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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jun 9 '20 fra>eng "brûlot subversif" the film... is a subversive, blistering attack on ... pro closed ok
- Jan 24 '18 por>eng Tira daí a raquete You can think again. pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '17 por>eng A formiga tem catarro Teach your granny to suck eggs, would you? pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '16 por>eng Os comboios só passam uma vez. Make hay while the sun shines. pro closed ok
- Aug 31 '15 por>eng fossa the tears of a clown... pro closed no
- Apr 29 '15 por>eng piranha Rottweiler pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '15 por>eng mania das grandezas [She's just giving herself] airs and graces pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '15 por>eng Pulas White trash [putting on airs and graces] pro closed no
- Jan 26 '15 por>eng Recibos Verdes I've been working off the books. pro just_closed no
- Jan 26 '15 por>eng Marosca I knew I could smell a rat pro closed ok
- Jan 20 '15 por>eng Já começamos Not again! pro closed no
- Dec 10 '14 esl>eng Premio feto del oro del jurado Golden Goblin Jury Prize pro closed ok
- Oct 17 '13 fra>eng Magnum Channel your inner Magnum P.I. easy closed ok
- Aug 26 '13 fra>eng coin d'air a secluded spot pro closed ok
- Sep 9 '12 fra>eng le film débute par une filature the movie opens with someone being tailed pro closed ok
- Jul 31 '12 esl>eng Plano Photoshop Photoshop scene pro closed no
- Mar 21 '12 esl>eng programas con técnicas “urgentes” de puesta en escena fly-on-the wall (documentary) techniques pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '12 esl>eng Escaleta literaria Step Outline/Beat Sheet pro closed ok
- Feb 11 '12 fra>eng Un spectacle visuel cousu et dansé An enchanting show featuring dressmaking, design and dance. pro closed no
- Dec 23 '11 esl>eng maricón fairy/pansy/queer/nancy boy pro closed ok
4 Jul 12 '11 por>eng ...o que rodeava essa mulher foi se apagando... ..what surrounded this woman was slowly erased/slowly faded away pro closed ok
- Jul 12 '11 por>eng Ela deveria ter um ou mais títulos dos livros que... She must have written one or more of those books that pro closed ok
4 Jul 11 '11 por>eng Passa meses experimentando o silêncio e a respiração da plateia... Spends months experiencing/testing the hushed breath of the audience. pro closed ok
- Feb 17 '11 esl>eng una mujer de tertulia socialite and siren pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '10 esl>eng problematizar calls into question pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '10 esl>eng Planos generales. Shots pro closed no
- May 12 '08 eng>fra Hang five! Courage! Ne cédez pas! pro closed no
- Mar 24 '08 eng>esl Just corpses don't know enough to lie down Sólo hay muertos que siguen andando pro closed ok
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