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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 1 deu>eng Zahlscheinspender deposit-slip donor pro closed ok
- Oct 16 eng>eng the determination vs the termination termination is correct pro open no
4 Sep 16 ita>eng ACCORDO COMMERCIALE DI SEGNALAZIONE business referral agreement pro closed no
4 Sep 4 fra>eng exécution de la licence use/exercise/implementation of the licence pro closed ok
- Aug 25 esl>eng intereses por mora interest on late payments pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 ita>eng Viaggio a lasciare one-way rental pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 ita>eng la supposizione che egli operi ancora come distributore del Concedente the assumption that it still acts as a distributor for the licensor pro closed ok
4 Jul 15 deu>eng Vermittlungsverträge agency/brokerage contracts pro closed ok
4 Jul 9 fra>eng fourni à l'appui des offres des soumissionnaires provided in support of your bid pro closed no
- Jun 28 esl>eng incompatibilidad absoluta a participar refrain from participating... pro closed ok
- May 27 fra>eng de son fait personnel is personally liable pro closed no
4 May 17 fra>eng chantier-type standard/typical site/location pro closed no
4 May 10 esl>eng Trabajador autónomo economicamente dependiente financially dependent self-employed worker pro closed no
4 Apr 21 eng>eng suffer or incur proceedings is the subject of proceedings pro closed ok
- Apr 16 esl>eng otorgamos have agreed the following pro closed ok
- Apr 12 esl>eng adhesión membership pro open no
- Apr 4 fra>eng réservé [rewrite it] pro closed ok
4 Mar 18 deu>eng unterlassen has not pro closed ok
- Mar 15 deu>eng Produktinteresse product(s) in which (you are) interested pro closed no
4 Mar 14 fra>eng Monsieur ... qui constitue pour avocat ... Mr... represented by... pro closed no
- Mar 7 esl>eng causa esencial of the essence (to this agreement) pro closed ok
4 Mar 7 fra>eng périodicité civile calendar period pro closed ok
- Mar 4 esl>eng comprobante de recepción de fondos receipt pro closed ok
4 Feb 22 fra>eng dispositif de retenue à la source de la TVA sur les droits d’auteur VAT withholding on royalties pro closed ok
4 Dec 3 '18 eng>eng in an action in contract or tort in a lawsuit relating to a contract or civil wrong pro closed no
4 Nov 30 '18 fra>eng à cage des cités à charge des cités pro closed ok
4 Nov 17 '18 esl>eng respetar condiciones personales que, con carácter global, excedan el pacto [See my explanation] pro closed no
4 Oct 23 '18 ita>eng pari alla suddetta by this amount pro closed no
- Sep 22 '18 eng>eng not contained in this Agreement, are excluded from this Agreement If they're not in this agreement, they're invalid pro closed no
- Sep 18 '18 ita>eng firma glifometrica glyphometric signature pro open no
4 Sep 10 '18 fra>eng régie procedures (and obligations) pro closed no
4 Aug 22 '18 esl>eng xxx construira a su cargo y en beneficio de - in this context xxx shall, at its (own) expense, build a well for the seller pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '18 ita>eng per fatto dovuto a xxx for reasons attributable to xxx pro closed ok
4 Jun 26 '18 deu>eng Mahngerichtsstand (jurisdiction for) debt recovery pro closed ok
4 Jun 21 '18 eng>eng effected affected easy closed no
4 Jun 19 '18 esl>eng cantidad nominal conjunta de sus acciones total nominal value of their shares pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '18 deu>eng ...nicht durch Vereinbarung abgewichen werden darf [see my suggestion for the whole thing] pro closed no
4 Jun 1 '18 deu>eng insoweit leave it out pro closed no
- Jun 1 '18 deu>eng verpflichtet sich gegenüber will/shall pro closed ok
- May 24 '18 deu>eng Das Darlehen wurde gesamtschuldnerisch aufgenommen The couple took out the loan jointly pro closed ok
4 May 16 '18 esl>eng contrato base base contract pro closed no
4 May 10 '18 deu>eng Stossung rejection pro closed no
- Apr 8 '18 esl>eng asociación sin fines de lucro de capacidad restringida non-profit association not authorised to receive bequests pro closed ok
4 Mar 7 '18 esl>eng El impago injustificado o de forma distinta a la pactada en el presente contrato Unjustified failure to make payments as specified in this contract pro closed no
4 Feb 7 '18 esl>eng el carácter con que se ostentan each other's capacity (to sign this contract) pro closed ok
4 Dec 14 '17 deu>eng wirksam bestehend gemäß (validly) established under pro closed ok
4 Dec 9 '17 fra>eng qui le concernent [Suggestion for the whole thing] pro closed no
4 Nov 25 '17 esl>eng Aportación metro lineal por presencia de gama shelf fee per linear metre pro closed no
4 Nov 24 '17 esl>eng descontarse write off pro closed no
- Oct 3 '17 eng>eng without being exempt from his/her obligation it will pro closed no
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