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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 25 esl>eng contratación de mínima cuantía minimum purchase quantity contract/agreement pro open no
- Nov 21 esl>eng contratos indefinidos unspecified/sundry contracts pro closed ok
4 Nov 12 esl>eng ajustados a la práctica habitual in line/accordance with standard practice pro closed no
- Nov 9 esl>eng para la formación de los autos as a record pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 esl>eng para que se decrete judicialmente el divorcio to decree the divorce legally valid pro closed no
- Nov 9 esl>eng intervención Claiming Party pro closed no
- Nov 9 esl>eng ha sido parte el ministerio fiscal In the presence of/As witnessed by the Office of the Public Prosecutor pro closed ok
- Nov 9 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 deu>eng besteht umfassend totally binding in all respects pro closed no
- Nov 4 eng>eng whether under theories of contract whether this is the result of/due to theories of contract pro closed no
- Oct 28 esl>eng OHL Oral hairy leukoplakia pro open no
4 Sep 23 esl>eng Fiscalía única Office of the Prosecutor reporting to pro closed no
- Aug 6 fra>eng Faits et cause Reasons pro closed ok
4 Aug 3 esl>eng Delito contra el Orden Económico economic crime/crime against the economic system pro closed no
- Jul 31 esl>eng De la Honorable Señora Jueza On behalf of the Honorable Judge Mrs./Ms. etc. pro closed ok
- May 14 deu>eng erd-, mauer-, niet- oder nagelfest and every and all items (expressly) included pro closed ok
4 May 14 eng>esl count (i.e., offset) compensar pro closed ok
- May 10 esl>eng Trabajador autónomo economicamente dependiente self-employed economically dependent worker pro closed no
4 May 9 eng>esl fulfill your compliance responder a sus obligaciones de cumplimiento pro closed ok
- May 9 eng>esl Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Apr 27 esl>eng resolver aclaraciones address/deal with statements pro closed ok
NP Apr 25 eng>esl Existing and Foreign Interests. intereses existentes e ajenos pro closed no
2 Apr 24 eng>esl Legal name razón social easy closed ok
- Apr 24 eng>esl Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Apr 23 por>deu abandono Verlassen des Autos auf der Straße pro closed ok
2 Apr 24 eng>esl imported into incorporadas easy closed ok
- Apr 17 esl>eng ha logrado y mantendrá that they have met and will continue to comply with these conditions pro closed ok
- Apr 17 esl>eng acta de reanudación del contrato contract resumption agreement)procedure pro closed ok
- Apr 5 eng>esl the execution delivery and performance la suscripción, otorgamiento y ejecución pro open no
- Apr 3 deu>eng sich einander so zu stellen to (mutally) accept the terms pro just_closed no
- Feb 20 eng>esl on behalf of [...] part of the service de parte de xxx con relación a este componente de los servicios brindados pro closed ok
- Jan 25 eng>esl (only if) standalone (siempre y cuando) se trata de esta cláusula pro just_closed no
4 Jan 24 eng>deu but not less darf allerdings nicht weniger betragen pro closed no
- Jan 16 eng>esl discharge of a Claim/ Liabilities reembolso de una reclamación de pago pro closed ok
- Jan 5 eng>eng characterised defined pro closed ok
4 Dec 27 '18 eng>esl Mou MdE pro closed no
- Dec 27 '18 ita>eng per proprio investimento on its own behalf (in terms of investment) pro open no
4 Dec 22 '18 ita>eng ceduti ceded pro closed ok
- Dec 14 '18 esl>eng de parte ni de otra in whole or in part pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '18 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '18 esl>eng En lo aquí no resñado Irrespective of pending revision/review pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '18 fra>eng à titre précaire on a provisional basis pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '18 esl>eng Tal como actúan In their capacity as pro closed no
- Nov 21 '18 eng>esl (references to the) individual contracting contratación individual pro closed no
- Nov 5 '18 deu>eng Ausstattungsverpflichtung is in a financial position/has the (necessary) funds to meet/comply with pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 '18 esl>eng CANON DE ARRIENDO Y MANTENIMIENTO AL VALOR current rental and maintenance costs pro closed no
- Sep 18 '18 esl>eng absteniéndose declining from pro closed no
- Sep 18 '18 esl>eng sometiéndose en exclusiva a los criterios e instrucciones and shall be exclusively bound by the standards and instructions/directives issued by pro closed no
- Aug 6 '18 eng>esl Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
4 Aug 6 '18 eng>esl even dollar basis con un valor de dólar redondeado pro closed ok
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