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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 25 ita>eng Sostanziale rispetto delle consegne largely complies with instructions pro open no
- Nov 24 ita>eng Rapporti interpersonali sostanzialmente corretti con il personale della scuola largely good relationships with (school) staff pro open no
- Nov 23 ita>eng Indice Pubbliche Amministrazioni government bodies index easy open no
4 Nov 22 esl>eng totém de LED LED totem pro closed ok
4 Nov 19 eng>eng consultative/ consulting either pro closed no
- Nov 19 deu>eng Scheibenstutzern wheel-lock musket pro closed no
- Nov 19 ita>eng RICORSO per FISSAZIONE TERMINE Application for a hearing pro closed ok
- Nov 19 esl>eng Agrupaciones Ilicitas (membership of an) illegal group pro open no
4 Nov 19 deu>eng v.s. väterlicherseits pro closed ok
- Nov 16 esl>eng estancia room pro open no
4 Nov 16 esl>eng plazoleta (landscaped traffic) island pro closed no
- Nov 16 esl>eng trabajadoras en inclusión en la plantilla employees not affected by social exclusion pro open no
- Nov 15 esl>eng filosindicalismo pro-labor stance pro open no
4 Nov 15 eng>eng bumps and slides does whatever necessary pro closed no
- Nov 15 esl>eng se ha logrado apertura the families have shown an openness/willingness pro closed no
4 Nov 15 esl>eng mostrando esto menor tolerancia reflecting the community's intolerance pro closed ok
4 Nov 14 ita>eng interessante a affecting pro closed no
- Nov 13 deu>eng einzelnen [...] Metastasen metastases: some progressive, some unchanged, some regressive pro open no
4 Nov 13 esl>eng P.A.N.C.M Mercosur common nomenclature tariff item number pro closed ok
- Nov 13 esl>eng Ocasionar de manera dolosa maliciously damaging pro closed ok
- Nov 12 esl>eng Horas de hacinamiento hours spent cooped up pro closed ok
4 Nov 12 deu>eng zur Akte zurück gelangt on file pro closed no
4 Nov 12 ita>eng neonato patologico [see my suggestion] pro closed no
4 Nov 12 deu>eng Wohnsitzqualität status pro closed no
4 Nov 12 esl>eng el peso concejil (municipal) weighhouse pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 eng>eng SNR signal-to-noise ratio pro closed no
4 Nov 11 esl>eng con derecho a descanso y remuneración paid pro closed ok
3 Nov 11 deu>eng operativ will operate/manage it easy closed ok
4 Nov 11 fra>eng En application du bon usage In accordance with good (banking) practice pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 esl>eng Trapurable traspirable = breathable pro closed no
4 Nov 11 ita>eng ombrello commerciale commercial umbrella pro closed ok
4 Nov 7 eng>eng lay side low side easy closed no
- Nov 7 esl>eng Perú profundo darkest Peru pro closed ok
4 Nov 6 esl>eng Problemática del Conocimiento problems of knowledge pro closed ok
4 Nov 5 eng>eng When it comes to try it when they try it pro closed no
4 Nov 4 ita>eng fase di chiusura closed phase pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 esl>eng Encuentro universitario university conference pro closed no
4 Nov 4 esl>eng retención (as opposed to detracción o percepción) retention pro closed no
- Nov 3 esl>eng concepto técnico expert opinion pro closed ok
- Nov 3 esl>eng chino conical nut pro open no
- Nov 2 dut>eng denkvorming cognitive skills pro open no
- Nov 2 ita>eng tracciati di alimentazione dati informativi data input flows pro open no
4 Nov 2 eng>eng call-out mention, thanks, acknowledgment easy closed ok
4 Oct 30 eng>eng You don't have much this time? Would I be correct in assuming... easy closed no
- Oct 29 esl>eng para el ejercicio examinado se refleja una pérdida de the company incurred a loss of ... during the year. pro closed no
4 Oct 29 esl>eng Translating numbers use numbers, not words pro closed no
4 Oct 28 esl>eng liquidez del fondo a sufficient balance in the fund pro closed ok
4 Oct 28 esl>eng carencia waiver, exemption, rent-free period pro closed ok
4 Oct 28 esl>eng Acondicionamiento turístico tourist infrastructure improvement pro closed ok
- Oct 26 esl>eng Finca noble mansion block pro closed ok
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