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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jul 19 '19 rus>eng Уплотнение packing in (c) Mark B. Smith, compression, and other options pro closed no
- Jan 15 '19 rus>eng Экскурс parenthetical note, side observation pro closed no
- Dec 15 '16 rus>eng историческая правопреемственность государственности historically based legal continuity of statehood pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '16 rus>eng казенный при аптеке сад apothecary garden pro closed no
- Nov 6 '16 rus>eng регистрируемые носители знаний other repositories of knowledge, more thoroughly indexed pro closed no
- Nov 5 '16 rus>eng классики (данного направления) the seminal authors in this field pro closed ok
4 Nov 5 '16 rus>eng начальная революция the first revolution [in this context] pro closed no
4 Nov 5 '16 rus>eng дополнительные волны additional waves or extra waves pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 '16 rus>eng более широкий по времени взгляд looked at X over a longer span of time pro closed no
4 Nov 3 '16 rus>eng волновое развитие цивилизации development of civilization in [long] waves pro closed no
- Sep 21 '16 rus>eng источниковедческий анализ исходных материалов source evaluation pro closed no
4 Jul 31 '16 rus>eng "с колеса" for just showing up [in this context] pro closed no
- May 17 '16 rus>eng Орловско-Курская битва. the Battle of Kursk and Orel pro closed no
- Mar 24 '15 rus>eng любимое занятие – гусарское самодурство. Their favorite passtime was strutting around like petty authoritarians pro closed no
- Jan 23 '15 rus>eng удариться to plunge into pro closed ok
4 Aug 2 '14 rus>eng рабочий факультет workers' faculty, workers' school pro closed no
- Dec 25 '13 rus>eng мелкий помещик petty landowner pro closed ok
4 Nov 26 '13 rus>eng тяглый taxable; listed pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '13 rus>eng чудь белоглазая (pale-eyed) Finno-Ugric tribesmen pro closed no
4 Jul 4 '13 rus>eng прорыватель минных заграждений pathfinder, Sperrbrecher pro closed ok
- Feb 10 '13 rus>eng омхаченный MKhAT-ized pro closed no
4 Dec 2 '12 rus>eng отчества (here) provenance pro closed no
- Oct 27 '12 rus>eng черемиси Cheremissians / Cheremisses pro closed no
3 Oct 10 '12 rus>eng Союз борьбы за дело революции Union of Struggle for the Cause of Revolution pro closed ok
- May 11 '12 rus>eng к каждой особо благоустроенной державы in every well-regulated state pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '11 rus>eng барыня/барышня mistress / the young mistress pro closed no
- Jul 5 '11 rus>eng однодворцы one-homesteader pro closed no
- Jun 26 '11 rus>eng закатывание в бетон concrete overcoat fittings pro closed ok
- Jun 26 '11 rus>eng разборки settling of accounts pro closed ok
4 Apr 3 '11 rus>eng лесничий forester, woodsman pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 '11 rus>eng ...бед сегодняшних они боятся больше, чем бед завтрашних ... they fear current problems more than future ones ... pro closed no
4 Jan 18 '11 rus>eng Роль права в формировании государственных образований на Древнем Востоке The role of law in shaping different forms of state organization in ancient Asia pro closed ok
- Oct 30 '10 rus>eng приказные книги books of orders pro open no
- Oct 8 '10 rus>eng на промышленные рельсы onto an industrial track pro closed no
4 Sep 29 '10 rus>eng вечная память a lasting memory (of himself) pro closed ok
- Sep 6 '10 rus>eng оценочность and "цитатность" (it is) judgmental and being used as if in quotation marks pro open no
4 Aug 19 '10 rus>eng В идейном хаосе исследовательских подходов the conceptual chaos of different research approaches pro closed no
- Aug 18 '10 rus>eng рост противостояния increase the confrontation pro closed no
- Aug 18 '10 rus>eng подобных привычных аналитических схем familiar analytical formulas of this type pro closed no
4 Jul 19 '10 rus>eng мировоззренческой принадлежности system of beliefs (which which it is) associated pro closed no
4 Jun 30 '10 rus>eng житель блокадного Ленинграда Resident of Leningrad during the Blockade pro closed ok
4 May 24 '10 rus>eng камер-юнгфрау Ladies of the Chamber pro closed ok
4 Apr 4 '10 rus>eng феодальная разобщенность fragmentation OR disunion pro closed ok
4 Oct 2 '09 rus>eng поганый трусливый самозванец "cowardly dog of an imposter" (c) Commander Perry pro closed no
4 Jun 22 '09 rus>eng become vs turn into become pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '09 rus>eng за крепкого коня healthy collective farm workhorses reported as downers pro closed no
- Jan 21 '09 rus>eng поддеть приемом to trip up pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '08 rus>eng ариацины those in the East pro closed no
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