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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 31 '14 esl>eng aceptación que ha ido creciendo hasta penetrar el X% de la poblacion a trend that has been on the increase/up to reach/include x% of bank account holders in xxx easy closed ok
- Dec 3 '09 eng>eng publicity No Advertising Material (please) easy closed ok
- Sep 24 '08 lat>eng Vescere bracis meis eat my shorts easy open no
- Jul 8 '07 deu>eng schon heute forthwith/ as we speak easy closed no
4 Jun 19 '06 eng>esl corporate procurement adquisiciones/compras/contrataciones easy closed no
- Jun 3 '06 deu>eng Streichelzoo petting zoo easy closed no
4 May 4 '06 ita>eng siamo tutti con te! We're all with you/ on your side! easy closed ok
- Aug 2 '05 esl>eng consumo (level of) use/ user patterns (in second case) easy closed ok
- Jul 26 '05 eng>eng THE BIGGEST IN EUROPE OPEN-AIR FESTIVAL Europe's biggest/ largest open-air festival easy closed ok
- Jan 22 '05 eng>fra to enhance enrichir easy closed ok
4 Jan 22 '05 eng>fra murder mystery meurtre mystère easy closed ok
- Nov 22 '04 eng>fra fund raiser levée de fonds easy closed ok
- Nov 19 '04 deu>eng Man soll den Tag und auch den Abend loben The day is fine, at night we shine! easy closed no
4 Oct 29 '04 fra>eng articulations elements easy closed ok
- Jul 21 '04 deu>eng wir haben uns verlobt We are pleased to announce our engagement/ we have got engaged easy closed no
- May 31 '04 esl>eng turbulencias facing a bumpy/ stormy ride easy closed no
4 May 6 '04 deu>esl Spitzenkräften ejecutivos del más alto nivel/top manager easy closed ok
- Mar 29 '04 esl>eng primer precio premier price/cheapest price easy closed no
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