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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 17 dut>eng overlijdensrisicoverzekering death-in-service cover; death-in-service insurance pro open no
- Nov 5 dut>eng Gevolmachtigd agent underwriting agent; authorised underwriting agent pro closed ok
- Oct 27 dut>eng obligaties met voorkeurrecht bonds with pre-emptive rights; bonds with warrants attached pro closed no
4 Oct 21 dut>eng onttrekken depart from the duty suspension arrangement irregularly pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 dut>eng loongroothandelaar third-party distributor pro closed ok
- Oct 20 dut>eng richtende arm righting arm pro just_closed no
4 Oct 18 dut>eng PRODUCENTENREKENING broker account; intermediary account; agent account pro closed ok
4 Sep 13 dut>eng viskuil cod-end; trawl bag [of a trawl net] pro closed ok
- Sep 5 dut>eng peilsaldo cut-off balance pro open no
- Sep 3 dut>eng WIA-vervolguitkering WGA follow-up benefit pro open no
4 Aug 28 dut>eng bewijzen van deelgerechtigheid dividend shares pro closed ok
4 Aug 27 dut>eng nader stuk further submission pro closed ok
4 Jun 19 dut>eng Eindhar vertical end beam pro closed ok
4 May 18 dut>eng Werken op arbeidstherapeutische basis return to work on a therapeutic basis pro closed ok
- May 11 dut>eng wettelijke taakstelling statutory duty pro closed no
- May 5 dut>eng eindlegpluimvee layers; egg-laying hens pro closed ok
4 Apr 25 dut>eng Installatie settling the patient pro closed ok
4 Apr 22 dut>eng Heetwerkwacht hot work fire watch pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 dut>eng ingeleende ambtenaar civil servant on loan pro closed ok
4 Mar 14 dut>eng stellen appear as counsel; act as counsel; present oneself as counsel [i.e. for a party in proceedings] pro closed no
4 Mar 20 dut>eng " een of meer in datzelfde jaar gevoegde maatschappijen ..." companies included in a fiscal entity pro closed ok
- Mar 16 dut>eng genormeerde taken specified workload tasks pro open no
- Mar 15 dut>eng service-onderwijs service courses / service teaching (for other departments) pro closed no
4 Mar 10 dut>eng geloosd voided pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 dut>eng naasting redemption; repayment pro closed ok
4 Feb 16 dut>eng remmende voorsprong [paraphrase, see below] pro closed ok
4 Feb 9 dut>eng zakelijke werking in rem effect; proprietary effect pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 dut>eng Samengesteldheid level/degree of autonomy [context: functiewaardering/FuWa] pro closed ok
4 Dec 30 '16 dut>eng Voorhangbrief preliminary parliamentary scrutiny information (on X) pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '16 dut>eng paneel panel; escape panel for beam trawl nets pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '16 dut>eng de planken otter boards (cf. otter trawling) pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '16 dut>eng toppanelen large mesh top panels (of beam trawls) pro closed ok
- Dec 8 '16 dut>eng kaderhuisarts primary care physician with an accredited specialization (here: in mental health) pro closed no
- Nov 1 '16 dut>eng bestendige jurisprudentie accumulated case law pro closed ok
4 Oct 31 '16 dut>eng besloten fonds closed fund for mutual account; closed FGR pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '16 dut>eng Kerst van stal Christmas out of the box! pro just_closed no
4 Oct 11 '16 dut>eng in kniehouding / kniezit [canoeing terminology] kneeling position pro closed ok
4 Oct 11 '16 dut>eng PVS patient follow-up system pro closed ok
- Oct 10 '16 dut>eng opleidingshoofd program(me) director; head of program(me) pro open no
4 Oct 7 '16 dut>eng "dienstaanbieder" vs "dienstverlener" (are they the same thing, of juist niet?) service broker pro closed ok
4 Sep 29 '16 dut>eng onderwijsprofiel professors with strong teaching portfolios pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 '16 dut>eng reversbatterijen flanking batteries and reverse batteries pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '16 dut>eng Wondranden wijken wound edges show retraction pro closed ok
4 Aug 21 '16 dut>eng in slag gelegd put up for Dutch auction (Amsterdam system) pro closed ok
- Aug 3 '16 dut>eng permanentienummer 24/7 customer service number; 24/7 support number pro closed ok
4 Jul 3 '16 dut>eng gestald foreign-source income carried forward (under the 'transfer facility') pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '16 dut>eng arbeidsdeskundig onderzoek work capacity assessment; assessment of residual capacity for work pro closed ok
4 Jun 17 '16 dut>eng Opvoedingsnood intensive parenting support need pro closed ok
4 Jun 2 '16 dut>eng Standvastige strijders wayward warriors pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '16 dut>eng speltechnische gaming related; gambling related pro closed ok
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