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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 15 rus>eng Ну, впечатлений вообще хватало надолго. enough vivid memories to last a while pro closed ok
- Feb 5 rus>eng укрепление фундамента потенциала strengthening the underpinnings of the [institute's] scientific prowess pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 rus>eng на качественно новом уровне at a qualitatively new level pro closed ok
- May 25 '19 rus>eng интенсивная концертная деятельность giving frequent concerts / [a period of] intense concertizing pro closed ok
- Jan 15 '19 rus>eng Экскурс parenthetical note, side observation pro closed no
4 Jan 15 '19 rus>eng со старым уйдет то, что может не прийти с новым something has gone away that may not come again pro closed no
4 Apr 20 '17 rus>eng нижутся fold one into the next pro closed no
- Dec 23 '16 rus>eng по всей Земле идёт тревожный стон Across the Earth there creeps an eerie moan - (see below for the next line) pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '16 rus>eng Отговаривается deflects pro closed no
4 Oct 14 '16 rus>eng читай read: pro closed no
4 Sep 25 '16 rus>eng Степь закурчавела the steppe was thick with ... pro closed no
- Sep 19 '16 rus>eng России мил не будешь Nobody's going to make them love Russia pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 '16 rus>eng Сразить slay at first sight pro closed no
- Aug 6 '16 rus>eng Хворости одолели Infirmities got the upper hand over pro closed no
- Jul 12 '16 rus>eng Ссылаясь на Интерфакс сообщается что ... There are reports citing Interfax, that... pro closed ok
4 Jul 3 '16 rus>eng Была ли сильной? или же казалась... Was she so strong? Or did it seem that way... pro closed no
- Jul 3 '16 rus>eng и чтобы понял кто- нибудь по взгляду And for this understanding at first sight pro closed no
- Jul 3 '16 rus>eng и чтобы боль в сердчах не оставалась And for no pain in any hearts to stay. pro closed ok
- Jul 3 '16 rus>eng Ей так хотелось счастья звездопада! She wished for joy, on shooting stars at night! pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 '16 rus>eng Как уж дело там покажет Let's see what happens pro closed ok
4 Jun 4 '16 rus>eng кузнечный горн, с парою smithy hearth with a pair of [bellows] pro closed ok
4 Jun 4 '16 rus>eng в четверть вышины hardly more than half a foot pro closed no
4 Jun 4 '16 rus>eng оброк подушный head tax pro closed no
- May 17 '16 rus>eng Орловско-Курская битва. the Battle of Kursk and Orel pro closed no
4 Apr 23 '16 rus>eng Дело труба. done for pro closed no
- Dec 15 '15 rus>eng рисованный шрифт art type, hand-lettered; drawn pro closed no
4 Jul 20 '15 rus>eng вызвать к доске call to the front of the classroom pro closed no
4 Jun 18 '15 rus>eng На упор ведущих большие круги ног. Supported by [attached to?] the [her?] legs, which are tracing great circles pro closed no
- Jun 17 '15 rus>eng саженьи seven-league pro closed no
- Jun 16 '15 rus>eng пластика dynamism (here) pro closed ok
3 Jun 16 '15 rus>eng Лобастый High-Brow pro closed ok
NP Jun 11 '15 rus>eng С тех пор как себя помню For as long as I can remember pro closed no
- Jun 3 '15 rus>eng и за них мы вышли замуж Look who we went and married! pro closed no
4 May 26 '15 rus>eng М-а-а-а-сква a-a-a-a-a pro closed no
- May 18 '15 rus>eng чтет уголовный кодекc never worries 'bout his line pro closed no
2 Apr 24 '15 rus>eng выправитель границ regulator (rectifier) of borders pro closed no
4 Apr 17 '15 rus>eng Ленточная антиква stressed sans pro closed no
4 Apr 15 '15 rus>eng залипы ink pools pro closed no
4 Apr 14 '15 rus>eng вылизанность the polish [of a mirror] / a [mirror-like] polish pro closed no
4 Apr 13 '15 rus>eng затравливаться is not made (drawn, used) / does not work [in this context] pro closed no
4 Apr 10 '15 rus>eng противозатравочные компенсаторы counter-etching compensators pro closed no
4 Apr 10 '15 rus>eng затравка etching pro closed ok
- Apr 1 '15 rus>eng активка "active measure" or "so-called active measure" pro closed ok
- Feb 24 '15 rus>eng звенья одной цепи links in a single chain pro closed no
NP Jul 28 '14 rus>eng вводнотоновый хроматизм leading-tone accidentals pro closed ok
4 Jul 11 '14 rus>eng изба-затейница folk cottage pro closed no
4 Feb 25 '14 rus>eng утвердившиеся во благе dwelling in blessedness pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '14 rus>eng поэтика aesthetics, aesthetic impression pro closed no
- Feb 15 '14 rus>eng Без бумажки ты какашки, а с бумажкой -- человек Without a [diploma] you won't succeed; a [diploma's] what a real person needs! pro closed no
4 Feb 10 '14 rus>eng очное/заочное участие в конференции conference participation in person or in absentia pro closed no
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