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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 19 '10 eng>esl reporting projects proyectos de reportaje easy closed ok
- Oct 16 '10 eng>esl faculty members miembros de la facultad de periodismo easy closed no
4 Oct 15 '10 eng>esl foundation-supported apoyado por una fundación easy closed no
- Oct 14 '10 eng>esl is violated sea violado easy closed no
- Oct 12 '10 eng>esl closely watched detenidamente monitoreado easy closed ok
- Oct 12 '10 eng>esl fine print letra chica easy closed ok
4 Feb 26 '10 eng>esl hidden camera cámara oculta easy closed no
- Sep 5 '09 deu>eng Ein Wort gab das andere one thing led to another easy closed no
4 Sep 9 '07 deu>eng ausgeweitet extended, amplified easy closed no
4 Feb 5 '07 esl>eng no hay más vehiculo visible en la zona que los dos desplazados al evento no other vehicles obvious in the area other than the two vehicles involved easy closed no
4 Jun 17 '06 deu>eng zieht alle Register pulls out all the stops easy closed no
- Jun 5 '06 deu>eng Wowereit Wowereit easy closed no
- May 20 '06 deu>eng wann immer es ihm gefällt when(ever) the fancy takes him/ whenever he feels like it easy closed ok
- Mar 29 '06 deu>eng verklemmt shy, self-conscious, repressed easy closed ok
4 Jan 21 '06 deu>eng hat sie ihrem Sitzplatz liegen gelassen ended up leaving it on her seat out of (sheer) excitement easy closed no
3 Jan 20 '06 deu>eng MacDowells Vater Marion bestätigte dem US-Magazin "People", dass seine Tochter i MacDowell's father Marion confirmed to the US magazine "People" that his daughter had phoned him at easy closed ok
- Jan 20 '06 deu>eng jmd. etw. nicht nehmen können not take away from easy closed no
4 Jul 8 '04 eng>deu Actress Schauspielerin (oder Actress) easy closed ok
- Mar 26 '04 fra>eng lancer un cri d'alarme is sounding a warning cry easy closed ok
- Mar 24 '04 esl>eng innombrables, por desgraciados unmentionably despicable (events) easy closed ok
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