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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 16 esl>eng trabajadoras en inclusión en la plantilla employees not affected by social exclusion pro open no
4 Nov 12 deu>eng Wohnsitzqualität status pro closed no
3 Sep 20 ita>eng Il cliente è tenuto a rimborsare il locatore le spese di riparazione You/the customer will be required to repay any repair costs easy closed no
- Sep 5 esl>eng el Procedimiento de tratamiento de productos no conformes y no conformidades the procedure for dealing with nonconformities pro closed ok
4 Aug 31 esl>eng Carga de asignación familiar dependant (for family allowance purposes) pro closed no
4 Aug 28 esl>eng una dimensión de atracción diferente suggestion for the whole sentence pro closed no
- Aug 27 esl>eng expresados en compromiso con ella, y la congruencia en la autoimagen de la misma in terms of commitment to it, and the creation of a consistent image pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 ita>eng casse di compensazione clearing house pro closed no
3 Jul 20 deu>eng Betreuter Umsatz managed income/revenue pro closed no
4 Jul 13 esl>eng consta una bandera [flag] pro closed ok
4 Jul 7 esl>eng Agenda a Tratar agenda pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng que se establezca established easy closed ok
4 Jul 1 esl>eng accionariado a favor de shares to pro closed ok
- Jun 30 fra>eng opérations courantes TFE current operations: year-end close pro closed no
4 Jun 28 fra>eng Sonate Sonate pro closed ok
- Jun 4 esl>eng de capital extranjero en su totalidad wholly foreign-owned pro closed no
- Apr 27 deu>eng veredelter Handelsregisterauszug companies register extract with additional information pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 deu>eng mit Zusatz Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main with the addition of "Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main" [Frankfurt branch] pro closed ok
- Mar 19 eng>eng point of sale during the trial easy closed ok
- Mar 9 esl>eng Criterio de Entrada UN blacklisting criterion easy closed ok
- Jan 29 deu>eng Bruttopreisabsenkung Customer discounts pro closed no
- Jan 9 esl>eng Volumen comercial sales pro closed no
- Nov 18 '19 deu>eng Bankett - und Gruppenkontingentvertrag banquet and block booking contract pro closed ok
4 Oct 10 '19 esl>eng Plano temporal in terms of time easy closed no
4 Sep 4 '19 esl>eng Pretensiones que se ejercitan claims (being) made/submitted pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '19 ita>eng alto impegno di capitali capital-intensive pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '19 ita>eng modello di costo cost model easy closed no
4 Aug 16 '19 ita>eng minus costo minuses: cost easy closed ok
4 Aug 7 '19 fra>eng pour s’offrir un réel avantage compétitif to obtain a real competitive advantage pro closed no
4 Jul 27 '19 fra>eng l’évolution du parc as the product range evolves pro closed no
- Jul 1 '19 deu>eng geführte Kompetenzangebote managed skills packages pro closed ok
4 Jun 29 '19 eng>eng Expressing proportions with the verb "include" 50 percent of the company's KPIs were sustainability related pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '19 ita>eng Codice onere expense code pro closed ok
4 May 28 '19 fra>eng distributeurs automatiques de paquets package collection lockers pro closed ok
- May 4 '19 esl>eng a partir del pago de after payment of pro closed ok
- Apr 5 '19 deu>eng Übernahme der Geschäftsführung [translation of whole sentence] pro closed no
4 Apr 1 '19 ita>eng proprietà aziendali its principles pro closed no
- Feb 27 '19 deu>eng Was auf Dauer ausgerichtet ist, benötigt im Hier und Jetzt einen besonderen Umga Solving tomorrow's problems today pro closed no
4 Feb 15 '19 fra>eng représentation sociale employee representation pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 '19 deu>eng Denkkultur [See my suggestion] pro closed no
4 Feb 13 '19 ita>eng su base giornalmente decrescente decreasing each day pro closed no
4 Feb 5 '19 ita>eng Procura collettiva a due two-person power of attorney pro closed ok
4 Jan 4 '19 ita>eng modificate o soppresse amended or deleted easy closed ok
4 Dec 10 '18 eng>eng downgrading the stock to buy from neutral downgrading the stock from buy to neutral pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '18 fra>eng porter qqch au statut d'entreprise turn the best ideas into businesses pro closed no
- Nov 22 '18 esl>eng resultando adjudicataria definitiva which it won pro closed ok
- Nov 6 '18 dut>eng Coordinatie company details pro open no
- Nov 1 '18 esl>eng proyecto productivo commercial project pro just_closed no
- Oct 9 '18 esl>eng Constancia de Comparecencia meeting minutes pro closed no
4 Oct 7 '18 ita>eng estrazione del full-potentia extract the full potential easy closed ok
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