل Consent or waiving pro closed no
4 Nov 11 '18 eng>ara Hence, in specific relevance to وبالتالي، فالأمر يتعلق على وجه الخصوص بـ pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '18 eng>ara raw real estate ownership ملكية غير كاملة pro just_closed no
4 Nov 11 '18 eng>ara which provisions we deem applicable التي نعتبر أن نصوصها واجبة التطبيق pro closed no
- Nov 2 '18 ara>ita الطعن بالتزوير Querela di falso easy closed no
4 Oct 25 '18 eng>ara TAX GROSS-UP INDEMNITIES AND INCREASED COSTS تعويضات الاقتطاعات الضريبية الإلزامية وزيادة التكاليف pro closed ok
4 Oct 24 '18 ita>eng computati in diminuzione offset against pro closed no
- Oct 23 '18 ita>eng Credito da Finanziamento Soci credits generated from shareholders financing pro closed no
- Oct 20 '18 ita>eng attività di agente con particolare specifically business agent pro open no
4 Oct 20 '18 ara>eng لرفعها سلوك طريق الدعوى الموضوعية considering that resorting to substantive claim or.... is not sufficient to remove damages pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '18 ara>eng للوقوف على ثبوته مستوجبا إتخاذ إجراءا عاجلا يصون به to verify same and obliges the hotel to adopt an urgent action to keep the right thereof pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '18 ara>eng الذي يجد مصدره based upon pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '18 ara>eng طي عريضة الأمر الوقتي attached to the temporary order petition pro closed no
- Oct 18 '18 eng>ara exercising a right or remedy provided by this Agreement ممارسة حق أو اتخاذ تدابير بمقضى هذه الاتفاقية pro closed no
4 Oct 15 '18 eng>ara in a trustee on trust for the persons entitled to يعهد إلى أي وصي يثق به الأشخاص الذين يحق لهم الحصول pro closed ok
4 Oct 16 '18 ita>eng ricorribilità alla mediazione recourse to mediation pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '18 eng>ara to pass any right to the dividend تمرير أي حق لتوزيعات الأرباح pro just_closed no
- Oct 15 '18 eng>ara may appropriate to the profits أن يخصصوا للأرباح pro closed ok
4 Sep 19 '18 ara>eng شريطة أن تكون بحالتها الجديدة ولم يتم تعويض الطرف الثاني عنها on the condition that same shall be new and second party shall be compensated thereagainst easy closed no
2 Sep 17 '18 eng>ara onboarding الإلحاق بالعمل pro closed no
- Sep 12 '18 eng>ara Power of Attorney to manage توكيل لإدارة عقار، وتأجيره، ورهنه، وبيعه، ونقله، ورهنه ، وكافة التصرفات الخاصة به pro closed ok
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