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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Sep 22 '19 eng>eng all by himself with no backers easy closed ok
- May 28 '19 fra>eng il y a un litre de vin sur le caveau. there's a ton of wine in play here easy closed no
- Jan 29 '19 eng>eng round robins chats that circulate among groups of friends easy closed no
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 Dec 14 '18 eng>eng not like he’s not counting he knows exactly how long easy closed no
- Dec 12 '18 fra>eng Pour tout bonjour, For starters/As a kick-off easy closed no
4 Nov 11 '18 eng>esl Capital City congregation la congregación de Capital City easy closed no
4 Nov 11 '18 eng>esl the Lord’s work la obra del Señor easy closed no
4 Oct 7 '18 eng>fra Hue teinte easy closed no
4 Aug 6 '18 fra>eng pourras will never easy closed no
- Aug 6 '18 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Aug 6 '18 fra>eng crever to death/to the end easy closed ok
- Sep 11 '17 eng>esl laughing his head off matándose de risa easy closed no
- Aug 24 '17 esl>eng Poco se aprende por cabeza ajena you have to get there yourself easy open no
- Jan 2 '17 eng>eng mind-bending incredible/amazing easy closed no
- Jul 25 '16 ron>eng Niciuna nici alta neither one or the other easy closed no
- Jan 29 '16 esl>esl pero quien está perfecto poner el signo de interrogación como lo tienes easy closed ok
- Jan 29 '16 esl>esl Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Apr 26 '15 esl>eng Lo que más rescato de The main thing/memory I draw from easy closed ok
4 Apr 14 '15 eng>eng have a gut understanding really know deep down easy closed no
- Mar 5 '15 fra>eng un sentiment de déclassement généralisé a broad/general feeling of having been demeaned easy open no
4 Nov 11 '14 deu>eng Es gilt, The goal/aim is easy closed ok
- Oct 11 '14 esl>eng Comprenderse mutuamente = understand between ourselves mutually see eye to eye easy closed ok
4 Sep 15 '14 ita>eng Attività espositiva has decided to start exhibiting his works/paintings easy closed no
- Jul 31 '14 esl>eng aceptación que ha ido creciendo hasta penetrar el X% de la poblacion a trend that has been on the increase/up to reach/include x% of bank account holders in xxx easy closed ok
- Jul 4 '14 fra>eng bien dans leur époque true followers of the current (fashion) trend easy closed ok
4 Apr 16 '14 eng>eng ring of calrity?help needed sounds as if it's ok but really isn't easy closed no
- Apr 16 '14 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed no
- Feb 6 '14 esl>eng estar ben AL LADO DE tu familia I hope you're well with your family at your side easy closed no
4 Sep 30 '13 ita>eng e non solo not only that easy closed ok
4 Jul 16 '13 eng>eng do it time and again time and again easy closed ok
- Jun 30 '13 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy open no
4 Jul 1 '13 lat>eng aditus non nisi sub persona infantis none may enter except as a little child easy closed ok
4 Feb 10 '13 eng>eng pisser, urinator wee-weer easy closed ok
- Dec 12 '12 eng>fra Sa Majesté des Mouches Lord of the Flies easy just_closed no
- Aug 23 '12 eng>fra home chez moi easy closed no
NP Aug 18 '12 fra>esl flâner pasear/dar un paseo easy open no
4 Apr 13 '12 eng>eng these rules affect my work have an influence on easy closed ok
4 Mar 13 '12 eng>eng make available allow access to easy closed ok
- Mar 3 '12 eng>esl Fine as wine chocho de la vida easy closed ok
- Jan 29 '12 eng>eng All Good Things Come to an End I've had a great time with you but it's time to go and thank you easy closed ok
- Jan 14 '12 eng>esl Take a back seat mantenerme en segunda fila/bancármelo easy closed ok
4 Nov 6 '11 deu>eng stocksteif she (just/simply) won't get out of (her) bed easy closed no
- Sep 19 '11 deu>eng die Leute bohren mir ihre Blicke in den Rücken. until/til I can feel their eyes on my back easy closed no
4 Aug 31 '11 eng>lat Anger is a gift ira est donum easy closed no
- Apr 21 '11 eng>eng Yes'm just means yes easy closed ok
- Apr 14 '11 eng>esl To treat fairly tratar como corresponde easy closed ok
- Mar 25 '11 por>eng "Em cada frase, um clímax." every word (upon your lips) explodes easy just_closed no
4 Feb 17 '11 eng>eng visceralness viscerality easy closed no
- Dec 27 '10 eng>eng dish free meal or literally a free plate easy closed no
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