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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 30 '18 rus>eng экспорт концентрируется exports are concentrated pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '17 rus>eng относительно частный характер was fairly limited in scope pro closed no
- Feb 12 '17 rus>eng преодоление уклада moving past [superseding] the ... phase pro closed no
4 Nov 29 '16 rus>eng элементы приращения научных знаний advanced pro closed no
4 Jul 14 '15 rus>eng выступил партнером was an event partner pro closed ok
4 Sep 5 '13 rus>eng наполнение бюджета government revenue pro closed no
4 Dec 11 '12 rus>eng уровень доходов населения personal and household incomes (income level) pro closed ok
4 Aug 10 '12 rus>eng занимает 16-е место в рейтинге ranks 16th among pro closed ok
- May 17 '12 rus>eng разогнать показатели accelerate the indicators pro closed ok
4 Mar 8 '12 rus>eng направления финанисирования areas eligible for funding / eligible funding areas pro closed no
- Jul 7 '11 rus>eng на фондовом рынке (in context) stock market (assets) pro closed no
4 May 25 '11 rus>eng заняла третье место с конца, опередив ranked third from last, ahead of pro closed ok
4 Mar 12 '11 rus>eng Отрицательное сальдо спроса ... на валюту negative (net) demand for foreign currency pro closed no
- Feb 5 '11 rus>eng предприятие полного цикла full-cycle (cheese making) company pro open no
- Jan 31 '11 rus>eng технологический уклад technological phase pro closed no
- Sep 20 '10 rus>eng позитивная динамика экономического роста economy (has begun) to grow pro closed ok
- Jul 16 '10 rus>eng ограничиваться is limited BY (not "to") (here) pro closed no
- Jun 26 '10 rus>eng активный импорт bringing in pro closed no
4 Feb 24 '10 rus>eng выходить на (***объемы производства) to achieve pro closed ok
- Sep 1 '09 rus>eng "основные действия организма" the body's main functions / activities pro closed no
- Aug 23 '09 rus>eng было бы само решение, а аргументы найдутся ... if I could just find a solution, then I'd worry about giving reasons for it later. pro closed ok
4 May 27 '09 rus>eng объект недвижимости piece of real estate pro closed no
- Dec 27 '08 rus>eng профицитный бюджет the [a] budget in surplus pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '08 rus>eng Экономика природоиспользования (The) Economics of Natural Resource Use pro closed ok
4 Jul 6 '08 rus>eng "целевые комплексные и отраселевые программы развития" integrated [comprehensive] or [and] industry[-wide] targetted development programs pro closed no
- Jun 3 '08 rus>eng не столько с ростом количества участников на рынке, сколько [due] less to the increased number of market participants, than pro closed no
4 Apr 23 '08 rus>eng География поставок the geographical reach of sales of its ... extends to ... (but, see comment) pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '08 rus>eng мониторинг эффективности внедрения разработок the monitoring done of how effectively these designs have been put [brought] into practice pro closed no
4 Apr 23 '08 rus>eng реальный сектор экономики in the real economy pro closed ok
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