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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 11 '09 fra>eng car on a la fiabilité with products that customers (can) trust pro closed no
- Jul 19 '09 eng>eng that’s powerful the fact that it can be recharged a) quickly and b) by simply being put on the satellite/cable box pro closed no
- Jul 8 '09 jpn>eng 谷津田 rice paddy in a valley wetlands / rice paddy in a marshy valley pro closed no
- Jul 9 '09 jpn>eng めり込み countersinking pro closed ok
- Jul 9 '09 jpn>eng 広告接触率 advertising exposure level(s) / level(s) of advertising exposure pro closed ok
- Jul 6 '09 jpn>eng 勢力圏 scope of commercial activity pro closed no
- May 21 '09 jpn>eng Kyo ga matta sigotto de isogasi ni narimasu. I'll be busy with work again today. easy closed no
- Feb 22 '09 eng>eng left America a very confused man would have been very confused at the time he left America easy closed ok
- Apr 22 '08 eng>eng partake responsibility share responsibility easy closed ok
4 Apr 20 '08 jpn>eng 予約 areas targeted [slated] for either point-analysis or area analysis pro closed no
4 Apr 14 '08 jpn>eng ただいま yes--see below pro closed no
- Oct 6 '06 jpn>eng 習熟率 skill/proficiency level pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 '06 eng>eng Edith Bunker From "All in the Family" pro closed no
- Jul 10 '06 eng>eng drawing from comprised of...see below easy closed ok
- Jul 4 '06 eng>eng milk soup vs. dairy soup cream soup? pro closed ok
- Jul 4 '06 eng>eng sincerity underpins conviction sincerity is the basis of (our) conviction (that we are right/our products are good etc) see below easy open no
- Jun 27 '06 eng>eng as far as the already gloomy scrubland Mostly OK as is...see below easy closed ok
4 Jun 23 '06 eng>eng chance behind the battle awkward...see below pro closed ok
4 Jun 20 '06 eng>eng the area of a hand chosen for cleaning. the part of the hand on which one has decided beforehand to place and clean the lens pro closed no
4 Jun 13 '06 eng>eng more ubiquitous ubiquitous pro closed ok
- May 23 '06 eng>eng First sentences of a letter Have the wedding of your dreams--without the hard work. easy closed no
- May 22 '06 eng>eng press firmly so your mark is clearly seen (X) copies--press firmly. pro closed ok
- May 15 '06 eng>eng Landlady vs Landlord landlord pro closed ok
- Apr 25 '06 eng>eng flutterbudget fidgety/restless person easy closed no
- Mar 29 '06 eng>eng I regularly engage key client personnel in discussions to explore their perception of value. I regularly talk to my (important) clients to find out what they value. pro closed ok
- Mar 24 '06 eng>eng Eventually they find you with a broken hip there are more important things in life than bad coffee easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '06 eng>eng at / on the telephone number depends... pro closed no
4 Feb 28 '06 eng>eng and a timely response when they do see explanation easy closed no
- Feb 15 '06 eng>eng grotesque vs. gross No--see explanation pro closed no
- Feb 10 '06 eng>eng shwimp wimp? easy closed no
- Dec 19 '05 eng>eng help with the structure please see comment pro closed ok
- Dec 8 '05 eng>eng gloves came off see explanation pro closed no
- Dec 7 '05 eng>eng Real-world choices are less black and white Yes pro closed no
- Dec 6 '05 eng>eng little 'ol me See comment easy closed no
- Dec 2 '05 eng>eng need a verb I'm charging the xxx expenses to the company / I'm going to be reimbursed for the xxx expenses. easy closed ok
- Dec 2 '05 eng>eng fire terminate easy closed ok
- Dec 1 '05 eng>eng to see the stockings well // close up. to see the stockings up-close / better easy closed ok
4 Nov 27 '05 eng>eng abatement of the disturbance abating of the disturbance pro closed no
- Nov 17 '05 eng>eng Looking for a term... cancel one's registration pro closed no
- Nov 15 '05 fra>eng bouleverser la marche du temps changed the way the world keeps time pro closed no
- Nov 11 '05 eng>eng sentence structure by taking a running start from the shore pro closed no
4 Nov 9 '05 eng>eng priced having a price of pro closed ok
- Nov 6 '05 eng>eng the yet-to-be-submitted declarations the forthcoming declarations pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '05 eng>eng play themselves out No--occur / take place pro closed ok
- Oct 26 '05 eng>eng words echoing with reassurance in the hearts suggestion below pro closed no
4 Oct 21 '05 eng>eng power on the margins will only superficially (not substantially) affect this power pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '05 eng>eng modern adverb fully-equipped pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '05 eng>eng how to express How are things going (with X)? Were you able to finish it? easy closed no
1 Jul 19 '05 jpn>eng 呉保安 person's name? pro closed no
- Jul 11 '05 eng>eng Special bath house sounds awfully soapland-ish to me pro closed no
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