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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Apr 11 '11 jpn>eng 商法上の整理開始 Commencement of Company Arrangement (Reorganization of company) under Commercial Code pro closed no
- Mar 14 '11 eng>eng Conclude reach agreement on vs. become party to (a contract) pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '11 jpn>eng 自ら行使しなければならない。 ....shall be exercised on one's own initiative pro open no
4 Dec 9 '10 fra>eng Préambule Preamble pro closed no
- Dec 1 '10 jpn>eng 甲の信頼の元 based on reliance upon Party A pro closed no
- Nov 7 '10 jpn>eng <協議事項> 本契約に定めのない事項については、本契約の主旨に従い、甲及び乙の協議の上決するものとする。 (Subject of discussion) or (Topic of Discussion) In the event that a matter arises that is not provi pro closed ok
2 Oct 13 '10 ita>eng nota marginale marginal notes pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '10 jpn>eng 対象事象の存する限り As long as the matters concerned exist... pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '10 jpn>eng 斡旋販売 conduct sales on behalf of pro closed ok
- May 20 '10 jpn>eng 東京地方裁判所をもって第一審の専属的合意管轄裁判所 The Tokyo District Court shall serve as the court with exclusive jurisdiction over this first trial pro closed no
- May 12 '10 jpn>eng 社会運動標ぼうゴロ extortionist gangsters/racketeering gangsters intruding in civil matters pro just_closed no
- May 3 '10 eng>jpn Facility 施設 pro closed no
- Dec 13 '09 eng>jpn Sellers/Seller 売却者  pro closed no
- Nov 24 '09 jpn>eng 対応責任者 <-> 対応担当者 administrators <-> overseers pro open no
4 Nov 21 '09 eng>jpn transfer, assign 譲渡 (to cover both words) pro closed no
4 Oct 30 '09 jpn>eng ゲツタ能を有するケイ酸ガラス silicic acid glass with getter properties / having getter properties pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '09 jpn>eng 出張検査及び持込検査 Two choices: We travel-to-location for item inspection or client brings item in for inspection pro closed no
4 Mar 1 '09 jpn>eng 逐次報告 successive reports/successive reporting pro closed ok
4 Feb 27 '07 jpn>eng 甲の責に帰すべき場合を除き excluding cases in which damages/liabilities are attributable to negligence by the first party pro closed ok
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